Sunday, December 22, 2013

Talking Teen Wolf: Cause of Death - Tyler Hoechlin in a Bathtub

Okay so here’s the thing, I had this week’s Talking Teen Wolf all written up and ready to be posted, then someone decided it would be a good idea to post a picture of Tyler Hoechlin in a Bathtub and I ceased to function for about 48hrs. I realized I have a tendency to exaggerate my emotional responses to Teen Wolf related things but seriously, I’m pretty sure my heart stopped. Now that I am somewhat functioning again, I am ready to talk about Teen Wolf, so let’s do that.

So the trailer was released and to be honest I’m still trying to work out what is going on because I have no idea. Not that that’s a bad thing. I enjoy not knowing, it’s a novelty for me. But also it’s incredibly frustrating because I have never been more terrified for characters I adore. And I really really adore these characters – seriously it’s becoming a problem. Well okay it’s been a problem for a while, but whatever 3A has wrapped and 3B is hurtling towards us at an alarming rate.

Pics and Pieces:

Other Stuff:

Bite Con Bits:

Now that the Indigogo fundraiser has finished, things are starting to heat up in regards to Bite Con (I didn’t think I could get any more excited). Brian Patrick Wade – who played Alpha Ennis – will be joining us for the weekend. Wade joins the already announced: Jeff Davis, Tyler Posey, Eaddy Mays and Seth Gillian. Things are certainly starting to heat up!

Ever dream of hosting a panel at Bite Con, well there’s a chance that could happen. The lovely girls behind this fantastic convention are looking for an original idea for a fan-panel and the fan that thinks it up will be given the chance to moderate the panel. Unfortunately it’s December so I’m all out of ideas but you guys should probably go tell Bite Con that you want UndieGirl on whatever fan-panel they choose because if you think I’m ridiculous now, just wait till you see me with a microphone. Seriously. Do it.

The most useful piece of news from the Bite Con team is ticket details - tickets will go on sale Saturday, January 25th, 2014!
  • Alpha Ticket: $300
  • Beta Ticket: $175
  • Wolf Pack Ticket: $100

More details here. I can’t wait to see you there!

Social Good is Sexy

What happens when Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Max and Charlie Carver and Colton Haynes decide to use their talent to benefit the social good? A pin up calendar of course! Just when I thought I couldn’t love these boys anymore, they’ve gone and done this. Check out the Reflect it Back website and make sure to order your own calendar.

Of course it was this project that led to my Tyler Hoechlin related breakdown over the weekend. But I mean – Look at this and tell me that you can still function like an actual person.



An Open Letter To… whoever is responsible for that photo.

Dear asshole,  
You have ruined my life. I hate you.  
Fuck you,  
P.S. I'm lying. Don't you dare stop. I love you.


ETOnline posted the 7 best quotes from their visit to the Teen Wolf set. Holland said 3A was about living with the supernatural. Dylan talked about Stiles relationship with his dad. Dylan and Holland also teased the developing relationship (which could be either platonic or romantic) between Stiles and Lydia. Hoechlin (perfect asshole) said, “since [Derek] totally failed at what he attempted to accomplish in the first half of season three, he really needs to re-evaluate his choices and beliefs and refocus on the next mission”.

Crystal revealed the most saying that as a result of the sacrifice she made last season “Allison is hallucinating, but doesn’t realize she’s hallucinating. There’s this one scene where I am cut open, and being eaten by someone, but I’m awake and aware of it, yet I can’t do anything about it. She also almost kills Lydia by accident because she thinks it’s her aunt.” But the best news is the the Mischief Night black light party – for which a lot of naked men are being brought in. Read the all the quotes at ETOnline.

Also Arden Cho teased a possible romantic connection between Kira and Scott (no duh) and it’s pretty clear that they are running out of available spoilers to spin because we are just getting the same old crap regurgitated at us.

Trailer Time: 

We don’t really need any spoilers because we have had actual footage to keep us busy and boy has it kept people busy. Reactions to the trailer were somewhat mixed – most of the complaints are related to Stiles prominence in the footage (and I would definitely agree that he is presented as the focus of the trailer). But overall the feeling is positive.

It’s the first footage I have seen of 3B and I have to say that I was impressed; it definitely lives up to its psychological thriller premise. But then they are bloody good at cutting trailers so I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high. I’m failing but I’m still trying.

I wrote a full review of the trailer for The Geekiary so check that out here – and if you want further details check out Not Another Teen Wolf Podcasts detailed trailer breakdown.

It's time to get serious.

I usually keep things light and fluffy around here but let's take things down a notch for a moment. Last week Teen Wolf writer and YA author, Ned Vizzini committed suicide. I didn't know him and I don't want to exploit his death in anyway but I do want to use it as a an excuse to ask everyone to be safe this holidays. It's a hard time - especially for people suffering with mental illness (I know this from experience) so try to look out for your loved ones and most importantly look after yourselves. You're important okay and I think you're awesome! 

And remember if you're feeling down or the family is getting a little much you can come chat to me on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook or you can always look at this picture of Hoechlin in a bathtub... 

Tweet Of The Week: Arden Cho

She might be the newest addition to the Teen Wolf Team but she is fast becoming one of my favorites. No doubt she will be featured in this column much more in the upcoming months (please don’t be evil or dead) but for now let’s give her a warm welcome.
I don't know about you but my life goal is to be part of a Teen Wolf cast dance party.

Bonus Tweet: Dylan O'Brien 

Finally that’s a wrap on 3B filming – there is no turning back now. Oh god, I am not ready. Quick someone send me Hoechlin in a bathtub to calm me down. I’m serious, it’s for medical reasons!

But you know what the end of filming means… party time. I love it when our faves let loose and have a good time.

Finally – Happy Holidays Everyone! I’ll be back for more Talking Teen Wolf after Christmas! Until then you can always hang out with me on Twitter and TumblrAnd here's a little holiday cheer from my favorite lady - Haley Webb!

... once more for luck.