Sunday, January 12, 2014

Talking Teen Wolf: In Which It Was Surprisingly Good

Huge sigh of relief everyone because the first episode was actually kind of good. I’m as shocked as you are. JK, I was hoping it would be good although it is much more fun to recap when it sucks on account of I’m not actually witty, I’m just kind of a bitch. Anyway, everyone’s losing their mind, myself included but especially anyone who let’s Jeff speak because it’s more trouble than it’s worth anyway. Oh and I am instigating a new rule: we ignore everything MTV Remote Control posts because no matter how hard they try they will never be cool. Right well, let’s talk about Teen Wolf then shall we.

Okay so I’ve already written a review for The Geekiary (I write stuff for them now) and a recap of “Anchors” so I’m not going to go into detail about it. Just know that I enjoyed it and I am very intrigued about where this season is heading (also I am already in love with Kira and Arden Cho so she’s probably going to die and/or be evil). 

Side Note:  the new after show: Wolf Watch is a little bit not great. You know how those shows always feel overdone and really fake. It makes me really uncomfortable. Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey should just have they’re own reality show though. I would recommend the After After Show though, it was surprisingly funny.

Bits and Pieces:

  • Video: “Teen Wolf” Romance Spoilers, Rapping & Penis Jokes – What’s Up With?

Fandom Fun:
  • Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast is nominated for a Shorty Award. You know that I don’t always agree with everything these ladies have to say – and I get a little bit bored with all the personal anecdotes in the podcast – but they work bloody hard and they are super fun people so there is no doubt in my mind that they deserve this.
  • Superfans the Wolf Pack Girls were featured on Wolf Watch (which was hosted by Jill Wagner and aired directly after Teen Wolf on MTV – the show itself it pretty cringe-worthy but last week’s ep is worth watching for the O’Brosey alone). They even wrote a new rap especially for the occasion!
  • Teen Wolf pimped a couple of talented fans this week. The first was quinnwentz and his song ‘War’. You can download the song here and be sure to give the video a look.

  • The other amazing fan that was highlighted this week is Heath! You know I love her photo recaps (this week is no exception) – I link to them every week – so it’s nice to see her getting the recognition she deserves (recapping is hard you guys).
  • And don't forget to check out the adorable FlatTeenWolf project! I'll be taking some pictures for next week's Talking Teen Wolf and I hope you do too! 

An Open Letter To… Arden Cho

Dear Arden, 
Welcome to the Teen Wolf family. I hope we’re not coming on too strong or anything – we can get a little enthusiastic and sometimes we forget that we don’t actually know any of you guys. Like this letter. You might think it’s weird that someone calls herself UndieGirl and spends all her time over an MTV show about teenage werewolves, and you would be right. It is weird but I’ve come to terms with it and you should to. 
Whether you like it or not you are one of us now – especially considering it turns out Kira is actually really adorable and interesting. I love her and if she turns out to be evil I might actually murder someone in your name but it would only be Jeff Davis so don’t worry about it. So ah welcome I guess. 
UndieGirl P.S. In case you stumble across this and start freaking out please know that I am not actually aggressively sexual psychopath with boundary issues, I just play one on the Internet.

On The Next Teen Wolf…

We got so many promos this week that we may have seen the whole episode but it makes sense because there is usually a big ratings drop after the premiere. Got to try to keep the people hooked. There’s a great broment between Scott and Stiles, the general extended preview and Scott gets a little rough in this preview clip. But the best preview is Allison’s nightmare – Kate Argent is a seriously fantastic villain and it’s genuinely creepy. Check it out:

Tweet of the Week: Dylan O’Brien

Now this tweet has since been deleted but everyone knows that once you post something, it can never really be gone. So thanks to the wonders of the screen cap feature here is the tweet of the week.

I’m laughing but I’m also crying. Come on guys, let’s not be like that. I know that Dylan O’Brien has been sent to earth to confuse and frustrate the population but that’s just something we have to learn to deal with. Although it would help if he didn’t do things like this:

And this:

I guess that’s payback for all the seriously gross @ replies he receives every time he tweets. But come on dude, some of us are trying to be reasonable people, and you’re making it very difficult.

Finally the award for the best use of our new favorite comeback “Thanks for the support Jan” is the Teen Wolf Tumblr.


And that's all for Talking Teen Wolf this week. Look out for my Recap on Wednesday.