Thursday, October 4, 2012

Supernatural: Dean went to purgatory and Sam hit a dog

It’s back! That show about the erotically codependent brothers and their pet angel. You know the one. The show that I continue to watch despite the fact that it leaves me in a puddle of tears after pretty much every episode – let’s not even talk about season finals. But you know what, I like the pain and I am not ashamed to admit it; I’m kinky like that.  

When we left off last season Sam and Dean had been separated again when Dean and Castiel were blasted to purgatory after they finally got Dick (I’m going to miss the Dick jokes). So will Dean find his way back to Sam? Does Sam even want him back? And what about poor Cas is he still in crazytown?

Basically, Dean’s back but Cas is not – something went down in purgatory but Dean refuses to actually say that he’s dead so I’m guessing he’s still around somewhere (whatever it was it’s certainly causing Dean some angst – come back soon Cas). Dean made a friend, a vampire friend, a friend that he is now kind of treating like a fuck buddy that you kind of like but still don’t want to introduce to your friends.

Speaking of new lovers, Sam has a girl. They met when Sam turned up and the animal hospital where she worked with a dog he hit with his car – wait that sounds familiar (someone’s been watching Teen Wolf but really who can blame them). I’m getting mixed messages about this relationship though because Sam gets all chick flick about her, but he also bailed on her in the middle of the night so that he could find Dean.

Sam and Dean’s reunion is as beautiful and heartbreaking as ever – and it doesn’t take long before the issues start to surface. Dean’s a little bit cranky that Sam just decided to leave the family business (not to mention the fact that he didn’t try to sacrifice himself for his brother – doesn’t he remember how this works?). Of course Sam countered this argument by reminding Dean that the “family business” got everyone he loves dean… including Dean.

Turns out Sam’s continuing on his path to becoming well adjusted and he’s finally realized that it’s not his job to save everything. Naturally this goes against Dean’s entire belief system so that causes some brotherly issues of the bat. Especially as Dean is kind of proven right when he checks Sam’s messages and it turns out Kevin Tran: Advanced Placement has been calling him all year.

Kevin Tran: Advanced Placement more like Kevin Tran: Advanced Badass. Because not only did Kevin out smart everyone’s favourite Demon, Crowley, he also did something that Supernatural fans has been yelling at the screen since season one. He put holy water (or maybe it was borax) into a water pistol. Seriously Sam, you’re supposed to be smart, you used your techno-skills to track Kevin to an abandoned church but you can’t figure out that if you put those liquids into a water pistol you have an extremely useful weapon.

Anyway, as Kevin Tran: Advanced Placement is explaining his god given demon killing skills you can practically see Dean falling in love with him. He’s like Sam, can I keep him. PLEEEEAAAASSSEE. Oh yeah and Kevin says he can close the gates of hell forever banishing demons into hell… it’s way to good to be true but don’t tell Dean that because he just looked so excited about the whole thing (and he seems like he could use something to look forward to at the moment).

Happy families is soon interrupted by Crowley, who has brought Kevin Tran’s girlfriend (she’s possessed by a demon and she’s going to her safety school). Crowley tries to use Kevin’s girlfriend as a bargaining tool but Kevin is way to Winchester for that now. So Kevin douses the demons with holy water, rescuing Sam and Dean and allowing them to drive off on the Impala. Of course this means he has to watch Crowley break his girlfriends neck – Dean doesn’t understand why he’s so upset, that’s just how they welcome you to the family.

Sam, Dean and Kevin Tran: Advance Placement ride off in the Impala together and all is well. Except for the fact that Kevin’s all kinds of messed up on account of her just watched his girlfriend die, Sam still hasn’t told Dean that his lady friend is still around and Dean is sneaking off to have cryptic (and oh so homoerotic) phone calls with his purgatory romance.

Great Sam and Dean are lying to each other again because that always ends so well.


Dean was not at all pleased to find out that Sam let his dog ride around in his baby – but I think his anger might have underlying causes, like the fact that Sam managed to live, and be happy, without him (or maybe he’s just jealous of Sam’s hair).

There were flash backs to purgatory (which Dean keeps referring to as pure). It seemed to involve Dean running around killing monsters (where to monsters that are killed in purgatory) and trying to find Cas. Then he meets Benny (purgatory romance) who says he knows the way out.

Not going to lie, I think we are going to be screaming “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN PURGATORY?” for the whole season. My best bet, based on the evidence so far, is gay sex… but that might just be wishful thinking.

The best moment of the episode (for me anyway) was when Sam bought Dean a burger. The look on his face and the noises he made… you know what this show has ruined me because I have never been so turned out by someone eating. But in true Supernatural tradition it also makes me shed one perfect tear because poor Dean is really not dealing with his return to normality all that well.  To be fair Sam’s not doing to well either, he FINALLY got out only to be dragged back in.

Anyway, I have to say this was a pretty excellent opener. It was intriguing and heartbreaking and most important it felt like Supernatural. The last couple of seasons have had mixed reviews (although I really liked season 7) but I feel like this season is only going to please.

The best bits:
  • ·      Bloody Dean
  • ·      Sam’s hair
  • ·      Kevin Tran: Advanced Placement
  • ·      Dean eating
  • ·      Sam/Dog
  • ·      Crowley

I’m super excited to see where it all goes… What’s so special about this girl that made Sam give up the life? Why did Dean think purgatory was pure? How is Kevin Tran: Advance Placement get so awesome? Where is Cas? And for the love of god WHAT HAPPENED IN PURGATORY?

But what I really want to know is, what did you think? Did you like it? Do you miss Cas as much as I do? Are you angry at those boys for not learning from past mistakes? Tell me all of your feels in comments or on the Facebook page.

Till next week, happy hunting.