Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shipping News: Supernatural takes the ho-yay crown, the media still doesn't get slash and Glee shipper tears

This week, Supernatural returns and they brought ho-yay for everyone, How I Met Your Mother is going to drag it out forever and Glee broke everyone’s heart. Also more slash fun at After Elton, The Guardian talks fan fiction and Teen Wolf teases angry Alphas.

Spoilers for How I Met Your Mother (Season 8), Revenge (Season 2), Gossip Girl (Season 6), Supernatural (Season 8) and Teen Wolf (Season 3).

Let’s begin with How I Met Your Mother shall we… because while I have resigned myself to never actually finding out who the mother is I just really want Barney and Robin to get together. Anyway after breaking up with Quinn, Barney’s back to being Barney but Robin is still in a relationship so it’s looking like we still have a long road left to go. Come on guys, can we just get this done already!

Revenge looks like it’s giving both Nolan and Emily/Amanda new love interests… well I don’t care that they are probably brother and sister, how I am supposed to root for anyone else when Nolan is that adorable? Also Declan got a visit from a totally adorable posh boy, that I’m pretty sure wanted to get in his pants – that whole please hide my stolen jewelry thing was clearly just a rouse. 

I’m not really sure what the hell is going on with Gossip Girl – Blair and Chuck are kind of together, but not really… they will be together in the future but not right now because they have other things to do. Dan and Blair shared a moment but Dan spent most of the episode with Georgina so I’m not going to bother going there. If anyone has any idea what’s happening on this show shipping wise, comment and enlighten me.

Supernatural’s back and it’s fighting to keep the title of slashiest show ever (Teen Wolf was taking hold for a moment there). There is trouble in paradise for the brothers (lying never works out for them, you would think they would know that by now). It seems they have both gone and found themselves a new toy to play with over their year apart – Sam got bullied by a vet and Dean got a secret named Benny (most ho-yay filled phone conversation ever). To top it all off Sam gives Kevin an It’s Get Better speech – it’s supposed to be about the whole hunting thing but Kevin knows what’s up, he’s all like: “You know I’m not gay right?” and the fandom is like: “This is Supernatural son, everyone’s gay.”

The less said about Glee the better because it was really not a good week for shippers with all three big couples going through hell… anyway here’s the lowdown on couples status’s (as far as I can tell).

Finchel: Broken up (Wait didn’t that already happen last year?)
Brittana: Broken up (OMG the tears – fuck you Glee!)
Klaine: Not speaking (but Kurt should totally dump Blaine’s cheating ass!)

After Elton second goat TheShipping News is out, there is nothing from me this time though (don’t worry I’ll get my turn in a couple of weeks), but the lovely Aja is all about her OTP, Arthur & Eames (Inception).  It’s always super fun to read what passionate people have to say about their favourite pairing – I’m too fickle to be that engrossed in one couple. So if you like the pairing, or you’re just generally interested in all things Slash head over to After Elton and indulge yourself! 

Speaking of people talking about shipping, I found this article posted at The Guardian website (the article supposed to be about fan fiction in general but clearly it’s only about the shippy stuff). So that’s fun – it’s really hard to express sarcasm over the Internet but that’s what that was. While I appreciate that The Guardian has taken note of the phenomenon of slash fan fiction (specifically band based RPS) and decided it’s worthy of discussion it seems that once again they’ve missed the mark.

The article is a lot more understanding than most, but it still depicts fan fiction writers as horny teenagers that will eventually grow out of it. Don’t they know that most of us don’t grow out of it; we just become horny adults who don’t even care about your heteronormative, gender biased ageist assumptions. Hmm I’m feeling a bit defensive today… I just really love fandom okay!

No but, it’s worth heading over the article to read peoples comments, they are not quite so subtle about their judgment of the fan fiction phenomenon. Sometimes I want to scream – “it’s not all porn” but then I remember that last night a read a fic about my favourite character being repeated raped (maybe not rape but definitely dubious consent) by all people he knows and I think I should probably get off my high horse.

The article does get points for this quote though –

Fan fiction is making teenagers better writers and better satirists, and allowing them to explore sexuality in a way decided by them rather than dictated by the entertainment industry. A purity ring doesn't carry much meaning when Ron Weasley is pulling it off with his teeth. (x)

In Teen Wolf news – because it just wouldn’t be Shipping News without any Teen Wolf – the powers-that-be have released the first page of the first script of Season 3! Looks like Isaac has got himself into a bit of trouble but the reason it’s included in this post is because there’s a mysterious girl that looks like she’s helping our poor little puppy. Could little Isaac be getting himself a lady friend?

Also the Sterek Campaign found a way to send actual cookies to Jeff – I think he’s going to have to hit the gym to work away all that sugar… and showing that there is more to the Teen Wolf fandom than just slash they are asking everyone to post a love letter outlining all the things you love about the show that isn’t Sterek related. I’m liking this because I am currently working on a list of 10 other reasons (besides Sterek) to watch Teen Wolf… it’s not shipping related but I like to talk about myself.  

Well that’s all for this week, I know it’s a bit rushed. Remember if you want me to talk about your OTP comment here or on the Facebook page and I will do my best to include them.

I hope all your shipping dreams come true!