Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Eight Celebrities I Fell For in 2013

This year, like all that have come before it, had its ups and downs. But there is one that remains constant… my uncontrollable hormones. Every year I add to the ever-increasing list of people I am a little bit in love with, despite the fact that we have never met. While I don’t completely buy into the myth of celebrity, I am quite happy to play the game and I’m always willing to indulge a fantasy. So before we reach 2014, I thought I would take a look back at all the people that have captured my heart over the last 12 months (it’s not ten because I only have so much love to give).

8. Haley Webb

It’s not just because she got to make out with Hoechlin, I promise – there was just something about Haley Webb that had me falling hard and fast. Haley some how managed to ignore the less-than-stellar reactions to her character and she was so loveable that even the most die-hard shipper had not choice but to succumb to his charms. She’s apparently so wonderful that Jeff Davis regretted killing a female character (I know I’m as shocked as you are). 

7. One Direction

While they are actually 5 endearingly individuals but for the purposes of this list I’m going to look at them as a cohesive unit because that’s how I fell for them. I resists for as long as I could, I promise you but I write about pop culture, so there was only so long I could avoid these adorable boys. Come on, they’re super cute and they’re songs are insanely catchy so stop pretending you’re better than them and just embrace the love already.

6. Evangeline Lilly

Confession time: I was one of about five people that didn’t watch Lost while it was airing. I binged it a couple of years ago but it wasn’t until she was cast as the newly created character Tauriel in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit (I say Peter Jackson’s because you know). Turns out she’s a Tolkien fan with strong opinions on female characters… swoon.

5. Orlando Jones

Nothing gets me going like an attractive man reading fan fiction unironically so Orlando Jones stole my heart from the moment he waltzed into fandom and demanded to be shown the good porn. I’m not the only one that fell for Mr Jones this year – I’m pretty sure most of fandom is under his spell. It’s always fantastic when a celebrity makes an attempt to understand fan culture – but Orlando took it one step further; he became one of us. .

4. Osric Chau

He was wonderful as Kevin Tran (Advanced Placement) on Supernatural but it was the way that he embraced and engaged with fandom that really stole my heart. He cosplays at conventions, his live tweets are amazing and he even wrote his own fan fiction! Kevin might be gone (for now) but Osric will remain a popular figure in fandom for many years to come.

3. Rinko Kikuchi

Is she the most adorable human on the planet? I think so. Rinko stared in the most fun film of the year (Pacific Rim – if you didn’t like it, watch it again) and she is now the hero of my heart. I don’t know if I want to be best friends with her or date her but I want her to be in my life okay because she is fab. Also she really loves chocolate, a lot. Can I keep her please????

2. Tatiana Maslany

If you have not seen Orphan Black you need to stop what you are doing and go watch it right now. I’m not joking, do it! Once you have done that you will completely understand exactly why Tatiana Maslany is on this list. From now on she should just be cast in ever role because she is going to be better than anyone else. In fact I’m pretty sure the only reason Ben Affleck was cast as Batman was because Tatiana Maslany turned it down. I love her, okay. 

1. Tyler Hoechlin

Not only is he possibly the most attractive person in existence he’s also a ray of fucking sunshine. If he’s not as lovely as I have been led to believe then I don’t want to know, seriously don’t tell me. Even if it helps me get over this unhealthy level crush I got going on, it wouldn’t be worth it because my life is about 100 times brighter with Tyler Hoechlin in it. Most of what I have to say about him is incoherent groans but let’s get serious for a moment – I genuinely enjoy being a fan of this man.

And we’re done. Happy New Year Guys! Stay awesome!