Saturday, June 18, 2011

Seeing Rainbows: Fierce, Samurai Sword-Swinging, Victorian, Interspecies, Lesbians who fight crime in Space... also Dianna Agron doesn't 'Like Girls' and X-Man-on-Man.

It's Gay and Lesbian pride month so I thought it would be a good time to begin what will probably become a pretty regular feature of this blog – A look in to every text and subtext that is in anyway homoerotic.

Those of you that have the misfortune of studying with me will probably know that I have a gift for seeing gay. By that I mean that I can find the homoerotic subtext in anything and because everyone enjoys my evaluations so much (by everyone I mean me) I thought I would share them with you, my lonely reader. I'm talking about looking at pop-culture though rainbow tinted glasses, everything from out and proud gay love to suggestive looks. But I guess that is enough jabbering for now, let's get to the good stuff.

Doctor Who and the Lady Loving Crime Fighters...

Doctor Who is always good for the interesting representation of sexuality. This is the program that gave us Captain Jack Harkness remember. You would have expected the queer agenda to have been pushed back after the lord of Gay TV, Russell T. Davies, stepped down as leader but despite a couple of (supposedly) heterosexual romances at the heart of Steven Moffat's new series there have been quite a few rainbows to be seen in the peripheral.

(Of course this doesn't even begin to include the OT3 (one true threesome) that was pretty much cannon for season 5... I'm not going to go into that one just yet, it might be a bit much to take in for your first time.)

First off they gave us Canton Everett Delaware III (aka The King of Hell IS GAY) then in the recent mid series final we got an interspecies Lesbian couple who kick all kinds of ass. I can even begin to say how much I want these two to have a spin off, I would watch it so hard, but as that is probably not going to happen lets talk about what we did get, which was awesome.

Silurian Madame Vastra and her human companion Jenny are busy freeing the world of awful men (like Jack the Ripper) when The Doctor calls in a favour. The Doctor's all like – come and be all badass for me (not that the adorable Roman Rory needs any help in the badassery department) oh and bring your samurai sword as well... because they have one just lying around. Naturally, the super lesbian crime fighting couple head off into space to help the doctor, flirt with each other (that's quite a tongue you have there Vastra) and generally wow us with their awesomeness. So much so that there has been an overwhelming cry for more amongst the fanbase – I'm hoping that it will be used to fill the gap left but the lack of Doctor Who next year (don't know what I'm talking about Click Here).

Dianna Agron “Likes Girls” but is NOT a lesbian.

I have already discussed the fact Glee is a “big gay team of dancing gays” and I am quite happy to assume that every character on the show is harbouring some same sex tendencies but when it comes to shipping the actual cast I am somewhat more hesitant. So I while I might be partial to occasional FaBerry (Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry) shipping I was never really on board with the whole Archelle (Dianna Agron and Lea Michelle) movement.

Although I may never have thought Dianna Agron was gay, I do happen to have crush on her (like a hid in her bedroom and cut off a lock of her hair kind of crush), so I mean, a girl can dream. Therefore when I awoke on Thursday morning to find that instead of her usual Lucy Caboosy t-shirt Agron had donned a 'Likes Girls' t-shirt (similar to Chris Colfer's 'Likes Boys') for the Glee Live performance of Born This Way. Naturally, this was almost too much for my poor little lady loving heart, 'Likes Girls' you say... well I'm a girl – clearly the next logical step in this fantasy is for her to fall in love with me. It could happen, shut up.

Yet even if I might have hoped, I never actually thought that Dianna Agron was a coming out via t-shirt (no that's just too good to be true). I thought at best it was from some new direction for Quinn's character (maybe she's the new love interest they have been threatening for Santana) and at worst some kind of trolling joke. Dianna has a tumblr, she knows things. Turns out it was neither, it was simply a statement of support and while I agree with the sentiment behind it, I do think it is coming from a privileged position.

Later in the day rumours were rampant, was it Quinn or Dianna that was expressing her new found love of the ladies, when Dianna published this blog... she's clearly a beautiful writer, it's one of the many reasons I am in love with her, and her sentiments are amazing. But I can't help but think that what she is saying is coming from a privileged position – she's a very pretty, white, straight girl after all. That said I do think what she did was incredibly brave, standing up in front of all those people knowing exactly what they are going to say and still wearing that t-shirt for all to see. I applaud her effort and I kind of hate her for making her fall in love with her a little bit more only to crush all my hopes with one sentence “I am not a lesbian.”

Please read the blog she wrote, she can explain everything like a hundred times better then I ever could, and she's not bad to look at either.

I would just like to say that she didn't say she was straight and we here at Pop Culture is Not Art advocate a more fluid view of sexuality – so there is still hope there.

Some mutants with the power to control metal love other mutants with mind control powers.

Turns out the X-Men really love each other, or at least this is what I have been lead to believe. Now I realise what I am about to discuss is slightly ridiculous and probably mostly untrue but it wouldn't be a good fun discussion of homosexual representation if I didn't talk about the longer lingering glances that are the world of subtext. I haven't actually seen the film (the more I hear about it the more I want to) but from the information I have received seems to be a romance between Professor X and Magneto... also it's set in the 1960s so they are wearing some very dapper outfits.

I should warn you that most of this information may have come from tumblr, decide for yourself what that means. Anyway the point is that apparently the entire film is just James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender eye-fucking the crap out of each other. Before any of you (by any I mean the one person who reads this) get your nickers all in a twist I know that's not what it's actually about, in no way am I trying to taint your viewing of the film... ok so maybe I am trying to taint it a little but just take a look a the trailer and tell me these two men don't love each other.

Surprise outing in True Blood Season 4.

According to Michael Ausiello at TVLine, one of our beloved True Blood characters will find love in an unlikely place... considering how much gay there is already in this show (it was created by Alan Ball for goodness sake) I am at a loss for which character this news would come as a surprise to, apart from maybe Sookie.

My bet is on Tara – let's face it, she doesn't have the best record when it comes to men, hopefully she will have better luck with the lady loving. Also she did go and give herself that lesbian haircut at the end of Season 3 so I think it's a possibility. Only one thing to do... wait until it airs of course. WAITING SUCKS!

In other news...

New York legalised Gay Marriage = cocoa nut rainbow cake for everyone!

That's all folks, xx