Friday, November 9, 2012

Shipping News: Why am I so obsessed with the length of someone's hair?

Captain Swan is taking hold, Supernatural is still the land of slash and shippy spoilers for The Vampire Diaries and Glee.

First things first if you head over to After Elton you might find a familiar face – that’s right this weeks Slash Expert is none other than yours truly. I talk ‘canon’, racism and Merthur so you should really check out. And don’t forget about our fancy new Slash Expert Tumblr where we answer all your questions and reblog slash and stuff – it’s awesome you should follow us. 

Meanwhile in the land of TV

Once Upon a Time… Well in the last Shipping News we saw the introduction of the charismatic Captain Hook… which caused some controversy but it seems like this week’s ep is really pushing the tension between Hook and Emma. There was some serious paralleling happening between Emma’s interactions with the mysterious Neal Cassidy (aka Henry’s dad) and her involvement with the Captain. It seems to be working because my Tumblr dash is slowly filling with Captain Swan.

But it just wouldn’t be Once Upon a Time if there wasn’t any femslash – there were a couple of meaningful stares between Mulan and Aurora (I am seriously falling in love with Aurora BTW she is coming into her own).

Supernatural – still the slashiest show on TV (that might be because Teen Wolf is on hiatus) but there is trouble in paradise… The Winchesters are having some issues on account of they both had a bit of a summer fling. Speaking of summer romances – we got to see more of the history between Sam and his lady friend/doggie doctor Amelia and she’s kind of growing on me. It is almost making me feel bad for her inevitable death – also why the hell was Sam still wearing a shirt when in bed with her??? Come on Supernatural this is getting ridiculous! I need some man flesh please.

The Vampire Diaries is STILL pushing the love triangle and there is trouble brewing between Elena and Stefan (he’s still not coping with the whole Elena’s a vampire thing). Also trouble between Tyler and Caroline even if it did seem kind of resolved by the end of the episode. My new favourite damsel in distress April Young was in search of her girlfriend Rebekah (who is currently on ice) and she also shared a moment with my hero Matt – OT3 anyone???

And the award for the most fucked up ship that I can’t stop caring about goes to Homeland. Seriously Carrie and Brody will be the death of me… and probably each other. They are so fucked up that they can only possibly love each other but their love is possibly going to destroy the whole country. Now that’s a romance I can get behind. 

How I Met Your Mother is back and it’s still break up month – Ted and Victoria are doneski but as we knew she wasn’t the mother this isn’t all that surprising. Robin’s still got a boyfriend but I’m guess that’s over next week and Lily & Marshal are perfect as ever.

Oh and Glee’s back as well but there was no Brittana so who the hell cares.

In the land of polls, Hypables Battleships is still happening – with Dean/Castiel,  Sherlock/Watson and Merlin/Arthur all through to the next round. Also disappointingly, Swan Queen just couldn’t beat out the powerhouse that is Klaine.

If you’re after more silly little polls then head over to EOnline is asking for “The Couple You Are So Over” and “The Couple You are Rooting For” – it’s just fun reading the ship wars happening in the comments. We all know that Shippers can be rather enthusiastic when it comes to defending their OTP.  

Stop Spoiler Time!
(Seriously if you don’t want spoilers turn back now.)

Teen Wolf first… because of reasons. There was drama in the Sterek fandom after EOnline announced a couple of new ladies for Season 3 (personally I’m kind of excited about the amount of new female characters but that’s another story). As far as shippers are concerned there are some worries about the strikingly beautiful Heather – who is apparently an old friend of Stiles. Come on guys can’t we just be happy that Stiles might actually get some!

Also apparently it was not only the fate of the USA that was decided on Tuesday night because Jeff Davis had dinner with Dylan O’Brien to discuss Stiles story arch for next season… You know what we’re all thinking right Jeff? But I think we should hold off on the bisexual Stiles parade just yet. One important question did come out of the night though because Jeff wants to know if Dylan should continue to rock Stiles signature buzz cut or leave his hair long.

I’m kind of ashamed of how long I have spent deliberating this question… I may or may not have created a spreadsheet with pros and cons. I know it’s not exactly shipping related but as Dylan looks so much better with long hair this decision could affect whether or not Stiles get laid in the next season and that is a very shippy concern!

I quickly have to mention this photo, which was tweeted by Ryan Murphy last week…

I want to think it’s a tease, and that there is no way this would happen but then I remember it’s Glee and vodka anyone?

Finally The Vampire Diaries have released some promo shots that are either going to be really good news or really bad news depending on what you ship.

So celebrations for Delena and Klaroline fans but commiserations for Stelena and Forwood fans… although The Vampire Diaries has a tendency to ship tease so I probably wouldn’t crack the champagne just yet.

Well that’s all for this week – but if I missed something important feel free to let me know in the comments or on the Facebook page.