Friday, August 9, 2013

Talking Teen Wolf: And the Fandom Rejoiced Because that Episode Didn't Suck!

I am so happy because I absolutely loved that episode! Sure we’re still suffering from the missing emotional beats (Cora’s potential death would have been so much more emotionally gripping if we actually knew something about her, particularly her relationship with Derek). But all in all this was an excellent 40 minutes of television, a gripping emotional journey, which is good because I really want to love Teen Wolf. NGL, I still haven’t stopped squeeing about everyone communicating (this is big deal for me okay). It just was really good.

Now I don’t be to be dramatic but I’m pretty sure there was more character development in this one episode than there has been for the entire series. We finally saw the impact of the emotional journey’s they set up in episode one. Scott had to face the fact that he might not be able to have it all! Stiles had to deal with the fact that he’s no longer the one with a plan. Derek was forced to face the consequences of some of his actions. While ideally it would have been nice to see these things develop over the series I’m just happy we actually got to see them at all… I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried.

(Although now I’m entirely positive you could just delete 303, 304, 307 and 308 – definitely 308 let’s just all pretend that didn’t happen okay – and this season would still have the same emotional impact).  

This episode was chaotic – there was so much happening – yet it still managed to fit all those little moments that I have been lamenting the loss of all season. Like the scene with Derek, Scott, Stiles and Jennifer in the elevator, that was perfect. It was just the right mix of ridiculous hilarity with a hidden emotional depth. “The Overlooked proved that it is possible to fit the slower emotional beats and still maintain the dramatic tension – which has been his argument for ignoring key moments previously.

We knew this season was building to something epic and a number of people have suggested that the final few eps would be mind-blowing. I think they’re probably right. It’s pretty clear that this is the story Jeff has been waiting to write all season and he was just going throw the motions until we got here. I keep saying it but it’s super important. It’s about the journey not the destination. Yes you have to build towards something epic because that’s the pay off for following the series but that doesn’t mean I will forgive lazy storytelling in return for a fantastic conclusion. But that said, this was a fantastic episode!

Anyway I wasn’t the only one that loved this episode: Price Peterson and Hello, Tailor did too. It was awesome; in fact I think I’m going to go watch it again. Let’s see more of this and less “Visionary” and “Fireflies” please Jeff.


Bits and Pieces:
  • Orny Adams posted this awesome vine of him “hiking” with Keahu Kahuanui… drink for gratuitous man flesh and can someone tell me how I get one of those?
  • MTV posted some info about the Darach make-up. There are also some adorable pics of Haley Webb.

  • Watch the FANtastic show featuring my favourite person ever aka Haley Webb here. And AfterBuzzTV’s aftershow here.
  • MTV Remote Control blog asked which Teen Wolf baddie would reign supreme: Julia/Jennifer or Deucalion. Considering Deucalion is a cardboard cut out that has yet to actually do anything and Jennifer is actually pretty scary, I think there is a clear winner besides it’s kind of pointless we know that the McCall pack (soon to included Derek) is totally going to win.
  • In advance of his guest-starring role on The Exes, Tyler Posey joined Kristen Johnston to break down the top 10 reasons to date a younger man/older woman. Watch it here. And if you were wondering if Posey could get anymore adorable the answer is no.
  • There was an article about Teen Wolf in TV Guide Magazine with a couple of interesting pieces of information. It seems that Beacon Hills really is a hellmouth and that’s not the only Buffy parallel to be found. Apparently the teens do something in the final that will cast them as protectors of Beacon Hills and according to Jeff Davis “they may have changed things for the worse”. Jeff also said that what ever happens in the final will allow them to go beyond werewolves which has me a little worried that this show is about to jump the Sharknado. 
  • TVGuideMagazine finally posted a video of the cast including: Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Crystal Reed, Holland Roden, Daniel Sharman, Max Carver and Charlie Carver on the TV Guide Magazine Yacht at Comic-Con. Yes it is as magical as you might imagine. Sometimes I am just overcome with how much I fucking love this cast – it’s ridiculous really.


News from 3B!

There has been very little news from the set really, that’s to be expected because they want us to stay focused on the episodes that are currently airing (and they certainly don’t want to leak any massive spoilers). But there are hints to be found if you look hard enough.

Holland Roden told TVline that: “coming up in 3B, you might see the mean Lydia coming back out for a particular reason” (x). Well I for one welcome the return of mean Lydia, especially if it involves violence against Peter Hale. Lydia has to kill Peter, Jeff, it has to happen. Holland also posted a pic of one of Lydia’s outfits on Twitter – it’s pretty summery suggesting that there could be a bit of a time-lapse between 3A and 3B.

Tweet of the Week:

My favourite tweet this week comes from my favourite person Haley Webb (shut up I love her she’s awesome just join the Haley-love club already).

In reference to this scene:

NGL I was cracking up watching it and it just get’s funnier the more I see it. Awkward elevator rides are the best.

In other news:

I am going to be ridiculously disappointed if this season doesn’t end with Scott, Allison and Isaac entering into a polyamorous relationship. I will probably cry and then drink a lot lamenting the lack of polyamory in popular culture (monogamy is sooo last century). But, because I am nothing if not a contradictory asshole, I am also shipping Scott/Lydia like a crazy person.

Derek Manpain Update!

My favorite thing about this week is the fact because the audience has reached the limit of the emotional distress that can be gained from Derek’s terrible life everyone has just collectively started to laugh at it. Derek’s life is so awful that it’s not even sad anymore, it’s just funny. Poor Derek. Personally I am all for him giving up his alpha status to save his sister because he’s just not a very good Alpha and I have a feeling he would be an excellent Beta (he’s a total sub and if you don’t think so then you are entitled to your opinion and I am not going to force mine of you because I am not a dick… also you’re wrong).


Who’s excited for Stiles’s complete mental breakdown next week? *raises-hand-enthusiastically* I know I’m a terrible person but I just really like to watch my favorite characters in serious emotional distress. You do to, don’t lie! Watch the preview here and here.

Also it’s very important that you look at this:

Don’t say I never give you nice things! Talk to you next week guys.