Sunday, September 30, 2012

Monday’s with Mo: The Angels took Manhattan and River stole mum's hearts

It’s another weekly segment, but this time with a twist. I have for the past 2 years, been introducing my poor mother to the wonders of my popular culture tastes. It’s only fair really as she did the same for me when I was a child. Really it’s her fault that I am the way that I am. Considering the influence she’s had and the fact that I test most of my meta out on her first before posting it here, I thought it was about time she got the chance to shine.

It’s fitting that her first post should be concerned with Doctor Who, as the reason I found this fantastic program was because of her… and it’s kind of bitter sweat that we are beginning this series with an end. It’s the end of the Ponds time with the Doctor, but the start of your time with Mo. You’re welcome.

So without further ado, here is my mother’s take on The Angels Take Manhattan:

This is my attempt to write my thoughts on the latest Doctor Who ep.  Not easy as I never write anything, I am better with pictures. I watched this episode this morning and am only now after several hours and a glass of wine able to even try to do this.  

I was an absolute mess this morning watching the show… I mean sobbing uncontrollably some might say embarrassingly.  I am trying to work out why this ep has such an emotional connection.  It started with the realisation of how much River loves the Doctor, how much she has done and would do for him.

Lying about breaking her hand... the Doctor healing her hand... so much understated love on both sides but mainly on River's. Then River to Amy... he doesn't like endings... a catch in my throat but I am still in control.  Fuck then in the house Rory dying holding Amy's hand… choke… OMG. The roof... Rory and Amy... I have no words for so much love and sacrifice… it was beautiful, heartbreaking. The slow motion to drag out my emotions - I am now sobbing uncontrollably.  

Then we are thrown into the unbelievable happy family ending and you knew that was not possible but hoping it was and then it is ripped away from you.  Amy has to follow because she can't live without Rory, River, oh River I think it is you that I connect with so strongly, sure I love The Doctor but I can identify with River, she just lost her mum and dad but stayed strong for him, she has sacrificed every thing for him.  Oh River... He has no idea.

I love this show and have done since I was a teenager but the emotional roller coaster of the new Doctor Who is awful and wonderful.  Please keep giving me more.  This is shit but I enjoyed writing it and realising why I was so emotionally connected to this ep.

I can personally testify to the fact that my mother was in a state. It was incredibly awkward for me because I don’t know what to do with emotions that aren’t happening inside the television set. She cried for like twenty minutes after it finished… embarrassing. But in all seriousness, that episode was traumatically upsetting. I feel like we should set up some kind of support group for Whovian’s that survived the Ponds departure (I’m sure some didn’t).

If you are having trouble dealing with the loss, please comment below and my mum will be happy to talk you through it… I haven’t asked her yet but I’m just going to assume she’s cool with it because that’s what mum’s are for.