Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Top Ten femSlash Ships

If you are new to fandom (or this website in particular), then you might not know that AfterEllen and AfterElton are currently holding tournaments in order to determine the best femslash and slash ship in the whole of the Internets. This excites me to no end because it encompasses my two favourite things - polls and slash. I love a good argument more than anything, and the fact that we’re arguing about slash just makes it that much better.

So anyway, to show my enthusiasm and perhaps even convert some of you to the wonderful world of shipping slash I decided to compile a list (everyone loves a top 10 list). I have already posted my top ten male/male slash ships but that’s just the warm up for this one... It’s the ladies turn, that’s right I am about to tell you my all time favourite female/female femslash ships.

The Hunger Games series: Katniss and Johanna

Why not start things the same way as I did with the men? Equal opportunity shipping is what I always say and after all this coupling actually has more to it that Peeta and Finnick. Katniss and Johanna find solace in each other’s company when they have no one else, and there is something powerful in that. I always loved this relationship; even without shipping it’s definitely one of the best female friendships I have read in recent years. Of course they start out disliking each other but that’s just because they know they might have to have kill each other. What I really love is the fact is that they always respect each other and I really really want to see more female friendships (and more) that are based on mutal respect. Also they are two very badass ladies that could beat each other to a pulp, that’s a little hot.

Skins: Katie & Effy

Skins was pretty good for being inclusive and flexible when it comes to sexuality so it might seem weird that I feel the need to add more gay to it, but Effy is the kind of character that I ship with everyone so I can’t help it. I particularly like her interactions with Katie because they both different yet have similar issues. Both these girls are extremely damaged and by going after the same guy it was only a matter of time before they clashed. Of course because it’s Skins their clash is rather extreme - a drug induced fight that ends with Effy hitting Katie with a rock and leaving her unconscious in the woods – seriously watch this show. Yet somehow they get past it and actually become kind of friends. Anyway Effy is so fragile and Katie is incredibly strong... they really could have been good for each other.

Community: Britta & Annie

Don’t mind me, just another show where I ship everyone with everyone... and then somehow with no one at the same time. Community is easily the best comedy on television (although we will have to see what happens now that Dan Harmon’s been fired) and one of the reasons I love it so much is the women - they are all hilarious but it especially funny when straight-laced, intense, achiever Annie interacts with the damaged, wannabe-hippie Britta. It helps that there is usually some kind of veiled lesbian subtext (or not so subtext) happening... also there was that one time they ended up fighting in oil and yes it was just as awesome as you would imagine it would be.

Veronica Mars: Veronica and Lilly

This is a weird one because technically Lilly was already dead when the series started, by technically dead I mean really very dead, murdered in fact but she does appear a number of flashbacks. It’s in these flashbacks that we learn just how close Lilly and Veronica actually were... well you can pretty much get that from Veronica’s obsession with finding and punishing Lilly’s killer but it’s still nice to see them interact. While I ship Veronica and Logan more than pretty much anything else, I think one of the reasons they bond is over the fact that they both loved Lilly so much. It’s not really that I think these two would have ended up together even if Lilly had lived; it’s just that I can see the love there, plus they both went for the same guy. Oh and in the grand tradition of girls making out with each to get their boyfriends off these two even made out once.

How I Met Your Mother: Lily & Robin

I’m pretty sure that if Lilly weren’t married to Marshall she would totally be fighting Barney for Robin’s affections. Robin, I’m not so sure about but I’m I think she could be persuaded, Lily doesn’t seem like one to take no for an answer. Whatever, it doesn’t really matter whether or not a ship has a legitimate basis it’s just fun to speculate and on a show like How I Met Your Mother, where they are constantly playing with gender roles, it’s practically encouraged. Although I do wonder if maybe Lilly might be a little bit too intense for Robin, she tends to run away from that kind of extreme affection. But I can imagine they would enjoy a little bit of an experiment - after all Lily’s admitted to having sex dreams about Robin and they’ve kissed more than once.

Wicked: Elphaba & Glinda

This one actually could be canon, I mean anyone who has actually seen Wicked can see that it could very easily play as a love story between these two lovely ladies. The humour in the song “What is this Feeling?” comes from the fact that the build up sounds like it could be a love song. The feeling is of course loathing, but as I have said before and will no doubt say again, all the best love stories begin with a mutual dislike. OK so I really have to admit that I have a massive fetish for the pretty blonde popular girl falling for the dark, driven, nerdy girl. Maybe not everyone shares this particular fetish, but in this case there is clear subtext, did you hear them singing “For Good”? Tears and love all around because contrary to what you believe Wicked is actually a tragic lesbian love story.

Downton Abbey: Gwen & Sybil

Femslash happens in all time periods, including early 20th century England. I mean really, why was Sybil so obsessed with helping Gwen and why did Gwen just naturally trust Sybil? I know it was supposed to be about Sybil learning about women’s liberation and class warfare so that she would have something to talk to Branson about but I never really understood the Sybil/Branson connection (at least not until season 2). It seemed to me that while the chauffeur Branson was clearly in love with lady Sybil, Sybil didn’t seem to notice anyone but Gwen. Now that’s a servant/master love story I would like to see.

Once Upon a Time: Emma & Regina (Swan Queen)

But they hate each other, I hear you scream. Well yeah, they do hate each other... now, but does anyone else think that the safest and easiest way to solve all the issues on this show would be for Emma and Regina to give in to the massive amount of urst happening between them and just raise Henry together? OK so there is the small matter that Regina is pretty evil, and she is also kind of Emma’s step grandmother - but it’s really not all that incesty compared to other ships. Besides these two have electric chemistry, plus hate is simply the start of a love story. Also did I mention that their ship name is Swan Queen? Because I think you will find that’s pretty hard to beat.

Glee: Rachel & Quinn (Faberry)

I’m not sure if it says more about the actual show, or the people who love it, but this pairing is one of the most popular in the Glee fandom. Not everyone gets it of course, in fact I didn’t at first but there is just something about the way that pretty popular and damaged Quinn looks at the driven, geeky Rachel that makes this ship hard to move past. It gets even better because the progression of these two from enemies to friends is one of the few things that Glee has done with any consistency (it’s far from perfect of course – but it’s Glee so what do you expect?). Watching them slowly begin to realise how much they mean to each other is one of the only good things about persevering through the trainwreck that is Glee. Plus Dianna Agron is adorable (I love her OK)!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy & Faith (Fuffy)

Anything made by Joss Whedon is always good for a bit of subtext and this ship is no exception. When the wild, tough Faith blows into town Buffy quickly becomes obsessed with her and it can’t just be the fact that they are both hot chicks with super powers. When Faith strays from the path of righteousness, Buffy is probably more hurt than she should be - even when Faith redeems herself, Buffy is the last to forgive. They both just care a little too much. Of course I loved Buffy’s tragic romance with both of her vampire boyfriends but there was always something so intriguing about her relationship with Faith. Plus, as you might have guessed by now, I love me some angst and this relationship is the angstiest of them all. If you don’t believe me check out the two-parter “This Year’s Girl” and “Who Am I” from season four - they swap bodies, it’s amazing.

Well there you have it, my Top Ten femslash ships. What do you think? Am I right with any of these? Or do you think I am delusional and/or crazy for bothering to think about these things. I like all comments, good or bad; I just want your comments. Or why not check out some more Top 10s. And don't forget to like us on Facebook for more pop culture fun.