Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hellatus Catch Up: Supernatural

I don't know about you but I am spending the long hiatus months catching up on all those television programs that I always meant to watch but never got around to. I'm always open to suggestions so I figured maybe others would be too.

What television shows should you catch up on before next season? It's one of life's most difficult questions, but it needs to be asked... never fear, I have the answer for you. I am going to write a series of blogs about the programs I think best deserve your attention during this TV drought period. These are the shows that you absolutely must be ready to tune in to when they return next season. Anyone who has had any contact with me over the past 6 months is not going to be surprised by my first choice. I'll give you a hint anyway, two brothers, a muscle car and no more ovaries. 

It's Supernatural of course, and before you go judging me for being a silly fangirl, hear me out.

The biggest problem with Supernatural is the way it's marketed. I never watched it, so many people I know still refused to watch it because it seems really frivolous, just pretty boys and stunts. It's not, it's beautiful, fun, scary and heartbreaking, and well worth getting emotionally invested in it.

I have to admit that I used to think that its only redeeming feature was the fact that the two leads are smoking hot. Don't get me wrong, that feature is still super redeemable but there is more to then that. These boys are pretty, which ever one you might prefer (if you prefer Sam please re-evaluate your existence) these boys are worth watching without even bothering to listen to what they are saying. You don't have to worry about that though because what these boys say and do is almost as good as how they look (I say almost because nothing is as good as Jensen Ackles' well everything). I promise I will stop talking about how beautiful he is in a minute, I just need to express my love for him in various different forms first – I know, I will just leave this picture here and you can decide for yourself...

There was another reason, besides the fact that it is my current obsession, that I chose to recommend Supernatural as my first pick for catch up. There is a lot to catch up on, it's six seasons long, that's going to take a while to get through, although not as long as you might think because once you start watching this program you will not be able to stop. I telling you this as a warning because you may lose every other aspect of your life when you start watching Supernatural, but it's well worth it. It's no fluke that Supernatural wins almost every online poll it enters into, even a romance poll – considering this program doesn't really have any cannon couples thats very a big deal. This series inspires loyalty and rewards commitment because it has a very close relationship with its fans.

The Story So Far...

The Winchester's aren't just your ordinary family, instead of watching telly and working nine to five these boys spend their days, and nights, saving the world from all things nasty from your run of the mill ghosts to shape-shifters and even demons that crawled their way out of hell itself. Why would anyone do this? A legitimate question to ask, and the answer is simple – revenge. Mamma Winchester (also known as Mary) was murdered by some kind of paranormal force when the boys were miniature so naturally Pappa Winchester (aka worst dad in the world or John) went on a epic avenging mission raising the young impressionable Sam and Dean on the road. Poor boys never stood a chance at a normal life. This doesn't stop Sam (Jared Padalecki) from trying his best. When the series starts Sam is living an apple pie life planning to be a lawyer with a cute blond girlfriend to boot. That is until his older, and more attractive, brother Dean (Jensen Ackles) turns up to tell him that Pappa Winchester has gone missing. Forcing the brothers to team up once again, hitting the road in the sexiest car known to man kind (The Impala) in search of their absent father... and it only gets better from there on in.

Where do I begin?

With any other program I might give you another episode to look at and I'll admit the “Pilot” is far from perfect, but as I was talking about above this program is all about commitment. You have to commit to watch every episode, you can really tune in and out; and you will be rewarded with a program that does not cater to the casual viewer, it's full of intricate series arcs and in jokes. Trust me it does not take long past the Pilot for the obsession to begin, it's usually around ep. 4 or 5. While I enjoy season one – it's good clean fun and some parts are pretty scary – it really isn't until the final 5 minutes of the season that the roller-coaster ride that makes me love this program so much really begins. You really need the back ground though so power on through that first season because I promise you there is a point and the point is AWESOME!

What's so good about it?

It would be easier to outline what is bad about Supernatural but then there would be nothing written here. The truth is I could sit here for hours and write every little thing that is worth watching in this program and I still wouldn't do it justice. I just need you to trust me on this one and give it a chance, trust me you won't regret it. It's one of those things you just have to experience for yourself.

So come on join the Supernatural Colt (spelling correct it's one of those in jokes I was talking about). Join team Free Will, become a Moosecateer, Minion or one of Jensen's Whores... being part of this fandom is almost better then the actual program.

Also anyone out there that would like to express, much more eloquently why everyone in should watch this program please comment below. My limited literary talent is just not able to express the awesomeness that is this show.

I will just leave you with the thought that while this fandom is amazing it is also violent, so I suggest you watch it unless you want a bunch of crazy fangirls on your doorstep.

Just kidding... or not.

Thanks for reading, I enjoyed having this chick flick moment with you.