Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shipping News: Once Upon a Femslash Dream

It’s that time again lovely readers, where we turn from the path of sanity and delve into the depths of all things shipping… and if you think I sound a tad over-dramatic you’re obviously not a shipper. This week more magical lesbians on Once Upon a Time, Battleships to their stations at Hypable and Teen Wolf does NYCC. Also TV Guide tells you which couples should have sex, Elena sticks by her choice (The Vampire Diaries) and the Faberry/Sterek battle continues.

Just because I love me some magical lesbians let’s begin with Once Upon a Time aka the femslashers wet dream. Well the lovely Mulan and Aurora were back and they certainly didn’t disappoint because all their interactions were les yay filled. But it’s not all smooth sailing because Emma and Aurora shared a moment when, Emma being the total gentleman that she is, offered her jacket to the princess. And Swan Queen shippers, even though your ship has be torn apart their love has not been forgotten as seen when Emma was explaining to Cora about Henry… he’s her son but she kind of shares him with Regina (eep).

Speaking of Swan Queen – remember that shipping poll they inspired over at Hypable, well it’s going strong. Look honestly I love that Hypable is giving shipping a go but I do have a couple of issue… For starters what’s with the need to define canon and non-canon couples? If only one couple is getting through, and it has nothing to do with whether or not they are canon, then why do you need to tell us which ships you think are canon? Don’t you know that canon is sore subject for most shippers, it’s like politics and religion, it’s always in the background but it’s probably best not talk about it.

Anyway the first round is over and 16 shows have been chosen to compete in Battleships. Here are the 16 fandoms that have made it through to the next round.
  1. Castle (1,211 Votes)
  2. Doctor Who (1,039 Votes)
  3.  Sherlock (976 Votes)
  4. Once Upon A Time (956 Votes)
  5. Glee (950 Votes)
  6. Teen Wolf (741 Votes)
  7. Big Bang Theory (679 Votes)
  8. How I Met Your Mother (649 Votes)
  9. Game of Thrones (610 Votes)
  10.  Merlin (585 Votes)
  11.  Supernatural (584 Votes)
  12. The Vampire Diaries (581 Votes)
  13.  New Girl (545 Votes)
  14. Downton Abbey (463 Votes)
  15.  Avatar (420 Votes)
  16.   Bones (379 Votes)

From each of those fandoms one ship will be chosen (one ship to rule them all)… so if you want your ship to carry on I suggest you get voting.

So far The Vampire Diaries sent through Delena (Damon & Elena), Matthew and Mary won out in the DowntonAbbey poll and The New Girl fans picked Nick and Jess. Right now it’s TeenWolf’s turn and if you can’t guess who’s going to win that one then you haven’t been reading this blog.

While we’re on the topic of Teen Wolf we should probably talk about the panel at NYCC. Jeff Davis and Tyler Posey (Scott McCall) sent fangirls into a frenzy with all their spoilery taunting. I was watching it unfold on twitter and I have to admit my nickers might have been twisting. But when I watched the panel, and the interviews, without my shipping goggles on things weren’t quite so exciting. 
Here’s what we know:

Jackson’s leaving – so things are looking too good for Lydia/Jackson shippers and apparently Scott and Stiles are (sort of) over Allison and Lydia at the start of the season. I wouldn’t worry through because I doubt they will be able to keep Scott and Allison apart for long, so that’s probably a good sign for Stiles and Lydia as well. Also apparently Isaac is going to thrust Scott with his greatness – which yes, queer baiting but they did indicate that there would be a kind of bromance love triangle happening between Stiles, Scott and Isaac so that should be fun.

As far as Sterek is concerned, there is no word either way… but a Jeff Davis said in an interview with After Elton, he’s kind of stuck:

“If I say one way or another I’ll get fan hate on both sides of that question. If I don’t say anything I get accused of queerbaiting.” (x)

I feel you Jeff I really do, but I also just really want Sterek to happen… so if you could get on that, I would appreciate it. He did say that there would be more Stiles and Derek scenes to come, so that’s something I supposes.

Meanwhile back in heterotopia, TVGuide has created a slide show of couples they think should do it (yes apparently the people at TV Guide are in primary school). All except Pam and Tara (True Blood) are heterosexual couple – and I don’t know if that says more about the state of television at the moment or TV Guide. But that said, there are some pretty cool het ships on the list that I really do need to get naked with each other already. *cough Delena *cough

That’s right, The Vampire Diaries is back and it’s reminding me why it’s one of my favourite shows but that’s not what’s important here, the important thing here is that Elena picked Stefan. Well okay so technically she picked him last season but there was no telling how her new lifestyle might affect her choices. But it turns out she sticking with her decision – Stefan is the guy for her… right now anyway.

Finally the epic battle between Faberry and Sterek rages on… it’s really close – too close. I almost feel bad about the fact that I voted for Faberry but then I remember that Quinn is coming back to Glee soon and I don’t care anymore. Remember to vote because in this battle, every vote counts!

Well that’s all I can think of right now – don’t forget to send me any shipping news via the comments or on the Facebook page. Oh and if your looking for some added slash head over to After Elton and check out Adri’s contribution to “The Shipping News” - it has Destiel.

Goodnight and good luck fellow shippers.