Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Shipping News: Mostly break ups, also magical lesbians (sort of).

Downton Abbey, Doctor Who and Glee are all about breaking up. Once Upon a Time makes me ship all the femslash. AfterElton let’s me and 4 other so-called slash experts loose and Sterek fans are still fighting hard (and even winning sometimes).

Spoilers for Downton Abbey, Glee, Once Upon a Time, Doctor Who and The Vampire Diaries.

Downton Abbey teases us with a second wedding, but it didn’t exactly as planned. I never really shipped Edith with Sir Anthony but I so desperately wanted something nice to happen to her – I really just ship Edith with happiness.  I mean come on that girl needs a break. In other news, Sybil and Tom are very preggers, Mr Carson is very happy that Mrs Hughes is not ill and Daisy’s got a bit of a crush. For some slash fun – a might have started shipping Matthew/Tom a little bit and I’m not even sorry.

Glee fans are preparing for the worst this week waiting for the episode “The Break Up”. Finchel and Klaine shipper are all praying for a miracle to prevent the inevitable – but for anyone that ships Rachel with Brody things are looking pretty good (especially after the steamy make out session at the end of last weeks episode).

For me the shippiest moments of the week came from Sam and Blaine’s interaction. I realize I’m probably going to invoke the wrath of Klaine fans (don’t hate me, I still love you I swear) but the scene where Blaine was undressing (and dressing) Sam over and over – my shipper senses are tingling. Also do you think they knew what they were saying when Sam said they could be like Cyclops and Wolverine? Because I ship that so hard – I mean come on guys are you REALLY still fighting over Jean Grey?

But just to show you Klainers that I don’t forget you, I found this fun list of Glee Ship Moments at LeakyNews and I think you will be please with what makes the top spot. It’s a fun walk down history lane and I enjoyed seeing the moments that captured everyone’s hearts.

Also Faberry fans – I’m working on the top 10 moments but there are just so many to choose from that it’s taking a while. Any suggestions would be welcome though – so please send them through.

I’m not really ready to talk about Doctor Who yet – but I guess I have to mention that they broke up my OT3 in the most heartbreaking way! Although Amy/Rory shippers should be happy that they ended up together… it could have gone a whole lot worse. The episode did have a bunch of River/Doctor fun though (let’s ignore that River said she was a professor now – that’s not looking good).

Once Upon a Time is like a femslashers dream! Seriously there are so few shows that do excellent female characters with masses of les yay and this show does it better than most. Swan Queen was going strong in this episode, with Emma spending most of her time trying to protect Regina (I know it was for Henry but still). Also there was that moment when Emma touched Regina and magic happened… literally. They introduced a love triangle with Aurora/Philip/Mulan – loves triangles are like shipper crack – but there was way too much URST happening between Aurora and Mulan for me to pass up.

Of course all you’re favourite het ships are there too. Charming and Snow finally reunited only to be torn apart all over again. And my fav’s Belle and Rumplestiltskin came to an awkward truce but they’re trouble is far from over (I just really want them to be OK).

Oh and speaking of Swan Queen (seriously best ship name ever - still not over it). A poor unfortunate soul over at hypable decided to make a pole about who should be Emma's new love interest... unfortunately Regina wasn't an option, so the Swan Queen shippers voted "Other" instead and started a massive OUAT role play in the comments - seriously it's awesome check it out. 

Things got a little bit messy when the poll instigator tweeted this:

For someone who seems to know their way around fandom this seems like a rookie move - the cynic in me wonders if she didn't incite a shipper frenzy on purpose, but then again maybe I'm wrong. 

Anyway remember how I mentioned last time that everyone’s favourite rainbow flavoured website, AfterElton, had decided to pen a weekly column dedicated to all things slash… well it happened! This week’s article introduced the five lovely shippers that will be guiding you through the wonderful world of slash. They all seem pretty awesome, except for that one girl that seemed to think she was some kind of superhero (wait that’s me).

Don’t forget to follow the your new slash experts on Tumblr so you can satisfying your slash cravings all week long.

Aja | Adri | Catherine | Hannah

While we’re on the subject of Sterek inspired awesome – The Sterek Campaign is into its second month… After the success of Cookies For Sterek this month it’s all about being herd. Howls for Sterek is about telling the powers that be all the canon reasons that Sterek would work. If you’re stuck for canon evidence then you’re in luck because I just spend a ridiculously long time outlining my top 10 Sterek moments.

Also in Teen Wolf news (I swear this isn’t a Teen Wolf blog I just get a little obsessed sometimes). The Teen Wolf Tumblr announce the winner of their fan fiction contest – the story was not Sterek related but it was all about Stiles so that counts a little. Plus the lovely young lady that took the honour is a Sterek shipper so that’s got to be a win. Seriously though, it’s not shippy but it’s still a really awesome fic so you should give it a read. Check out Riana Elliot's Tumblr where you can follow all her adventures with Teen Wolf.

Oh and Teen Wolf released and open casting call for a pair of twin Alphas – I’m not even going to elaborate – I’m just going to let that happen naturally.

Finally for some shippy spoilers – I read this article on HollywoodLife about The Vampire Dairies premiere, which hits American screens next week. The love triangle is still going strong with shippy moments for both Stelena and Delena fans, although apparently Elena favours one brother over the other. Honestly after the last season final it could go either way but I never know what’s going to happen on The Vampire Diaries – which is why I love it.

Well that’s it for the week, I know so much more happened but this is what stood out for me. Feel free to send through any tips or suggestions or just yell at me because I missed the shippiest moments of the week.

Happy shipping!