Monday, August 20, 2012

Doctor Who’s Top Ten Tearjerkers - Part 2

Yesterday I presented 10 - 7 of the most tear inducing moments of Doctor Who (since 2005). Today I return with another 4 and they are sadder than ever. Warning you may need tissues, also it should go without saying but in case it doesn't, there are spoilers in this blog. 

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Number 6: The Doctor meets The Tardis
“The Doctor’s Wife” (6.4)

In this Neil Gaiman penned ep the Doctor receives a message from what he thinks is a fellow Time Lord but after investigating he finds himself trapped on an asteroid outside of the universe. But this is no ordinary asteroid, this asteroid (called “House”) is alive and it has a taste for Tardis’s. In order to digest the Tardis, House has his handy servants, Uncle and Auntie trap the Tardis’s matrix (basically its personality) inside a young woman named Idris. When the Doctor informs House that there are no more Tardis’s left, the asteroid decides to use the Doctor’s ship (with Amy and Rory trapped on board) to travel into our universe. It’s OK though because the Doctor has the help of his trusty Tardis, aka Sexy, so victory is pretty much assured but that doesn’t stop the journey from being incredibly heartbreaking.

This episode it tear jerking on a couple of different levels... you’ve got my favourite - the Doctor being given hope that he is not alone only to have torn away from him. Then of course there is one of the famous Rory deaths (there might be another one on this list you never know) but bar far the most traumatic part of this episode is the short, emotional life of the Tardis in human form. Because there is nothing sad about being alive... until it’s over.

Number 5: The Master has the last word
“Last of the Time Lords” (3.13)

In the 3 part season finale of Season 3, the Master has returned, made his way to earth, been elected Prime Minister and taken over the world with metal balls that are the future humanity, oh also he’s captured the Doctor forcing him to age so he now looks like a creepy old man baby. It’s up to Martha to save the world, as well as the Doctor, and you know what she does a pretty bad ass job of it - if this was a list of badass companion moments I would keep talking about that but it’s not so we’ll move on. The tears come after the battle is won, the Doctor has used the thoughts of the people to regain his power (and his good looks) and he uses this power (and good looks) to forgive his long-time nemesis the Master. The Doctor is preparing to settle down in order to take care of his new companion when the Master is shot by his crazy beard wife. When the Master refuses to regenerate the Doctor can do nothing but watch as the last remaining link to his home die in his arms.

It’s a return to a recurring theme, which is the Doctor losing this last piece of hope, over and over again. This is one is super sad because the Master is just so damaged, he is one of those villains that you can’t help but love because maybe, just maybe, if he listened to the Doctor, he could be saved. It’s horribly sad.

Number 4: The tenth Doctor doesn’t want to go
“The End of Time: Part Two" (4.18)

The most unique part of this show is that they are able to constantly recast the main character, and somehow everyone is totally cool with it. It’s exciting when we get a new Doctor and it’s not like the Doctor is actually dead of course but that doesn’t stop it from hurting like hell. This one is particularly bad because David Tennant was just such an amazing Doctor and I mean, how could you not love him?

The Doctor knew he was going to die, he was told that the one who kills him would knock four times, which suggest that it’s going to be the Master and his crazy four beat drumming. It seems that these suspicions are confirmed when the Master is brought back by some crazy minions. The master turns the human race into “the Master” race (duplicate versions of himself) but that’s just the beginning of the Doctor’s troubles because it turns out that the Master is part of a plan to pull the Time Lord’s out of the time lock along with their planet, Gallifrey, knocking the earth off its axis, which is not great for its inhabitants. Also the Time Lords are not all that great themselves. Thank goodness the Doctor, with the help of Donna’s grandfather Wilfred Mott, is able to save earth and the human race. When the Time Lords are defeated and the Master lost, the Doctor is surprised (and happy) to find that he is still alive... until he hears four knocks. It seems that Wilfred has gotten himself in an isolation chamber which is about to flood with radiation. The only way to save him is for the Doctor to sacrifice himself.

Just to make things more traumatic, the Doctor has enough time to take one last trip to visit all of his companions, starting with Martha and culminating with Rose. I am crying just thinking about it. The absolute worst part is that as he is regenerating, alone in the Tardis, his last words are “I don’t want to go” - I can’t even... I mean damn you Davies that was not fair.

Number 3: Donna loses everything
“Journey’s End” (4.13)

There are quite a few finals on this list and there is a reason for that, they are always emotion packed epics, and as the season 4 finale is the most epic of all the finales it should be no surprise to find it on this list. It’s full of heartbreaking moments but there is none more tear inducing than watching Donna lose her memory of the Doctor, and everything she had become since meeting him.

For those of you that don’t remember, “Journey’s End” was the mother of all season finals when Earth was stolen by the Daleks (and Davros) it will take more than one companion to save the day in fact it takes all of them... at least the ones seen since the 2005 reboot. Not only do we get an overload of companions but we also get an overload of Doctors when the arm that has been hanging out like Chekhov's gun for a couple of seasons suddenly, with some help from Donna turns into a full grown David Tennant shaped Doctor. But this Doctor’s a little different, he’s part human, more importantly part Donna. When it seems all but lost Donna comes out of nowhere and saves the day with her typing skills because it turns out it wasn’t just a one way transfer, the new Doctor is part Donna and now Donna is part Doctor. It’s pretty amazing when Donna gets to save the world because she honestly never thought she could do it which just makes what happens next even worse.

Donna is given the secrets of the universe, her and the Doctor have an amazing friendship based on equality and trust and for once in her life she believes in herself. Basically everything is wonderful and nothing hurts until the Doctor is forced to make Donna forget because her human brain can’t handle all the Time Lord knowledge. Of all the companions, Donna is the one who changes the most (and for the better) during her time with the Doctor, and to take that away from her is somehow worse than if she had died. The image of Donna begging the Doctor not to take her memories away is etched into my mind and it will never fail to insight a flood of tears. 

Oh wow, that's enough sad for me today... If this is what's happening to me today, I can't imagine what it's going to be like for the final two. Speaking of which, who do you think is going to be number one? Or maybe your number one is already on the list. Let me know in the comments and check back tomorrow for the final part of this heart-wrenching list. 

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