Friday, September 28, 2012

Let’s talk about Glee, baby: Sex in the City and Lima too

Oh no, it happened, I actually kind of liked an episode of Glee. It’s a sliding scale though so don’t get you’re hopes up too high. There was more of my beloved Brit Brit and captain Sam and Blaine wasn’t nearly as annoying as he usually is. Lot’s of Kurt being adorable with guest star Sarah Jessica Parker and Rachel got me hot under the collar… it’s still Glee but it’s got less sting.

Spoilers... obviously. 

Anyway, this week on Glee, Blaine’s still on his quest to become the new Rachel by joining up to every extra curricular activity around. Apparently last year was all about letting the seniors shine – I guess we’re forgetting the fact that Blaine got the lead in the School musical and was a soloist at pretty much all the competitions but maybe that was him holding back. Whatever Blaine is sure that this is his year to shine, he tells us through song of course (“Everybody Wants to Rule the World”). Part of his plan for world domination includes running for student body presents, much to my beloved Brit Brit’s surprise.

So remember how last week, my beloved Brit Brit thought that she was still student body President on a technicality, turns out she was wrong. Still she is determined to stay in control, even though last year all she accomplished was a dinosaur themed prom, so she appoints Artie her running mate. This upsets captain Sam to no end because they are supposed to be best blonde buddies after their moment of bonding last week. My beloved Brit Brit has a plan though; she introduces captain Sam to Blaine (even though they have been in Glee club together for a year) and suggests that they run for student council together.

In preparation for a heated debate, Blaine and Artie decide to make over their running mates in an attempt to make them less blond. Cue musical number, it’s awesome because it’s a duet between my beloved Brit Brit and captain Sam (“Celebrity Skin”) and they totally rocked it. Also bonus Blaine undressing (and redressing) Sam – ho yay!

Fast-forward to the debate – Artie tries to bore people into voting for him and captain Sam uses the power of his abs. No seriously when he gets asked if he’s ashamed of his stripper past he insists that he’s not by doing an impromptu strip tease which I am pretty sure won them the election because Blaine just goes off on a crazy rant about hair gel. Remember that time my beloved Brit Brit banned hair gel from prom, yeah Blaine’s still not over it. My beloved Brit Brit might have scraped through but she decides to announce that if she wins the election she will abolish holidays and weekends so that everyone can spend all their time at school – oh Brit.

Naturally Blaine and captain Sam won (Blam shout out!) but Blaine is still sad because it turns out this whole thing was just to distract him from the fact that he changed schools to be with his boyfriend and now his boyfriend is gone (and ignoring his calls). See kids this is why you never uproot your life to follow a boy or a girl. It’s OK though because captain Sam’s wants to be everyone’s best friend and he’s never had a gay bro before (Kurt doesn’t count because he was too gay to be a bro apparently). Also Sam helps comfort my beloved Brit Brit after her loss (he voted for her though) and I don’t like the look of this because it looks an awful lot like they are setting up my beloved Brit Brit and captain Sam as a couple – watch out Sam Santana is going to go all Lima Heights on your ass.

Meanwhile on the other show that is also Glee… Kurt has got himself an interview at with big time editor Isabelle (Sarah Jessica Parker). I was pretty sure that Isabelle was going to be total bitch but it turns out she’s just kind of insecure and desperately in search of a new gay best friend. It’s all good because Kurt is an excellent gay best friend so he’s gets the job before the interviews over. Soon enough, Isabelle is turning to Kurt for pretty much every decision.

Rachel has been having some trouble with mean girls and Kurt knows exactly how to fix it: makeover! I’m sensing a theme for this episode, but that might just be because it’s all “Makeover”. Anyway Kurt and Rachel sneak into so that they can go through the closet to find Rachel a new look, which is apparently not stealing. When Isabelle turns up it looks like they’re busted but no she just wants to join in the fun and have her own musical number (“The Way You Look Tonight/You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile”).

Rachel uses her new makeover to flirt with the guy she rejected last week, Brody. They do a duet (“Change Would Do You Good”) and it’s actually kind of hot. Ok so maybe I was just too distracted by the way Lea Michelle was licking that ice cream to notice anything else, but I know enough to work out that things are not looking good for Finchel. Especially when Rachel invites Brody over to cook for him… she burns the dinner but it’s not wonder with the way things were heating up between her and Brody (they kissed). In fact it was looking like Brody’s hard work might actually pay off until there’s a knock at the door.

Knock knock Rachel it’s that guy that is supposed to be your boyfriend still and he doesn’t look happy to see you all dressed up with a hunk like Brody in your alone in your apartment. Woops, so that’s not good!

In other news: Will is having another mid life crisis, because he achieved his dream of coaching a national champion glee club but now what. Sugar asked Artie out on a date and there is serious trouble happening between Kurt and Blaine as their lives start to drift apart.

I’m not sure if it’s just that I didn’t sleep last night or what but really did actually enjoy the episode. Blaine sort of had some character growth (for Glee anyway) and I’ve said it before and I will say it again when Darren Criss sings I will pretty much forgive anything. Also, can every episode be about captain Sam and my beloved Brit Brit because they are the actual best. Looks like next week is all about relationship drama though, plus Finn’s back so I’ll probably go back to hating it again pretty quickly.

But whatever, here’s the best bits –
  • ·       Blam (Blaine and Sam) dress ups
  • ·       Sam’s impromptu strip show
  • ·       My beloved Brit Brit’s adorable speech about having school all the time
  • ·       Kurt and Blaine hate watching Treme together
  • ·       Rachel licking that ice cream

The worst bits –
  • ·       Not enough of my new fav Marley
  • ·       Possible romance between my beloved Brit Brit and captain Sam
  • ·       Isabelle not being a bitch (seriously this is too easy)
  • ·       All the Will stuff (really who cares)
  • ·       And of course the lack of Quinn (I miss her so)

And that’s what you missed on Glee. What did you think? Was I wrong, did you hate this ep? Are you nervous about all the break ups? Let me know, comment and keep the conversation going on the Facebook page.

Until next week, I hope your life has better continuity than Glee