Monday, May 15, 2017

Something Resembling a Review of Harry Styles Self Titled Debut Solo Album

I’ve not written an album review for this blog before, mainly because I lack the necessary music knowledge to add anything insightful to the conversation beyond ‘this is a bop’. But last year I taught myself to play guitar so I figure I’ve got qualifications now so why not use that tiny amount of credibility to cry about Harry Styles because I was going to do that anyway so may as well inflict my feelings on anyone that happens across this blog. Probably my mum. Hi mum.


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

“I’ll die if I don’t get tickets”: in defence of zero chill

Tickets for Harry Styles super intimate and much sort after world tour are about to go on sale, and as we prepare for The Harry Games I am confronted by yet another annoying round of ‘let’s make fun of fangirls’. It’s amazing after Harry Styles impassioned speech in Rolling Stone about how teenage girls are the future I’m still stuck with folks making jokes about how hilariously over the top fans can be.