Thursday, October 10, 2013

Talking Teen Wolf: Hi From Hiatus and Other Stories

Okay, I know I’m supposed to be on a Teen Wolf hiatus because of the Teen Wolf hiatus (you might call is the howl-atus or you might not, that’s pretty lame) but there are awesome things happening and I just have to share them with you guys. Plus I wouldn’t want you to think that I have lost interest in Teen Wolf… because that is not likely to happen (true love lasts forever).

Anyway since we last spoke not all that much has happened (it’s been extremely slow) – but before we get on to all the important things we need to talk about here’s a quick recap of what went down while I was gone.
  • Sterek lost The Backlot’s Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney (Destiel won this time).
  • Holland Roden teased a Stiles/Lydia/Aiden love triangle (my response:  “nooooooooo”), which upset almost everyone.
  • Jeff Davis, Linden Ashby and Dylan O’Brien are heading to NYCC this weekend!
  • Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast turned 1! Congrats girls! (see celebratory party hat pictured above)
  • Sheriff Stilinski is getting a new deputyRyan Kelley has been cast as Deputy Sheriff Perish (subtle). He’s another pretty white boy that’s either going to be incredibly boring or this season's big bad.
  • Teen Wolf is giving one lucky fan the chance to DIE ON TEEN WOLF. That’s right this season's second walk on role contest has a deadly twist. Check out the details here.
  • Oh and they released a mock memoriam vid to promote the contest. It was not good because all it did was screw up the timeline and remind everyone that POC and women all die. (My thoughts here). It was poor form for sure.

… and that’s what you missed in the Teen Wolf world. Well you probably didn’t miss it, but I did because I am on holidays. Well I’m trying to be anyway. It’s harder than I thought. I wish I knew how to quit these ridiculous teenage werewolves but they just keep dragging me back in.

With the house keeping out of the way let’s get down to business.


That’s right I am getting off my lazy ass - and flying all the way from the ass end of the earth to LA, just to hang out with a bunch of Teen Wolf fans (okay not just for that but it still counts). If you knew my feelings about LA you’d understand that this is big deal, but what can I say Teen Wolf makes me want to be social. I haven’t done anything this stupid since Harry Potter.

What’s Bite Con you ask? Well it’s a Teen Wolf Convention being held in LA in April. Now I love any con as much as the next fangirl but there’s something special about The Bite Convention. It’s a grassroots con, something I, personally, haven’t really experienced since I was a fanchild (it’s a thing - shut up). Just another way in which the Teen Wolf fandom has rekindled my fangirl joy!

What I mean is that it’s organised by fans rather than an established promoter, as a result it has this genuine feeling to it… it just feels like all the good things fandom can be (stop me I’m getting mushy again). It also means that it needs a little help from fellow fans. At the moment they are running a Indiegogo fundraiser - which offers all kinds of perks for backers including some really cool options for people that aren’t able to make it to LA (like a livestream of the whole event). So you should go donate, because you love Teen Wolf!

Also follow The Bite Con on Twitter and Tumblr.

Anyway, this impromptu hiatus Teen Wolf talk is not just because I wanted to share my upcoming adventures (I will tell you all about the con later if you promise not to tell anyone). I also have an very important task to ask of you (after you have invested in Bite Con of course).

Teen Wolf needs YOU to vote!

TVGuide is holding it’s Fan Favourites Poll Cover Contest, so all you have to do is VOTE and Teen Wolf could be on the cover of TVGuide.

Here’s the thing about genre shows (especially ones about teenagers) they don’t really get a lot of recognition, which sucks because fans know that genre is where it’s at. So that means that things like a silly Internet poll actually mean something because it’s a way for the fans to show TPTB that we appreciate this show, even if the rest of the world doesn’t. Plus don’t you just want to see Posey’s adorable face on the cover of a magazine? Because I do. So just go vote okay? Good.

Speaking of Tyler Posey’s adorable face…

And with that I am going back into my hiatus state… and I can promise it will stay that way this time because Supernatural is back so I will be too busy drowning in tears to do anything else. If anything happens and you just can’t wait until December for me to talk about it then you can message me here (or you can just do that anyway, I’m needy like that).

Before I go I’m just going to share this with you because I have been giggling about it for the last 20 minutes.

Oh Hoechlin, don’t ever change. Just keep being you because your youness is a massive source of joy for me.

Till next time wolfies (I’m trying out nicknames, let me knows if anything sticks).