Sunday, November 18, 2012

Let’s talk about Glee, baby: Shut up cis white boys – the musical

You know how sometimes I can’t help but like Glee even though it kind of sucks, well that doesn’t happen when the entire episode is about Blaine and Finn whining about how much their life sucks because they were crappy boyfriends. It’s a week late because all of my craps were busy hanging out with Kurt and Rachel in New York (I bet Quinn was visiting that week).

Seriously though, I know that break-ups suck, but I mean if Quinn can have a baby, go crazy and be temporarily paralyzed then I think Blaine can suck up the fact that he cheated on his boyfriend. Before you get all social justice on my ass I am well aware that depression is a disease (I have first hand experience) but Blaine is not depressed he’s heartbroken, feeling guilty and being a drama queen about it. Also if he wants to be a performer and he doesn’t think he can act at being a love because he made screwed up his own relationship then I really don’t he’s going to have much of a career.

But then Darren Criss sings and I close my eyes and image that Blaine is not a thing that happened and Darren is just singing to be and for a moment everything is all right.

Then we are back to the man pain because it’s another episode of let’s make the middle-class cis white boy feel better about himself by showing how accepting he is of people that are different. Come on Glee, this is getting embarrassing we need to talk about the fact that if you were really inclusive you wouldn’t keep pointing out everyone’s differences. This week the victim is Unique, she wants to play Rizzo (which is a part she could totally rock), but they have to have a bunch of deep and meaningful conversations about it because she was not born a she.

This show is actually worse that the shows that have only cis while heterosexual couples because every time they feature a character that doesn’t fit that standard they have to point it out and then pat themselves on the back because they are so understanding… basically they are Finn. Because that’s what it’s all about, it’s not actually about these token characters, it’s about how these token characters make Finn look good – like that time Finn outed Santana and Glee made the next episode all about how accepting Finn is. This show really upsets me sometimes.

The thing is, this stuff isn’t even fair to Finn (and I do not like Finn)… I mean what is so wrong with him being a mechanic? He seems to really like doing it, and shocking as it seems he appears to be kind of good at it but every time he suggests it as a possibly career path it’s dismissed because he can do so much better. You know what, I would love to be able to be a mechanic, that is a seriously awesome skill to have and it what crazy world is it a career to be ashamed of? Burt’s a mechanic and no one has accused him of selling himself short. I just don’t get it. How is hanging out at your old high school six months after you graduated considered better than beginning an legitimate career?

Glee I try not to apply logic to your absurdity but things are getting out of hand – when I can’t even be bothered to hate watch, you know you’re doing something wrong.

This is going to be short list, but what was good about this ep:
  • Kitty is hilarious, Marley is pretty the end. 

What it needs more of:  
  • Quinn…
  • Fuck it, let’s just nuke the thing and start over.

That’s all, I have this week’s recappy/review ready to post tomorrow so we can move away from this episode and forget it ever happened… but yeah. Feel free to argue with me if you think I got it wrong in the comments but I may feel the need to argue with you.

Later Glee haters.