Sunday, August 18, 2013

Talking Teen Wolf: Let’s Ignore the Thing Because It’s the Right Thing To Do

In case you were wondering – no we are not talking about the thing because Posey and Dylan asked us not to do the thing and I can’t deny those two adorable dorks anything. I know everyone did the thing anyway but we’re going to pretend we didn’t do the thing because everyone worked very hard to make the thing and they want us to wait. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then please stay in whatever wonderfully simple part of the Internet you are in and ignore everything I just said. Anyway, Let’s talk about Teen Wolf shall we.

Okay I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about it and I’m not but I am going to point you in the direction of Jeff Davis’s lovely letter to Teen Wolf fans. I complain about his choices a fair bit – especially this season – but I genuinely like that man so let’s try to be the better fandom in this instance. And as I said above, Posey and Dylan made a video (they are such dorks) begging fans to watch the final live on Monday.

Also apparently if you watch live there will be a special hashtag that could win you a trip to the Teen Wolf set. It’s moments like these that I wish I didn’t live at the ass end of the earth! I want to win a trip to the Teen Wolf set dammit! But alas, I am stuck here. And now I’m sad. You guys should just tweet Teen Wolf until they let me come visit. I promise to keep my hands to myself (mostly). On a totally unrelated note you guys should probably start up a collection for bail money.

Anyway so “Alpha Pact” wasn’t the worst episode of the season (it was no “Fireflies” or “Visionary”) but it wasn’t great. Look there were moments of brilliance in this episode and the performances were phenomenal but overall the episode fell short for me. It’s disappointing that some of the most beautiful character moments of the season were stuffed in next to one of the worst payoffs of the season.

Last weeks episode, which was probably my favorite of the season, ended on a spectacular cliffhanger. Scott agreed to join Deucalion’s pack in exchange for help finding his mother. You’d think this would be a major storyline of the next episode right? You’d be wrong. Scott’s sacrifice is pretty much forgotten and when Stiles and Deaton call for help Scott is able to just walk away from Deucalion with nothing more than a promise to return. If I didn’t think that Deucalion was the most benign big bad ever before, I certainly do now.

Then there was the Cora storyline. Don’t get me wrong; I think Derek did the right thing, even if he was playing directly into Peter’s trap, and it was nice to see him doing something right for a change (plus I have always been 100% on team beta!Derek). But we still know absolutely nothing about Cora or her relationship with Derek – the most we have seen them interact is while she was unconscious and that is not a very good basis for an emotional connection. I want to care but they’re just not giving me anything. Also the timeline was incredibly confusing and I will never be okay with the fact that they choice to put comedic music behind Lydia and Peter’s interaction.

On the other side there were some great moments in this episode. I loved Allison’s breakdown after Jennifer took her father – she’s come so far since Season 1 – and I liked the insight into the night Claudia Stilinski died. Stiles’s panic attack was brilliant, one of the best depictions of a panic attack I have ever seen on a teen drama. Surprisingly I even liked the kiss between Stiles and Lydia (I both won and lost a bet with that moment) and I thought Dylan and Holland played it perfectly. I loved the solidification of the original three (Scott, Stiles and Allison) by having them sacrifice themselves for their parents… although the logic behind it was a bit shaky and the stuff about the anchors was kind of pointless. Finally the reveal of Papa McCall was fantastically handled – especially the interactions between him and Stiles.

All in all there was a lot to love about this episode and I enjoyed watching it, just like so much of this season I was left ever so slightly unsatisfied. If you want to know more feel free to read my recap here. Otherwise check out Hello Tailor or Price Peterson or Heath. Look, I liked the episode; I promise only say these things because I want Teen Wolf to be the show I know it can be.


Bits and Pieces:
  • For anyone that still needs it there are some hints about the Season final here and here. And you can watch the extended preview here.
  • Also EOnline pushed a “love triangle” here but just try to ignore them. EOnline is like that kid in the playground shouting fight and then running to the teachers the moment one breaks out.
  • Want to see Stiles where a t-shirt you designed? Well then this is your lucky day because MTV is holding a contest to help style Stiles. Find out more here.
  • Melissa Ponzio (Melissa McCall) joined Tumblr… and she is adorable. Go follow her but please try to be nice, let’s not scare this one off shall we.
  • Jeff Davis responded to criticism about his treatment of Lydia and Peter’s first meeting since the major abuse storyline from Season 2 at Hypable: “I can respond to the Lydia/Peter question that the one scene in 311 is by no means the end of that story. My writers and I have laid out plans for plenty more to come in 3B. Lydia certainly deserves her revenge, doesn’t she? And we definitely want to give that story the treatment it deserves.” (I actually liked the interaction apart from the music, which was just the worst).
  • Teen Wolf released a vid of bloopers from the 3A promotional interviews. You can watch it here. Oh and Linden, if you’re reading this I happen to like jiggly.
  • Our unfairly beautiful cast attended the Teens Choice Awards last weekend and they were all on top form. They didn’t win an award (it’s rigged anyway) but they did win my heart… well they already had that, whatever they looked fantastic.


News from 3B!

Things are getting a little creepy in Beacon Hills because TVline tells us Doug Jones, who is well known for his creepy creatures, has been cast as a ‘known killer’ called Barrow in Episode 15. I wonder what kind of monster Jones will be playing this time (or maybe it’s a trick, maybe he’s the good guy, you never know). We know almost nothing about 3B at this stage, which is nice because none of our dreams have been crushed yet.

Teen Wolf Finale Party!

A lovely Tumblr follower asked me to try to drum up excitement for the finale on Monday night in light of recent events (you know what I’m talking about) so I did my best to create something to motivate people. I have zero photoshop skills but if someone asks me for sad Derek in a party hat and Peter in a tutu I can’t help but try.

But in all seriousness you should watch. This isn’t just about the ratings because the truth is unless you’ve got a Neilson box it doesn’t really affect the ratings if you don’t tune in live (although live-tweeting does help). That’s not the point though… imagine someone you cared about went to the trouble of planning a surprise for you. Now I doubt any of us would be able to resist the chance to find out what was planned a little early (we’re only human). The question is – if you found out what the surprise was before you were meant to, would you tell or would you keep up the pretense and act surprised so that the person that went to the trouble of planning it all wasn’t disappointed?

I’m not condemning anyone for peeking at the presents before Christmas – we all do it and it’s better to find it on your own than hear it from someone else (seriously there is no such thing as a bad fan). I’m just saying the polite thing to do is act surprised on Christmas morning. Plus fandom is about the collective experience so watching the final live is just as much about the social aspect as it is about the actual show.

And that’s all I have to say on the matter – feel free to join me for a Teen Wolf finale party on Twitter and Tumblr on Monday night!