Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hiatus Catch Up: Community

Now I know this post isn’t exactly Christmas related, but it does fit with this time of year I promise. It fits because its hiatus time again, ratings have finished, your going on holidays and nothing is on TV and I’m sure everyone has started asking you what’s on your Christmas list. It’s a lot of pressure or at least it was until now because I am about to tell you what you want for Christmas – and consequently what you want to get for everyone else. I am talking, of course, about a little NBC comedy about a rag tag bunch of misfits and losers that attend college together aka Community.

I love TV more than most people, I am able to put up with a lot more crap but it also means that my judgments can be kind of harsh, but I can say honestly without a doubt that this is one of the most consistently brilliant shows on TV. And I mean that without even a hint of sarcasm because I really care about this show in a way that I don’t normally care about sitcoms.

Truth is that when I first started watching this show it was because it was funny, it made me laugh out loud even when I was at home alone – and isn’t that what you want from a comedy. Somehow it became so much more than that; sure it still makes me laugh so loud that it’s making the neighbours awkward, but I also really care about these characters. Crazy I know, I have never been a fangirl for a sitcom before, sitcoms are what you watch when you don’t want to think, they have never made me care before but somehow Community has done it.

What’s it all about?

Basically Greendale is a less than reputable community collage, which means that the only reason to go there seem to be a complete failure of every other possible option. At least that’s how successful lawyer Jeff Winger ended up there, faking a bachelors degree is not something you can weasel your way out of – although if anyone could do it, Jeff Winger could. Jeff just wants to get a degree as quickly and easily as possible but when he starts a fake Spanish study group to impress former hippie anarchist Britta (yes Britta) Perry he meets a group of fellow students that have different ideas about the Greendale experience.

Joining the study group is, Abed Nadir who has what we’re pretty sure is undiagnosed Asperger’s, but he adds an encyclopedic knowledge of pop-culture that blows the Gilmore girls out of the water. Then there’s Shirley Bennett a recently divorced mother of three who has a slight baking addiction and a tendency to force her Christian beliefs onto others. Annie Edison is just your typical high school over achiever who dropped out of school because of a pill addiction. And of course Pierce Hawthorne, Chevy Chase for anyone that remembers, is the grandpa of the group – just don’t let him hear you call him that. My personal favorite is ex-high-school football star Troy Barnes (played by the hilarious Donald Glover) but they are all good, if you want to argue with me about that I guess you will just have to watch the show and pick a favorite for yourself. 

I can tell you that my description is incredibly inadequate so please don’t judge the show on that alone. If you just give it a chance I am almost very pretty sure that you will not regret it.

So why bother?

You know all those television shows that you never watched when they were on but years later you (and everyone else) discovered were awesome; too bad they all got canceled before anyone realised this. Didn’t you regret not giving that show a chance when it was on and let’s face it you kind of resent those people that are able to say “I liked it before it was cool”. This is your chance to be that guy and get in on the ground floor of the next big cult hit. Well maybe it’s not the ground floor because it’s already onto its third season but it’s better than 5 years from now. You can still be the cool person that introduces all of your friends to this cool little show no one has heard of.

Ever heard of Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Donald Glover or Jim Rash? Well you will trust me. Not many of you remember a show called Freaks and Geeks but I am sure you all know movies like Knocked Up and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. These are the future stars of comedy right here so really it would be a waste not to watch this show. You have already seen Ken Jeong, he was that Asian guy from The Hangover, admit it you thought he was hilarious, well get ready for more hilarity because his Character Senior Chang is one of the best parts of this show. And for those older folks you will see the return of a familiar face, that’s right Chevy Chase is back and my mother tells me he is one of her favorite parts of the show.

Yes my mother watches this show; everyone watches this show. This probably won’t mean anything to you but my Dad even laughed when he watched it. My dad doesn’t like anything especially if it is American and made after 1980 so it’s a pretty big deal. It’s just got something for everyone.

Also, they hate Glee. If that helps any.

In conclusion we don’t want a conclusion…

 You may or may not have heard about the resent trouble this program has been having. Unfortunately it’s been given an indefinite hiatus, in other words its been benched. While the show has not officially been cancelled it’s not looking all that good. But if you were to go out and buy the DVD’s or purchase the episodes on itunes then you could single handedly be the one that saved this show. You could put that on your resume. The plan is simple, buy the show, watch the show, and then tell all of your friends about the show, possibly via twitter. Saving a show can be fun – plus now you have the perfect gift for everyone.

Sorry about the corny love-fest that has been happening but I can’t help it I love this show and you will too if you just give it a chance.

Thanks, xx

P.S – I don’t mean to be dramatic but if you don’t buy this show and watch it then this really is the darkest timeline and everything is about to turn to shit which means that the world will end and it will be your fault. No pressure though.