Thursday, November 1, 2012

Shipping News: The media gets it wrong, Sterek fandom drama and other shippy goodness

Hi guys, sorry I have been so slack but my thesis was due so I think you can cut me a little bit of slack. Anyway I have not fully caught up on all the happenings of the shipping world but I’ll tell you everything I know.

In the world of Once Upon a Time there has been very little Swan Queen action… but last week there was some serious flirting happening between Belle and Ruby – yes I still ship Rumbelle and I loved them last week but I can’t help it I just put my femslash goggles on when I watch this show.

This week I found myself kind of liking the idea of Rumplestiltskin and Jefferson… they could be all crazy and magic together – add Regina and you have an OT3. I would watch a whole show of them being evil and doing magic together, especially if it was a sitcom. Also Emma was having a fair amount of urst with Captain Hook. Oh and we found out where Emma gets her gentlemanliness – Snow was being adorable and helping Aurora down a hill (yes I ship all the ladies with all the ladies – just try to stop me).

Supernatural is still winning the awards for slashiest show ever. Last week the brothers were assumed to have had some kind of work place romance – oh you have no idea. And this week it was all about men fighting over Dean – Benny and Cas in purgatory… and then Benny and Sam at the end. I tell you what; I think Dean loves the attention.

The love triangle is still going strong on The Vampire Diaries – even though Elena chose Stefan she is turning to Damon for help. There’s trouble between Tyler and Caroline as a mysterious/sexy lady werewolf has just come in from out of town… but then that’s a good sign for Klaroline (Klaus and Caroline) shippers so it’s not all bad. It doesn’t look like Matt is going to be forgiving Rebekah any time soon so that’s probably not going to happen… but Rebekah did find a like minded soul in new orphan/victim April Young (who I thought was just going to be another one of Jeremy’s dead girlfriends but might actually have more to her).

Oh my goodness, are you watching Nashville? Because you should be. I am shipping everything on that show. I won’t get into the details but there are some serious femslash vibes happening as well as some seriously tragic heterosexual love triangles. Everyone is sleeping with everyone – it’s like a shippers dream!

Hypable’s Battleships is into the next round. All the couples that made it through the first round have been paired up and will battle each other to take the champion ship title. Here are the brackets.

 Personally I’m excited to see what happens when Swan Queen comes up against Klaine. Swan Queen are the ones that inspired this poll and they have the fresh faced enthusiasm of a new fandom but Klaine has a lot of power behind them.

Speaking of epic battles between femslash and slash… the slash/femslash madness is finally over and the winner is Faberry! Sorry Sterek, you put up a good fight but it’s hard to beat the power of ladyloving songstresses – especially when one of them is Dianna Agron (she is just soooo pretty it physically pains me). Well that was fun while it lasted, thanks AfterElton and AfterEllen for feeding my slash and femslash needs for a little while at least… same time next year please?

Also this week, TVguide decided to tell us what they think the pros and cons of shipping are… gee thanks Mr. I didn’t realize I was getting it so wrong.  The list is pretty obvious (and totally condescending) –

Pro: It gives you something to root for 
Con: Will-they-won't-they romances can become frustrating and predictable
Pro: The satisfaction when they finally get together
Con: Satisfaction can be fleeting 
Pro: It makes you feel special 
Con: Some loves will never happen

The last one is the worst because that’s the one that tells us – you are delusional for ever considering your non-heterosexual pairing could ever become canon (yeah well tell that to Brittana fans bitches). They mention Sterek by name – because Sterek fans have not been through enough this week – saying that the fans that still hold out hope that their couple will become canon really need to let go. They also mention Faberry and Rizzoli & Isles but it’s clear that the Sterek fans are the crazy ones.

Seriously guys, if you are going to insist on talking about shipping – get someone that knows what they are talking about… hi my name’s Yvonne and I’m available to stop you looking like an idiot.

It has really not been a great time for Teen Wolf fans – but the bubble was bound to burst eventually.

Dylan O’Brien was asked about Sterek in an interview and slash fans were exactly pleased with his dismissal of the pairing as pure comedy… woops. I have to feel for the kid, he’s only young and he’s his career has only just begun. He would have been told not to address any questions about Sterek directly because as Jeff Davis said there is no right answer to give.

You have to remember that a few years ago, no one would have asked about slash pairings. Slash was something that happened behind closed doors… they all knew it went on and they might wink occasionally but it was generally treated like a dirty little secret that no one actually said out loud. So it’s not like there is a guide for ways to answer these questions. That said, given the popularity of Sterek, these questions are going to keep happening so he should probably figure out how to answer them.

There also was drama in the fandom as the age-old debate about the disappearing minorities in slash fandom flared up again. Look I know it’s not fun to be called racist but it’s na├»ve to think that the marginalization of POC within slash fandom is not an issue. It’s okay to be a fan of problematic things but you have to acknowledge the problems. 

In good news – AfterElton’s The Shipping News is going strong (if I do say so myself). The four other slash experts and myself have set up a Tumblr where you can ask us questions or yell at us for being wrong, whatever. The other four ladies are much more knowledgeable than me so you might actually be able to get a straight (pun not intended but I’ll take it) answer.

Well that’s all for now because I have to go work on another top 10 list – I’ve had a request… I’m just super popular like that.

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