Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Talking Teen Wolf: Hoechlin stop, you're making the rest of us look bad.

Hey Teen Wolf fans, how’s everyone doing? Getting ready for the big trailer reveal. On the off chance you forget why it is we love this program Teen Wolf released a vid about how our favourite teen wolves stay in shape… not only is this vid filled with sweaty flexing Carver twins, it also has adorable Posey and Hoechlin moments. Also drama at Beacon Hills Hospital, Stiles birthday, Allison Argent Appreciation Week and Shantal Rhodes joins Natalie and Karen for a very special Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast.

Right so here’s where I admit that behind all the meta and analysis I’m actually completely controlled by my hormones. Okay so maybe that’s not all that shocking. While there are a lot of wonderful reasons to love Teen Wolf let’s face it the gratuitous man flesh is a big part of it. We know it and if the vid they released this week is anything to go by – Teen Wolf knows it too.  

Just when I though things were starting to slow down to the extent that I wasn’t going to have to much to write about this week my all time fav social networking team (thanks Matt) came to the rescue with this vid:

Ever wondered how those wolves stay in shape – well wonder no more: it’s a combination of an extreme diet (except Posey apparently) and workout regiment – with some help from a personal trainer of course. Who knew right? I can’t say I’m about to follow their lead but I am very thankful that these boys work so hard to give me (and everyone else that watches Teen Wolf) something nice to look at.

There are a lot of things that I love about this vid – sweaty flexing Charlie and Max Carver is definitely something to get excited for. Posey is literally the most adorable person that ever existed (although if he actually eats nothing but pizza and still looks like that I will find him and I will punch him). Then there’s Hoechlin just showering sunshine and making everyone else look like a lazy ass… Hoechlin, I honestly don’t know what to say to you, but I’ll give it my best shot.

Dear Hoechlin,

Thank you for treating your body like a temple because I think I speak for everyone that has ever been remotely attracted to men (and some that haven’t) when I say that we worship it. Honestly your self-discipline almost makes me want to start exercising… until I remember that I don’t want to. The thing is listening to your despair as you talked about missing pizza made me want to cry because as much as I love your abs, and I really love your abs, I also want you to be happy. So please grab another slice of pizza (and maybe a cookie) every once and a while. I promise I’m not just saying this because you’re making the rest of us look bad (although that’s a thing that’s happening). I’m saying this because you are the reason that Derek Hale – failwolf – is one of the fandom’s favourite characters and if that’s not worthy of a pizza binge then I don’t know what is.

Yours faithfully,


P.S. I know I talk about your abs a lot but you do possess many other qualities besides your exceptionally well-maintained physique, try to remember that I don’t want you to get a disorder.

Anyway in less superficial news, the Teen Wolf Tumblr released these rather unnerving images of Beacon Hills Hospital:

Chaos outside of Beacon Hills Hospital, on a late night shoot.

Just watched something very bad go down here.
I’ve got no idea what’s going on here but I’m guessing it’s not good. We’re getting to the pointy end of the first half of Season 4 and it looks as though they’re going out with a bang. I don’t know about you guys but I’m not entirely sure I want to know, I’m hoping to delay the pain for as a long as possible.

Moving on to slightly less painful subject matter the Teen Wolf fandom is celebrating two characters this week: actual Disney Princess Allison Argent and everyone’s favourite sarcastic sidekick Stiles Stilinski.

April 8th is officially Stiles birthday! Happy Birthday Stiles! As Stiles is one of the main reasons (apart from the gratuitous man flesh) that everyone fell in love with Teen Wolf it’s only fitting that we should celebrate his birthday with gusto.

Naturally it’s not all sunshine and kittens with some of the fandom confused due to timeline issues (it’s wibbly wobbly timey wimey)… I was starting to think I might have to work out dates and do maths or something but I’m absolutely hopeless at timelines – so I’m not even going to bother to attempt it. I will however accept input from anyone that sounds as though they know what they’re talking about. Like this lovely person who wrote a wonderful meta explanation of Stiles age and the Teen Wolf timeline.

I love Stiles, everyone loves Stiles – he’s pretty much universally adored. Heck I listed him as the number one reason to watch Teen Wolf and I meant it, Stiles is the heart and soul of this program. The thing is pretty much every week is Stiles appreciation week so it’s nice to give the other (awesome) characters a chance to shine. So let’s talk about my favourite badass huntress – Allison Argent.

Here’s the thing about Allison Argent she gets a fair bit of heat from fandom because she made some questionable choices. Shooting Boyd and Erica full of arrows was not her finest moment and trusting creepy Grandpa Argent wasn’t the smartest decision but in spite of these mistakes there are a lot of reasons to love Allison Argent.

Allison should have been pretty two-dimensional – her role early in season one is simply to be lovable. She was the princess that Scott the hero needed to rescue and it was her love that Scott was striving to be worthy of. She was the same tired cliché that you see in pretty much every male hero driven narrative – too perfect to be relatable… but then she wasn’t and instead of being the “love interest” Allison Argent became one of the most intriguing characters on the Teen Wolf.  

Allison is beautiful with dimples to die for and Scott is loves her to the point of obsession. She’s great with a bow and arrow (she could have gone Olympic) and she was held back a year because her families constant moving around screwed with her studies. Allison is incredibly friendly but she doesn’t seem bothered with popularity. Her family hunts werewolves – something she figured out on her own (with a little help from creepy Aunt Kate) and Jackson is not her type.

Over the course of the first season Allison falls in love for the first time and finds out her family has been lying to her. She learns of the existence of werewolves and is told by the people she trusts the most that werewolves are dangerous. She discovers that her favourite person, her Aunt Kate, is a murdering psychopath and then she watches as Kate’s throat is ripped out in front of her.  

In season two, Allison’s dad holds the boy she loves at gunpoint. Her family threatens her and calls it a training exercise. She is harassed because of what her Aunt Kate did and her friend’s lives are constantly in danger. She is stalked by creeper Matt and attacked in a rather sexual manor by Jackson. Her mother dies and her grandfather manipulates her grief before ultimately betraying her.

Fans constantly go on about all the terrible things that happened to Derek, Stiles and even Lydia but they very rarely spare a thought for poor Allison. This is a girl that is terrified of being helpless but is constantly placed in situations that are beyond her control. People are always lying to ‘protect her’ leaving her without vital information that could save her life and prevent her from making stupid mistakes. She’s seventeen years old and torn between first love and loyalty to her family. The fact that she is still standing is a testament to her strength, seriously if I was in her position I would have given up ages ago.

As I said above Allison makes some terrible decisions (you know who else constantly makes terrible decisions – a certain sourwolf that answers to Derek) but that is just another reason to love her. She is not the perfect princess that is there to be adored by the hero. She makes mistakes; she makes selfish and stupid choices - Allison Argent is not perfect but she is worthy of your respect and appreciation.

In other news – the lovely ladies of Hypable’s Not Another Teen Wolf Pod Cast had a very special guest for this week’s bite sized episode: Shantal Rhodes. You might remember that Shantal won a role on Teen Wolf in late 2011 – she dunks Stiles head in the pool in “Party Guessed” (209). The girls talk about all kinds of things – like performance anxiety, meeting the cast and a bunch of general Teen Wolf love. If you’re like me, going a bit hiatus crazy then you should definitely give it a listen. It’s hilariously fun and managed to quell my Teen Wolf cravings for a little while.

Finally – there’s some new law enforcement coming to town. EOnline announced that the FBI is coming to Beacon Hills in the form of handsome and tough field agent Jack Keller… It seems that Keller’s presence will have a profound impact on the sleepy little (supernaturally overrun) town of Beacon Hills. I know he sounds like a walking talking suit wearing cliché but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt shall we. He’ll turn up towards the end of the first half the season, suggesting that he could be a big part of the later episodes.

All right guys, have I satisfied your Teen Wolf needs for the week? Did you enjoy the Teen Wolf workout vid? What would you give Stiles for his birthday? What do you love (or hate) about Allison Argent? And what do you think about the arrival of the FBI in the Beacon Hills?

Till next time teen wolves keep howling.