Friday, June 10, 2011

Hellatus Viewing: lost in Lost – Season One

I've been writing all these blogs about what everyone else should watch during the long months of hellatus (or hiatus for you non-Supernatural folk out there). That horrible time when all your favourite shows have ended and all you can do is stare at your tumblr dash until they start up again. Then I thought I should take my own advice, I am pretty smart after all. I am not going to let this horrible time get me down I am going to be proactive and use this period to watch all those shows I always meant to (and some I didn't) but never got around to.

As you have probably guessed from this title my first television mission is Lost. You can blame Neffy for this one, she's been going on about this program since I met her (when we are not discussing Supernatural of course). I probably wouldn't have watched it either but I asked her to bring something home from Blockbuster to entertain me and this is what I got.

Watching this program is a big deal for me because when it aired I wasn't just uninterested in watching I was vehemently against it. You can't blame me really, it looked like a show about a people stranded on a deserted island... How long can you be stranded on an island before someone finds you nowadays? I mean surely google would send around the street view team eventually. What little I had watched of the program had made me thoroughly confused – so there are like crazy hill-billies on this island as well, that's just awesome.

I guess I was being a bit contrary, so many people wanted to watch it therefore it must not be any good... don't judge me, I was a teenager I couldn't help it. I managed to remain stubborn throughout Lost's run only ever watching about 2 episode and complaining the whole way through them. Then after it ended, I read so many arguments about its unsatisfactory conclusion that I was sure I had made the right decision (you have to admit it's ridiculous).

Now I hate to disagree with myself, but I may have been hasty in dismissing this program the first time round. I just finished Season 1... in about 10 days, that's like 24 episodes people, that's epic even for my standards. I don't know what's wrong with me, I appear to be entirely hooked on Lost, please don't tell my 17 year old self, she would never forgive me for relenting.

To everyone I ever argued with about Lost I apologise, you were right, I was wrong. Confetti, it's a parade for you.

I am so totally hooked that I am having trouble writing this blog because I just want to go and watch more of it... what the hell is in the hatch? But instead I am going to give you my thoughts on my whirlwind viewing of the first series of this epic television series... enjoy.

I have been going on about how amazing this program is, and how it won me over in a season, but there are a lot of things to hate about Lost not in the least the way that Australian's are portrayed. The survivors on The Island were flying from Sydney to Los Angles (most of them are American of course) so when they have the flashbacks to how they got onto this particular flight you get to see more Australian representation then I think I have ever seen on American TV and let me just say we don't come across all that well. At the best we look a bit slow at worst corrupt, crazy or evil.

It's true that no one is portrayed as particularly nice on this program (apart from Dr. Hero he's always perfect), in fact the over all theme seems to be that people are evil, but the fact that we don't generally get to see Australian people on the small screen makes me a little bit hurt by this. I got over it, and I found enough redeeming features to forgive Lost but I feel the need to express by hurt.

If you are Australian and you too have felt personally victimised by Lost please leave a comment of your experiences bellow... consequently if you think I am over reacting and that the Australian's in Lost are portrayed sympathetically then feel free to call me out.

Anyway – some thoughts on Lost.

I should warn you that there are a lot of characters in this program, so many that I find it hard to remember all of their names and I'm kind of a bitch so I only really know the ones that I like. I know I am supposed to care about them all but I'm sure they can't all survive (knowing my luck I'm pretty sure all the ones I like will die) so I am just going to pick a few focus on them and the rest can get eaten by whatever else is on that crazy island.

The problem I am finding is that I don't seem to like to main characters, I am starting to think there is something wrong with me because this happens to me an awful lot. Take Dr. Hero (aka Jack) for instance, he's a nice guy but he has the biggest hero complex I have ever seen. Sometimes it's just not your responsibility, and if your a doctor I think you need to stop blaming yourself every time someone dies. The whole hero thing was getting kind of old during the first episode and I am supposed to endure six seasons of this crap, it's almost enough to make me stop watching. Yet as much as I dislike Dr. Hero I love some of the other characters, so I keep watching on past every single one of his ridiculous attempts to save the universe.

I am definitely on team Sawyer, that man is so fine I want to eat my breakfast off him. He's all southern and badass and only really looks out for himself, and he's oh so damages... all the things I look for in a man. Of course he cares more then he lets on, he's just got trust issues, the only thing I don't get is why he is so into Kate. She is so boring, I want her to get eaten by a polar bear. I do love the polar bear though, until it died, which was super sad. I'm guessing this whole love triangle between Dr. Hero, Kate and Sawyer is going to go on for a while but you know what I hope that Sawyer doesn't win because he deserves better. To be honest I don't mind what happens as long as Sawyer never wears a shirt.

While we are on the subject of characters that I love let's give some love to Charlie, who I'm pretty sure is the most adorable heroine addict I have ever seen in my life. He even makes me hate Claire and her demon spawn a little bit less, because I want Charlie to be happy and they seem to make him so. As you may have guessed I love myself a damaged boy, and if you can add rockstar to that mix then it's pretty much made of win. As a TV buff I know what fate awaits him but that doesn't make me love him any less.

People die on this show, I love these moments and Lost has a pretty excellent one, it sucked because Damon (aka Boone) was the one that had to make this sacrifice. Damon's death served two purposes, it lets people know that no one is safe (especially if you go in with creepy eye scar man who seems to think he is jesus) and it lets Dr. Hero fail at saving someone which is always fun to watch. I'm hoping he will go crazy and start killing people or something – or blowing them up like the random redshirt passenger that was helping them with the dynamite.

I can't really predict where it's going, because I pretty much know... yet I still have know fricken clue what's happening. Can someone please explain how that works? I think it has something to do with the reason people found the ending so unsatisfactory, but I will find that out soon enough. I am moving onto Season 2 as we speak – can wait to find out what's in that hatch and what the hillbilly others want with demon child Walt. Also what the hell is up with the numbers, this island is and evil place on unanswered questions that will plague me until I die.

Anyway thanks for listening to my journey through Lost Season 1 – stay tuned for more hellatus viewing... including some tips on what you should catch up on before next season.

You are my favourite person ever, not the other guy, you specifically.

Thanks, xx