Friday, September 21, 2012

Let’s talk about Glee, baby: Brittany’s back!

After the lackluster opener you might be surprised that I am even continuing on with this charade, but the fact is as much as I hate Glee I’m just too invested to quit now. Plus I new that this episode would feature my beloved Brit Brit heavily so it couldn’t be all bad… well it wasn’t ALL bad, I guess.

Spoilers - you know the drill. 

My beloved Brit Brit is back and she’s better than ever… at least until Santana is too busy to Skype, Sue kicks her off the Cherios because she scored a skillful F- in a math test and Lord Tubbington joined a gang. After that it’s all kind of down hill for poor Brit Brit. It’s OK though because Will’s remembered he’s a teacher and FINALLY decided to give Brit some help (guess he was too busy last year).  Of course it’s Will so it would probably be better if he didn’t help because he’s come up with another stellar teaching exercise. Actually he hasn’t really, he’s just rehashing old ones – OMG Will is Glee!

Anyway Will decided that they are going to perform Britney Spears for the pep rally at the end of the week – because that worked out so well last time. The plan is that seeing as Britney was such a good role model for my beloved Brit Brit last time it will totally work again. Except that Brit decides to follow Britney’s no so role modely behavior. My beloved Brit Brit does an excellent impression of Spears during her 2007 breakdown – she tries to shave her head, beats up Jacob Israel with an umbrella and re-enacts Britney’s infamous 2007 VMA’s performance of “Gimme More” at the pep rally.

Of course my captain Sam figures out what’s going on – my beloved Brit Brit is just faking hitting rock bottom so that she can stage a come back. Seriously though Sam is becoming the moral compass of this show and they are severely underutilizing him. But the adorable moment between captain Sam and my beloved Brit Brit hinted as a future friendship that I’m hoping will take over the show.

Now if the whole show had been about my beloved Brit Brit and her breakdown – and captain Sam being all awesome about, it might have been an decent episode. But following on from last weeks timing this episode of Glee has a number of other storylines running at the same time.

The new Rachel aka Marley is settling in quite well, finding herself attracted to the Puck 2.0 – who’s supposed to be a bad boy and therefore she should stay away from him. Only he doesn’t really seem that bad, he’s got some daddy issues for sure but they seemed to be fixed when original Puck came for a visit. It turns out all he really needs to do is join Glee club. Everything looks like it’s going to be hunky dory until you remember it’s only episode two. Cue bitchy cheerleader who is not Quinn because her and Puck 2.0 are apparently already an item.

All I can say to that is: CALLED IT! We have another love triangle; just like Quinn, Rachel and Finn – except this time Finn is Puck. Come on Glee, are you really that out of ideas?

Meanwhile on the other show that has nothing to do with everything I just describe except the fact that it is also called Glee. The lovely Cassandra July (Kate Hudson) is being just awful (and by awful I mean not really all that bad) to Rachel – because it turns out Rachel doesn’t have any sex appeal. Watch what you say there Cassandra last time someone told Rachel that she ended up loosing her virginity. Whatever at least Brody looks like he might be decent in bed unlike sack-of-potatoes (as my mum calls Finn).

The problem is that there is actually no sexual tension between Brody and Rachel. Sure he’s hot (if you’re into that kind of thing) but when they’re together sparks are not really flying – they’re pushing it though because this week they had them do a sex tango… to Britney’s Spears’ “Opps I did it again”. Yup, you read that right. Then he rides forty minutes in on a train just to kiss Rachel, but she’s still missing old sack-of-potatoes so it’s a no go. The best part is that Kurt seems to be egging Rachel on – so much for brother Finn.

Speaking of Finn – can I tell you how much I am enjoying not having him around? All the anger that Glee usually draws out of me is strangely absent. Except the lack of Finn is cancelled out by the lack of Quinn – seriously I have decided that from now on I am going to make a cut out doll of Quinn and tape it to the screen imagining all the crazy shenanigans she would be getting into.

Well that’s pretty much it, there were some good moments and there were some awful ones as well.

The worst bits:
  • ·      Serious underuse of Kurt – they took him to New York then nothing.
  • ·      Rachel makes a mural to Finn.
  • ·      The new bitchy cheerleader who is not Quinn.
  • ·      The lack of Quinn in general.

The best bits:
  • ·      Anything and everything my beloved Brit Brit said or did.
  • ·      Santana Skype (although there was sadly no scissoring).
  • ·      The sexual tension between Rachel Berry and Cassandra July.
  • ·      Rachel paints over Finn mural.

Next weeks episode actually looks quite fun though because it looks like we’re getting more interaction between captain Sam and my beloved Brit Brit… also Sam is shirtless. Mmmhmmm. And Kurt is hanging out with Sarah Jessica Parker!

Damn those promos they always get my hopes up. Damn you Glee!

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