Sunday, September 30, 2012

Top 10 Sterek Moments – Part 3

It’s finally here! This is it, I know that all 3 of you (hi mum) are super excited to find out what the top 2 Sterek moments are, and just because I am to please, here they are! They might not be the most obvious choice, but they are the ones that, to me suggest the beginnings of deeper relationship between everyone favourite hyperactive teenager and Mr. sourwolf.

Oh and don't forget to read Part 1 and Part 2 first.

Enough talk; let’s do this!

Number 2: Stiles and Derek share a moment
“Abomination” (2.4)

 Derek: “It’s not right, it’s like a…”
Stiles: “An abomination”

After the mess at the pool – you know when Stiles held Derek in the pool for two hours – Scott and Stiles are trying to make sense of the bestiary, which is written in a language that neither of them recognize. Anyway turns out Derek knows exactly what they’re dealing with. Apparently he had his suspicions but they weren’t confirmed until he saw the way the monster reacted to it’s own reflection. It’s a Kanima: a shape shifter like Derek and Scott, only something went wrong.  Derek has difficulty to explain the difference between a werewolf and the Kanima so Stiles helps him out calling it an abomination.

I have to give a shout out to the girls from Team Generally Stoned for this one, because I wouldn’t have paid much attention to this if it weren’t for them. This simple little moment is pretty easily over shadowed by the whole Stiles holding Derek in the pool thing but when I went back and re-watched Teen Wolf with my Sterek goggles on this moment shot right to the top of my list. In fact it’s probably the most traditionally slashy moment on the list, because for slash fans it’s all about the long lingering looks. And this look is very lingering.

This conversation is really amazing to watch; because while most of the conversation is between Scott and Derek the camera work suggests that it’s really about Stiles and Derek. It’s like Derek is spending the whole time trying not to look at Stiles (I guess it’s understandable that it would be awkward after the whole pool thing) but that makes it just all the more powerful when he finally does look at Stiles. And I swear to goodness that look would break a puppy’s heart.

I don’t know if it’s the impact of what they have just been through together or the fact that Stiles calling the Kanima an abomination means he doesn’t think that werewolves are but whatever it is, it’s obviously super important to our favourite sourwolf. It’s almost as if Derek is seeing Stiles (I mean really seeing) for the first time – just ignore all the shippy wishing for romance and think about it, this is Derek realizing that Stiles matters, that this hyperactive kid is someone worth trusting (even if he’s not willing to say it yet).

Number 1: Stiles is confronted by Derek in his room
“Wolf’s Bane” (1.9)

“If I’m harbouring your fugitive ass, it’s my house, my rules, buddy.”

Stiles is very surprised to find a fugitive werewolf hiding out in his bedroom, and the shock continues when said werewolf pushes him up against the door (ugh) to threaten him. Stiles holds his own though, this is his house, which means his rules and not even a sexy sourwolf is going to change that. Derek is still terrifying of course, and Stiles is still going to help him but he’s going to do it on his terms.

Derek in Stiles’ bedroom, boy did that set fangirl hearts a fluttering. This is the reason SO MANY Sterek fics have Derek climbing in through Stiles’ bedroom window for no apparent reason (okay so maybe there is a reason but it’s certainly not family friendly). Seriously forgetting the fact that they are in such close proximity to a bed there are so many things about this moment that make it my favourite. 

The fact is that Derek is seriously scary, and he gets all up in Stiles’ personal space when he pushes Stiles up against the door. Most people in that situation would probably crap themselves, but not Stiles (this might have more to do with Stiles lack of regard for his own safety than him actually trusting Derek though). But the point isn’t that Stiles takes control of the situation, calling Derek on his creepiness and even manhandling Derek a little (the mutual jacket tugging), the point is that Derek lets him.

It’s like the balance of power just shifts, up until this moment Derek has been in charge – sure Stiles is sarcastic and teases Derek and such but there was no doubt that Derek had control. By pushing Stiles up against the door, Derek is trying to assert his power, just as he’d done in previous situations (like when he wants to rip peoples throats out… with his teeth). But then Stiles calls him on it, because the truth is that Derek needs Stiles and Stiles isn’t about to let Derek get away without acknowledging it. Because Derek backs down, letting Stiles take charge (even if it’s only for a moment) if shifts the dynamic of their interactions completely leading to all the awesome moments that happen in season two.

Really this moment has nothing to do with what’s said, it’s all about that little exchange when they both pull on the others jackets. I know it’s played for laughs, just Stiles can have a false sense of security and then Derek can make him jump by leering at him but just think about it. Derek, who is pretty much Mr. no touching, just lets Stiles into his personal space, he seems a bit confused and he goes back to his threatening, dangerous persona a second later, but it happened and there is no turning back.

Well that was a marathon and a half, but I enjoyed it did you? What do you think of the final two moments, and the list as a whole? Have a converted you to Sterek or turned you off completely?