Friday, February 7, 2014

Recapturing Teen Wolf: Hurts So Good

Previously on Teen Wolf… Kira won the selfie Olympics because she has a foxy magic shield. Stiles is losing time and possibly leaving messages for mass murderers. And the masked firefly demons came out of the shadows and they might be after Chris.

Hello cute eyes. 
Close up on some cute eyes – the coloring tells us it’s probably a flashback. Cute eyes is lying on the ground, something is and/or has recently gone down. There are dead bodies all over the place, in fact cute eyes is lying under a body, which is pleasant. Also the firefly demons are there and it sounds like they are ripping someone to shreds.

NGL I wouldn't want Allison tending my wounds.
Right Friggin Now: Allison is tending to her father’s wounds while he takes a trip down memory lane. It’s story time with Papa Argent and he’s describing the first time he met the firefly demons. Cute eyes is Chris Argent.

Let's play a game of is this racist?
The always-lovely Gerard had sent Chris on his first gun deal at the ripe old age of 18. Only he forgot that the buyers were yakuza. Apparently it was some kind of test. No wonder Chris thought it was a good idea to fake-kidnap her daughter to teach her a lesson. It’s a wonder he’s as well adjusted as he is really.

Anyway the firefly demons interrupted the exchange, they were after the Kumicho – and they cut down everyone that was in their way. Baby!Chris is terrified, and can do nothing bit watch as the demons approach the kumicho and look right into his soul. Turns out he’s some kind of monster himself – with creepy eyes and scary teeth. The firefly demons stab him, a lot. The water fountain runs red… it’s very poetic.

Chris doesn’t know what that guy was, but he knows someone who might (conveniently they moved in just down the road because it would have been super annoying to have to fly to Japan). One of the survivors, Katashi – also known as Silverfinger because of his silver finger (they are super original with the nicknames).

Chris tried to track Katashi down but judging by the bloody head wound the dude does not want to be found. Scott wants to know if he has the answers. Maybe. Allison wants to know what they do if he doesn’t want to talk. Which is pretty likely. And Isaac doesn’t think Chris is all that memorable – come off it Isaac, everyone is gonna remember those cute eyes but if not Chris has that broken demon mask he kept as a souvenir. 

I went to Japan and all I got was this lousy broken mask.
Scott: What was behind the mask?
Chris: Darkness, absolute darkness.

Scott is wearing a mask?
It kind of looks like a dementor, which doesn’t exactly make me feel better about the situation and fits with the whole absolute darkness idea.

Opening Credits.

It's time for a falling in love montage.
Kira is sneaking into her house after a big night of being romance by Scott McCall/being attacked by firefly demons. Also she broke into the police station but that doesn’t matter because she’s got a crush so she does that thing that all teenagers with crushes do on TV. She falls back onto her bed with a sigh and a smile.

*breaks a tooth on their adorableness*
Flashback to earlier that morning: Scott drives her home. He’s nervous she’s awkward they both want to talk about but don’t want to talk about anything that happened. Scott looks like he’s given up on ever finding the love he deserves when Kira hops of the bike but then she turns to face him and asks if she can see it.

Scott doesn’t seem keen about showing off his wolfy face. He’s come a long way since Season 1 but he’s still got a bunch of self-esteem issues on account of every time someone he loves has seen his wolf face they have freaked out. But Kira is sure and neither of them seems worried about the fact that they are in the middle of a suburban street in daylight. What’s a secret again?

File under: kinks you didn't know you had.
Scott puts his helmet back on because he’s willing to let her see his wolf face but he’s not ready to let her watch him shift yet. He’s not that kind of werewolf. He pulls off his helmet, the music soars and Kira reaches out to touch his face. She’s not afraid. Awwww.

The look on Kira’s face as shey lies on her bed thinking about wolf’d out Scott says it all. She did not think she would be into the werewolf thing, but she was wrong. Don’t worry Kira, we’ve all been through that. Just embrace it. You are KNOT alone.

Easy riders.
Scott’s riding his dirt bike to school when his bike is flanked by the twins. He tries to lose him (a desire that I completely understand) but they pull up next to him when he arrives at school. They are going to do this all day and all night on account of he was the target of demonic ninjas that pulled swords out of their chests and completely kicked their asses. Even though Scott’s a true Alpha and Chris thinks they can only come out at night, the twins figure they rather be safe than sorry.

He's just not that into them.
Look I appreciate the fact that they’re trying to protect Scott, which is a cause I am 100% behind, and I recognize that my problem with the twins has more to do with the failures of 3A than their current storyline but I still just don’t care. Honestly, this whole trying-to-become-part-of-Scott’s-pack thing has been written a HELL of a lot better than I expected and if I could forget that 3A happened I might even not hate them. But ultimately they are taking screen time from the characters I actually care about and they don’t really add anything to the dynamic of the show so I’m ready for them to move to London very soon (I hear that’s where all the pretty whiteboy werewolves end up).

At Scott’s locker, the twins are still following him around like a bad smell. He tells them that he needs to talk to Stiles – ALONE. The twins aren’t going for it but then Scott’s all I’m a true Alpha you have to do what I say so they concede.

True Alpha. True love,
Scott: I’m a true Alpha. You have no idea what I can do.

Stiles practically drags Scott into the chemistry room as he exasperatedly explains about Caitlin and the key with the phosphors. But when he looks at the blackboard for proof the message is gone and so is the key. Now Stiles is really freaking out. The key and the message had been there only hours ago or were they a figment of Stiles imagination as well.

Confused Stiles breaks my heart.
Scott is confused and Stiles knows how it sounds but he also knows what saw. Stiles pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket – it’s a news report about Barrow and the shrapnel bomb. Barrow put nuts, bolts and screws into a box with the bomb and detonator then wrapped it like a birthday present. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s the prank Stiles played on Coach Cupcake for Mischief Night. The prank that was Stiles idea.

Scott: I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to tell you that you’re wrong but I don’t think you’re trying to kill people either.

A round of applause for Scott McCall please – for not dismissing someone’s fears even though they sound ridiculous to him, because even if they turn out to be unfounded that doesn’t stop Stiles fear from being real. Scott McCall is a genuinely wonderful person and I won’t hear anyone say otherwise. Of course in this case Scott’s unwavering optimism and belief in his best friend might actually be detrimental (Stiles is not as good as you think he is Scott), but that doesn’t change the fact that his decency is a shining light in a shitty society.

Scott tells Stiles to go home and get some rest, considering the fact that he knows Stiles hasn’t been sleeping and he thinks the demons are after him that’s actually pretty good advice. Scott just honestly cannot comprehend a world where his best friend is dangerous and that might be what ruins everything.

Scott thinks you should go away.
In the hall Scott tells his annoying shadows that he didn’t tell Stiles what was going on because Stiles has enough on his mind right now. Usually I am all for communication (it’s porn for me) but I think in this case, the less Stiles knows the better. Besides, Scott’s not sure the demons are coming after him. They could be coming after someone else. Someone like Kira.

There she goes...
Back at the Argent Apartment Isaac and Allison are not in school because they are learning the hunting trade and apparently they don’t need a high school diploma for that. They are helping Chris work out how to get a paranoid recluse to sit down for chitchat. Katashi has a thing for rare antique weapons so Chris put out the word that he was selling one for his collection – a French flintlock turnover pistol from 1645. I tell you what, when any Argent talks about weapons my panties dissolve into dust. Chris is going to bribe Katashi out of hiding.

Everyone is 100% done with everything in this cap.
Allison: You have my bow.
Isaac: And my claws.
(This may not be a direct quote but it’s close enough).

Chris can’t believe that his life now involves hanging out with two horny teenagers, one of which is his daughter. Remember when he had a whole army full of henchmen that just did everything he told them? Those were good times. But he doesn’t have that option anymore so he has to make do with Allison and Isaac because they have until sundown to figure out how to save Scott.

Agent Asshole is making his way through the Sheriff’s station trying to avoid the hostile stares – it’s not possible dude. Even alone you cannot avoid the hostility of the audience. Especially when you say things like: “There’s enough here to put Stilinski so far out of government work he won’t be able to get a job riding the back of a garbage truck.” I hope someone stabs you with a sword, asshole.

Oh and there was a security system on his computer that took a picture of Scott and Kira when they were in his office deleting the pictures. Whoops.

I wonder if Stiles bothers her a lot?
At Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital Melissa McCall is now working admin on top of her many other duties, which include being the only working nurse in this hospital (what do they do when she’s asleep?). But seeing as it’s Stiles that is looking for help, I can understand why she wants to do it herself. Unfortunately Stiles’s doctor is not back for another two weeks, he can wait for one of the urgent care doctors.

Oh no, NO NO NO NO NO!
That’s when Melissa notices, Stiles is not okay. He’s shakey and close to tears. She goes into mother/nurse mode and ushers him into a room so they can work out what’s wrong.

Is she allowed to hand out drugs like that?
Inside a room Melissa questions Stiles about his symptoms, which is always a pleasant experience.  Symptoms include: blackouts, sleepwalking (which he did a lot of as a kid), anxiety and panic attacks. Sounds fun so far, what else?

Stiles: Oh and I temporarily lost the ability to read but that might have had more to do with this giant magic tree and a whole human sacrifice thing.
Melissa: I recall something vaguely about that yes.

More symptoms: Stiles has only had about 8 hours sleep in the last 3 days (well maybe he shouldn’t have been out pulling pranks and having sexual realizations then). Stiles counts his fingers to make sure. Yup definitely 8 hours of sleep. Also he’s irritable almost to the point of homicide and he can’t tell if he’s more impulsive than usual because he’s usually pretty impulsive. Adding vivid dreams during the day and we have option D – all of the above.

Melissa seems to know what’s up so she loads up a needle with something pleasant and turns back to Stiles.

Adorable and sad. Asadable. 
Melissa: Do you trust me?
Stiles: When you’re not holding a needle…

It’s a sedative because Stiles is one severely sleep deprived teenager. He just needs a nap and he’ll be fine.

Stiles: How long’s it take to… oh not long at all.

Fuck everything.
Melissa helps him lay back on the bed. She tucks him in and it’s all very sweet and when the fandom saw this in the trailer they were like, what if Stiles calls Melissa ‘mom’ but no one expected it to happen because that would just be cruel and unusual punishment.

Melissa: Get some rest.
Stiles: Thanks mom.

Team Argent (+Isaac) is hanging out in Chris’s car. Chris is upset because Katashi won’t do the buy in person.

Is Allison the 3rd wheel here?
Isaac: He’s a paranoid recluse, shouldn’t you be a little less surprised?

Thank you Isaac, for continually saying what everyone watching this show is thinking. But Chris was just trying to be positive, he just didn’t want to START with plan B.

Still don't like them.
At School – Scott and his two annoying shadows are preparing to leave but Stiles can’t have them cramping his true Alpha style anymore. So he disabled their bikes and rides off. Sorry twins, even Scott thinks you’re completely pointless and he tries to see the good in everyone.

*insert US shampoo brand here*
Scott picks up Kira, who likes like she’s in a shampoo commercial, and they ride off into the sunset together. It’s too bad we can’t ditch the boring twins completely. *sighs *

The Argents are doing hunter things and looking and blueprints and stuff. It’s super sexy.

Isaac: Guys this isn’t going to work I look ridiculous.

Am I into this?
Isaac is wearing a suit. Chris and Allison are aroused. Does anyone else think this is going to end with an Isaac sandwich? No, me neither. Anyway Isaac comfortable in the suit.

 I think I am.
Isaac: I look like I just stepped out of the last period of a catholic prep school.

Apparently Chris is into that, but the inevitable threesome will have to wait because they have a mission and Isaac needs to get with the program. All he needs to do is keep them talking long enough for Chris and Allison to get to Katashi. Isaac is still not comfortable.

Allison: You look great.
Isaac: I am sweating all the way through my jacket. I didn’t even know that I could sweat this much.

Allison is kind of grossed out but she puts her feelings aside to make sure Isaac is ready to fulfill his part of the plan. She asks her dad for a moment and Chris looks conflicted but says yes. He knows something he would not approve of is about to happen, but he also needs the plan to work, oh the trails and tribulations of working with family.

Allison: You’re not a boy if you walk in there acting like a man. Go in there with confidence and all they’ll see is a boyish looking man.

Isaac is still not convinced. He doesn’t want to be cut up by some Japanese gangsters. Allison is not listening (because she doesn’t really care about Isaac’s feelings) she just grabs hold of Isaac and pulls him into a steaming hot kiss. She grabs his hand and puts it on her ass until he grips. If he was a boy before, he’s definitely a man now.

I think I need one of Allison's pep talks.
Okay so the implication that Isaac needs to grab Allison’s ass to “become a man” is kind of gross but I can forgive that cos it’s pretty funny and Allison’s sexuality is almost always depicted as a powerful thing. With a few exceptions (notably the scene in the locker room with Jackson in Season 2) Allison is in control of her sexuality. She knows when she wants it and she knows how to use it but she doesn’t rely on it as her only weapon. This scene is no exception. Allison is the one that kisses Isaac, Allison control’s Isaac’s hands. Isaac is definitely the passive party in this encounter. 

Also – is Chris like standing there watching this happen? Because that’s more than a little creepy.

Isaac struts into the room/warehouse with his newfound confidence. His voice is deeper but let’s be real, he still kind of looks like a kid that got into his dad’s wardrobe and the scary looking werewolf that’s hear to make the deal is clearly not really buying it.

Scott and Kira arrive at the McCall house and Scott rushes around locking all the doors and windows. Kira is a little worried, they are running out of time and it’s she doesn’t think that locking the door is really going to keep the firefly demons out.

Seriously into you.
Scott: Actually we have a kind of security system. Things happened a couple of weeks ago. A lot of things. We had my boss make a few changes to the house.
Kira: You’re boss? Do you work for a security company or something?
Scott: No he’s a veterinarian.

I know it’s cheesy but I enjoy this joke a lot, I’m glad they keep bringing in new characters so they can keep using it.

Seriously worried that you got your security from your vet.
Kira: You had a vet put in your alarm?
Scott: Yeah sort of, but I can’t arm it only my mom can.

Mama McCall will be home soon but for now it’s time for Kira to call Scott on his bullshit. She knows that he brought her here for a reason. She knows that he thinks the demons might be after her. She knows that he wants to protect her but she wants to protect him too and she’s pretty sure it is her they are after. Kira sits down and pulls out a picture book.

Kira: Have you ever heard of something called a kitsune?

Let's imagine he's just having a nice nap.
Back at the hospital, Melissa watches Stiles as he sleeps peacefully (let’s just imagine that it’s peaceful okay). Then she checks his chart and a light bulb goes off above her. She highlights his symptoms: hallucinations, impulsivity, irritability and acute onset insomnia. She’s obviously recognized some kind of connection so she heads to the patient records room to check it out.

Melissa finds the file she’s looking for pretty easily, but I guess she’s the one that does the filing as well because no one else works in this goddamn hospital. The file has the same symptoms: patient is irritable and impulsive. Complains of vivid dreams during the day, inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality, occasional hallucinations. Symptoms began with acute onset insomnia. The same as Stiles.

I hate this show.
Melissa closes the file to reveal that the patient died in 2004. The patient’s name was Claudia Stilinski… Stiles’s mom. (If you think we are talking about this you are wrong. I don’t want talk about it, ever.)

Isaac is still pretending to be a man and talking about stuff that he does not understand. The guy he’s talking to, he knows his shit and Mr Katashi knows what he wants. He places a suitcase full of money on the table and Isaac looking like he’s considering taking the money and running (imagine how many scarves he could buy with that money). But he doesn’t run, instead he insists he needs to count the money.

Money? That's what he wants.
Side note: I want one of those money-counting machines except I would never have enough money to count. So I would like one of those machines AND a ton of money to go with it please.

Back in Scott’s bedroom Kira is showing him her picture book (that’s not a euphemism you perverts), it’s all about the kitsune.

Too cute for anyone but Scott McCall.
Kira: When a kitsune rubs its tail together it can create fire or lightening. It’s called foxfire.

Scott’s eyes dart behind Kira and he’s not checking out her ass.

Kira: I don’t have any tails.
Scott: How’d you know what I was thinking?
Kira: Because kitsune are also psychic. I can hear all of your thoughts.

Scott looks like he’s been caught with his hand in the cookie jar and now I really want to know what thoughts he’s been having that he doesn’t want Kira to hear.

Kira: Just kidding.

The kind of boy that wants to read children's books with you.
The sun is setting – time is almost up but they still have a little longer left for flirt and fall in love.

Scott: Are you scared?
Kira: Not right now.

*kiss the girl*
They’re heading towards a kiss, but it can’t be that easy so Kira pulls out the usual stuff. Her parents are expecting her home. Scott tells her to call them and say she can’t make it because she has a date. I don’t think he can be much clearer about his intentions but is it a good idea?

Kira: You know foxes and wolves don’t really get along.

She has a picture to prove it – those are some wolves attacking a kitsune, I really hope that’s not foreshadowing because I want these two to be happy and (mostly) drama free.

Scott: That’s just a drawing in a children’s book.

Yes Scott, and werewolves are just a myth – I think you need to re-evaluate your thought processes. But you may as well ignore it and have a moment of happiness before it all turns to shit because we all know where this is heading.

They almost kiss when a car pulls up ruining the moment. Scott thinks it’s his mom but when he gets down stairs he’s confronted by Agent Asshole. Scott’s all why do you have a key? Which is a legitimate question but Agent Asshole rebuts with how did you get a key to MY office? Agent Asshole opens his computer to reveal the picture of Kira and Scott. Asshole. 

Isaac is still counting the money but the big werewolf guy is starting to get frustrated. He aggressively tells a story about brothers hunters. One gets bit the other one shoots him because of family honor, it’s not a very happy story. Then he asks what Isaac’s story is. Isaac replies by wolfing out.

That went well.
A dude – who I imagine is Katashi – is watching the show on his tablet. He’s also watching the Agents take out his security and my ovaries at the same time. He raises his gun just in time for Chris to walk in. Hnnnnng. I know everyone’s going on about how young!Chris could get it but I got to say, he just got better with age. Give me middle-aged world weary Papa Argent over youthful naive cute eyes any day.

Has anyone seen my knickers?
Chris just wants to have a conversation, Katashi does not think this is a very good way to start a conversation. Chris does not care what he thinks – he just tells Allison to take Katashi’s gun and she does. It’s amazing. Katashi is ready to talk because Allison is legit scary – until Isaac is brought in, the big werewolf has claws on his throat.

Oh, that's where they went.
Isaac: Guys they have a werewolf too.

Dammit Isaac you had one job.
Everyone’s got a werewolf now. It’s the accessory of the season evidentially.

Back at Scott’s Agent Asshole is waiting for an explanation that Scott is not inclined to give him. Kira looks willing though, in fact she steps forward like she’s prepared to take the blame for the whole thing. But Scott is not here for that, he’s gonna do Agent Asshole a favor and tell him to get the fuck out before someone gets hurt. He’s not going to leave without an explanation.

Scott: Get a warrant.
Agent McCall: I don’t need a warrant, I’m your father. 
Scott: No, you’re a gene donor. I got my hair color from you and that’s all I got. So you’re not allowed to play tough dad with me.

You're not my real real dad.
Ouch, that’s got to hurt Agent Asshole and I would feel bad about that except he’s got a point. Turning up and calling yourself dad does not make you one. I live in a constant state of fear that Jeff Davis will try to redeem this dickhead, but I am not hear for that. Explanations are okay but if they try to justify his absence I will throw a fit.

Team parenting. Except not.
Melissa is home, she wants to know what’s going on and Agent Asshole suggests Scott and Kira explain, except it’s too late for that because the sun is done and the firefly demons are here. There is one of them standing in the living room with them. Agent Asshole moves to confront it. Scott says no stop but he doesn’t listen and he ends up getting stabbed for it.

*cheering crowd*
I’d be pleased about this but I don’t want him to die because Scott would be super guilty about that whole calling him a gene donor thing. Even though he deserved it. Asshole.

Actual hero Melissa McCall runs to Agent Asshole aid, even though he’s surrounding by firefly demons. The door opens, Melissa drags Agent Asshole out of the way and DEREK SLIDES INTO THE ROOM. You know Derek, always got to make an entrance. Scott’s shadows arrive and the fight is on.

King of the dramatic entrances.
They heard the demons outside, Derek almost kind of wins a fight – good for him. Then Melissa completes the mountain ash circle and the firefly demons are trapped outside… for once. Kira tries to touch the barrier and gets zapped and the twin not dating Danny (at least I think it’s Aiden but it’s kind of dark) sees, which is probably not a good thing.

This guy.
Chris gives Katashi the broken mask and he’s all I bet you remember me now bitch. Except he wouldn’t use a sexist slur like bitch, because Chris Argent respects women.

Exposition time: The demons are called Oni and they are unstoppable. Gee thanks Katashi, that’s helpful.

Back at the McCall’s it’s time for some werewolf brothers bonding – it’s so amazing, how they are brothers and Derek is Scott’s beta and I will cry about it until the end of time.

Your jaw sir. 
Derek: At the baseboards are ash wood?
Scott: Yeah it was Deaton’s idea… where the hell did you come from?
Derek: I’ve been following you.
Scott: For how long?
Derek: All day.

Why is anyone confused by Derek's stalking?
The best part is that Derek’s not even ashamed. He’s like of course I was following you without your knowledge. Have you met me?

Too bad.
Melissa is caring for Agent Asshole but he’s not looking good. She thinks he’s on the way to the collapsed lung. She calls for Scott to see what they should do because she respects that Scott is the Alpha and Scott respect’s her because she is his mother and it’s mutual respectful awesomeness together.

Scott: Should we call Stiles’s dad?
Melissa: I don’t know is that gonna just get more people hurt?

That’s the kind of decisions a hero has to make – can he sacrifice his father to save the lives of countless others? This is why I would never be a hero because I’m no good at sacrificing anything – this is why we need people like Scott McCall because they believe there is always another option.

Isaac's being manhandled again.
More exposition from Mr Katashi: No weapon works on the Oni. They are a force of nature, you don’t run from them you endure them. Isaac already has. The mark is the Japanese Kanji for self. It means that Isaac is still himself. The Oni are looking for one who is no longer themselves. Someone that is possessed by a dark spirit!

I knew they were trouble when they didn't die.
Back at the McCall house, the twins turn on Kira – they want to know what she is because she can’t cross the mountain ash. Derek thinks the twins are idiots because she’s obviously a kitsune, duh.

Smart!Derek is my greatest joy.
Derek: You can see it all around her. The younger ones give off an aura she just hasn’t learned how to conceal it yet. She probably doesn’t know what kind she is either.

Knowledgeable Derek is so attractive and it’s so nice to see. He might have been a terrible Alpha but he’s not terrible at everything (except choosing romantic partners, he’s banned from that). He’s finally able to actually be of help because he’s not being forced to play a role he was never meant to have. Beta!Derek is my heart and soul.

More exposition from Katashi: There are 13 types of kitsune but there is one that is dark. They call it void or nogitsune. The Kumicho was possessed that’s why the Oni stabbed him a bunch of times. The Nogitsune draws it’s power from pain, tragedy, strife and chaos, so it’s a good thing it moved to Beacon Hills.

Kira is worried that she is the nogitsune, but Scott won’t here it. What he saw around her didn’t look evil.

Kira: But isn’t that what a shapeshifter does? Isn’t that why a kistune is called a trickster spirit? It’s supposed to trick you. How do you know I’m not the bad guy?
Scott: I’ve seen the bad guys and you’re not one of them.

I don’t want to contradict you Scott, because it’s your optimism that makes me love you, but she might have a point. Not that I think Kira is evil, at least I hope not but this whole trickster’s tricking thing, I think she’s onto something with that. One day soon Scott’s belief in people is going to come back to bite him the ass and it’s going to hurt… a lot.

Scott’s shadows aka the boring twins are talking about they are totally not evil anymore and they just want to help Scott. Derek believes them… sort of.

*Sobs brothers*
Derek: I’m sure you’d kill for him but are you willing to die for him?

Derek would die for Scott, in a heartbeat because they really are family now. And I’m not crying… you’re crying.

Side Note: This better be foreshadowing the twin’s death not Derek’s because I can’t deal with that.

Silver finger... get it. (Title drop)
Return to exposition: Katashi cut off his own finger as penance for a mistake and it wasn’t his only mistake. Turns out he was actually a coward and he was preparing to run from the Oni when baby!Chris shot one of them and allowed them to escape. He would have lost his head for that so he owes Chris one, but unfortunately there’s not really much he can do about the Oni. He’s got some unsolicited and potentially damaging advice for them though.

Katashi: I will tell you one thing however, if there is a nogitsune among you let the Oni destroy it. Even if it’s your own daughter.

Chris turns to look at Allison and I swear to goodness if this results in Chris trying and/or succeeding to kill Allison I will cut off something worse than your pinkie finger.

They found a hole.
The Oni are trying to get into the McCall house – they are looking for weaknesses and it looks like they’re gonna find one. (Turns out mountain ash is not as awesome as we thought it was, everyone can push through it).

Still dying.
Melissa is still tending to Agent McCall’s wounds. He’s looking even worse than he was before, which is bad because he was not looking good before. He wants to talk to Scott but Melissa is not having any of that.

Agent McCall: Don’t patronize me Melissa you know why I really came back don’t you?
Melissa: And as usual your timing sucks. You’re not talking to him. Not like this.

This might seem unfair but Melissa is right, Agent Asshole is not allowed to use this as a way to manipulate his son into forgiving him for whatever secret he has been keeping. That’s not cool and Melissa knows it. If he wants to tell Scott something then he is going to have to hold on and tell him when he’s not dying.

Scott is talking to Allison on the phone. He needs an answer and he needs it now because the Oni are about to get inside. It’s time for a crash course it what we learned this evening.

Allison: They’re Japanese demons, they’re called the Oni, they’re looking for someone possessed, someone with a dark spirit attached to them.
Scott: Nogitsune.
Allison: How’d you know that? Scott?
Scott: I just… tell me what else.
Allison: Okay they won’t hurt you. They know you’re supernatural but once they do this check one they realize that you’re not carrying with you this dark spirit they won’t hurt you I promise. All they’re looking for is a nogitsune.

I love how none of them assume that one of them is the nogitsune. It’s nice that they are at the point where they trust each other that much (ignoring the twins of course). It’s going to end in tears of course. But it’s still nice.

Kira thinks it’s her, Scott is still sure it’s not and Derek thinks Scott has to make a decision right now because the Oni are about to enter. (Bury me in the feeling I get when Derek defers to Scott as his Alpha). Scott tells them not to do anything – he’s that sure that Kira is good. He turns to Kira and offers his hand. They’re going to do this together.

Scott: Trust me?

This is one hell of a trust exercise this early in the relationship but Kira is willing to take the leap. She takes Scott’s hand and they face the Oni together.

Extreme trust exercise.
The Oni to their thing, Scott and Kira fall to the ground. They have been marked, they are themselves. Derek runs to Scott and I have to run to my bed so I can cry forever because they’re brothers now. No one cares about the twins. The Oni disappear, everyone has been tested now, well almost everyone.

*sobs some more about brothers*
Stiles wakes up alone in the hospital. He wanders out of his room looking for Melissa, who is still trying to stop Agent Asshole from bleeding out. They are at the hospital now. Scott is going to look for Stiles and Melissa is going to have a nap because she fucking deserves it and she looks like she’s about to pass out. Seriously, someone get that woman a cocktail or an orgasm or something.

Someone get that woman a drink.
Scott does not find Stiles, Stiles is all alone in a room when the Oni appear. (This room might be the morgue, it might not, IDK). The Oni have Stiles surrounded and there is nothing Stiles can do.

Oh Shit.
It’s looks as though the Oni are going to do the same thing to Stiles as they did to the others but then something happens to Stiles. He grabs the Oni fist and pushes it away. He then reaches inside the Oni with his other hand. There’s a gold light and Stiles rips something out of the Oni. It’s a firefly, it dissolves.

Confusing arousal. Thanks Teen Wolf.
This is amazing and it’s almost all on Dylan O’Brien. He is phenomenal in this scene because even though he’s the silly sidekick he is genuinely terrifying. Like so scary. It’s fantastic. I am so excite to see where this goes, especially how it affects Scott. Because Scott’s genuine belief in his friend is going to be tested to its limits. So much angst to come and I cannot wait.

Oh yeah, this is definitely hot.
Stiles turns towards the other Oni and they attack, but it’s pretty clear that he’s going to win because not going to lie, dark!Stiles is the most dangerous thing that could ever possibly come to Beacon Hills.

Side Note: Well done fandom, you wanted dark!Stiles, you got dark!Stiles.

Danger SCOTT!
Scott wanders down through the empty halls of the hospital looking for Stiles. He reaches the room where Stiles is and Stiles is standing alone facing away. Scott calls out to him.

This is not good.
Stiles eyes are void then suddenly, they have life. Stiles turns back to his friend and he’s fine. Or at least he says he is. Scott seems to fall for it because they walk out of the room together leaving a lone dying firefly on the floor that soon dissolves into smoke.


… to be continued.