Sunday, December 1, 2013

Talking Teen Wolf: Preparing to Lose My Mind

Hi guys, it’s been a while but as promotions are back in full swing I thought it was time to start talking about Teen Wolf again. Now I know 3A was a little lackluster but when I love something I tend to latch on and never let go, so I’m still uber excited about 3B! Plus one of the main issues with 3A was that there was a disconnect between the main characters and the villains - 3B seems to be all about the darkness, which we know is directly connected to the big three (Scott, Stiles and Allison). So that’s a step in the right direction at least! Anyway let’s get ready to Teen Wolf!

WARNING: Spoilers run rampant!

It’s been nice to have a break but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the drama that was the Teen Wolf fandom so I’m excited to be back in the fold again. BTW this hiatus has been quite dramatic, especially that one time I wrote an article for The Geekiary criticizing TWSM and it turned into this whole big thing (sorry about that Matt). Then there is the age-old marginalization of Scott debate, there’s the general horror that happens every time Jeff Davis opens his mouth and let’s not forget the day Hoechlin shortened his Twitter bio. But it’s not all bad and I’m mostly impressed by the way 3B looks so far. Enough about me though, let’s talk about Teen Wolf.

Pics and Pieces:
(Seriously lots and lots of pictures; be prepared).

Allison’s got a katana sword! I have never been more aroused.
For all effort the TW fandom made in voting for the TVGuide Cover Contest, the Teen Wolf Tumblr released another outtake from the now infamous Sterek boat vid.
Apparently there’s going to be a rave at the loft and it looks as though Allison and Isaac are getting a little hot and heavy.
They are going back in time (more flashbacks please just put me out of my misery now).
7th grade teacher Katie Myers won the chance to DIE ON TEEN WOLF!
Just when you thought Tyler Posey couldn’t get any more adorable, he walked to raise money for cancer research.
They held a fan art exhibition!
MOAR PRETTY PEOPLE STARING INTENTLY AT NOTHING! (Aka promo pic - Now with added Arden Cho).

Other News:
  • We’re getting a 45 second promo on Monday! If it’s anything like the last few teasers it’s probably going to give me nightmares.
  • Matt apologized for #KillDanny – it’s actually a really fantastic apology. Well done.
  • Melissa Ponzio (Melissa McCall) has booked a recurring role on Chicago Fire – I’m a big fan of the show so I’m excited.
  • There are new 3B relevant character profiles at
  • According to EOnline Shelley Henning (from The Secret Circle) has been case in a mystery role in 3B! Everyone is already throwing her under the love interest bus – bad fandom.


The screeners for 3.13, “Anchors” have gone out, which is always a traumatic time for everyone (journo’s because they are not allowed to tell you anything and fans because jealousy). But it also means we get quite a few hints and teases about what to expect from the winter premiere. Here’s what we know (remember to take this info with a grain of salt, these are NOT reviews they’re advertisements).

ETOnline said: The cold open is “Teen Wolf at it’s cinematic finest” and it opens with Stiles sweaty in bed (I like it already). Sheriff Stilinski sets out to revisit many cold cases and Agent McCall is gunning to unseat him as Sheriff. There are some awkward exchanges between Scott and Isaac because of Allison (ugh) but there is also apparently a kick ass Mama McCall moment (yay). The twins are not in the first episode (happyface) but neither is Danny (sadface).  Derek is off searching for something but “the wait will be worth it by hours end”. Oh and first time shirtlessness for someone!

Zap2it said: Stiles is the only person on the screen for the first few minutes. Isaac gets slammed into a lot of walls (oh no). “A car crash from several years earlier may prove very important to this season’s story arc”. Allison nearly kills a couple of people. Kira’s dad is the new history teacher (she gets an embarrassing introduction).

Hypable said: There’s a throw back to Scott and Stiles in the Pilot. One of the new characters has superpowers. Isaac takes on a comedic role in this ep. Kira is an asset to the pack and there’s a spark of interest from one of the boys (sighs). Nothing is what it seams.


But you know. How does one define major character? And it depends on what you mean by die. Anyway the point is that Jeff is pushing the idea that someone’s time is almost up. This has led to all kinds of fandom freakouts – especially after Jeff suggested that they might have to recut the opening credits. I wouldn’t freak out just yet because they are selling this idea pretty hard (and I’m skeptical of anything they focus on before the Season begins because they are trying to throw us off the scent). That said it does make the prospect of 3B a lot more exciting because every time someone is in danger we will wonder if we are about to lose one of our faves.

Fan opinion seems to be that we are losing Derek Hale because Tyler Hoechlin has not been spotted on set as often and there was the whole Twitter bio debacle. It’s a solid theory but I refuse to even think about it because Derek is my fave and you will have to pry him out of my cold dead hands Jeff or it will be your hands that are cold and dead… I mean what? Giving Derek’s propensity for near death experiences, something tells me that this is going to be rough. Which brings me to my first open letter for the season.

An Open Letter To… Tyler Hoechlin

Dear Hoechlin,

Babe, can I call you babe? (I’m going to anyway because you’re never going to read this but let’s just assume your cool with my affectionate nicknames.) Hoech, babe, I have a very important favour to ask you – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS YOUR ABS DON’T LEAVE TEEN WOLF! I know Derek had a rough time in 3A (fucking aliens know) but you can’t leave us. The grass looks greener out there but trust me when I say it’s really not, it’s not greener. Even with it’s problems, Teen Wolf is pretty fucking green.

Look I’m as excited as you are for your adorable indie baseball flick (even though I will never understand the appeal of that sport) and I am going to pay good money that I really don’t have to support you. But let’s face it, the reason I am going to do that is Derek so if you abandon him I will be so disappointed in you that I might even illegally download it. And I will cry Hoech, do you want me to cry? I am really not above emotional manipulation as you can see.

Anyway, if Jeff kills Derek without your permission I will do something stupid probably, just saying.

Love and affection,

P.S. I am loving the leaner look. Go have a slice of pizza for me! 

Holiday Fic Rec!

It’s December so I thought I would do something a little festive to celebrate and what’s more festive than a Holiday themed fic!

With A Little Christmas Magic by AceLotti
AU: Stiles is jobless this Christmas and as a last resort, is stuck playing one of Santa’s elves at the mall. The job is a bust, and Stiles isn’t really in the Christmas mood, until he finds salvation in the Starbucks at the food court, not only in hiding from kids, but in one very sexy barista named Derek. ((Or: In Wich Stiles in an Elf and Derek is a Christmas Coffee Magician))

It’s a Sterek Christmas CoffeeShop AU (there’s even a special visit from Santa) – what more could you want? It’s sooo fluffy that you will probably get a toothache. ENJOY!


Seeing as it's been more than a week I can't really have a Tweet of the Week but here's a couple of random's from the break to get you going.

That’s all for Talking Teen Wolf this week. See you next week!