Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shipping News: Brotherly love, Rachel get’s a new bitchy blonde and another shipping poll

This week – Supernatural gave us a brotherly hug, Glee is distancing its big couples and bringing in new love triangles. FemSlash and Slash madness are coming to a close, Sterek gets humorous, another shipping poll and much much more.

Spoiler warning: Supernatural Season 8, Glee Season 4, Once Upon a Time Season 2, Awkward Season 2.

Faberry is kicking some serious butt over at the AfterEllen Femslash madness and after a rough start it looks as though Sterek is going to become AfterElton’s Ultimate Slash couple – at least this year. Anyway after all the drama began to settle down both teams found common ground and people even started to ship Destiel with Sterek. Now those are people after my own heart because why pick one when you can have both.

In Supernatural news The CW released a clip which held good and bad news for shippers. Wincest shippers were rewarded with a beautiful reunion scene between the brothers (after the obligatory demon/shifter/leviathan checks of course). Dean’s back after being trapped in purgatory for a year and boy is Sam happy to see him.

It’s not all good news though because it seems that Cas didn’t make it, we don’t really know what happened only that Dean REALLY doesn’t want to talk about it. Things are not looking good for Destiel shippers… it’s OK though because Destiel shippers received some good news this week. Real Life OTP Misha Collins and Vicki Vanouch are about to welcome their 2nd child… and I don’t mean in 6 months time, I mean this weekend. Way to keep a secret Misha and Congratulations! 

Glee time – it’s not looking good for Finchel and Klaine fans. Kurt and Blaine didn’t even acknowledged each other for the whole ep and although Rachel was supposedly missing Finn she still did a sexy tango (and almost kissed) new boy Brody. By the end of the episode she was painting over her Finn mural – symbolic maybe?

New ship Jarley (Puck 2.0 aka Jake and the new Rachel, Marley) looked like it was going strong that is until it turned out that Jake is already dating the bitchy blonde cheerleader that is not Quinn. I wouldn’t worry though; something tells me that these two will get together by the end of the season (it might be because they are just recycling the same old story but then again maybe I’m just psychic).

Opps I did it again… I started shipping Rachel with a bitchy blonde. Yes that’s right I’m talking about Kate Hudson’s Cassandra July. I mean did you see the way she was looking at Rachel during her tango and my goodness when Rachel was helping Cassandra stretch – my computer screen fogged up. But maybe it’s just me?

Anyway back in the land of the slightly sane people that don’t see rainbows wherever they look there is another poll (if you’re not totally polled out by femslash and slash madness). Portrait Magazine is holding their sixth annual Top TV ships poll and they’re asking for you to nominate you’re favourite ships and before we have another fiasco like the EW one – they are only accepting couples that are together or have been together on the show, which means no Sterek.  

Apparently the reason for this ruling is because of that one time they let Peter and Claire from Heroes make the list and they turned out to be related. While I think these rules pretty much defy the point of shipping – being related is no deterrent for most people – but it’s good that they actually explained the guidelines at the beginning so if you’ve got a ship that is actually a couple (lucky you) then you should get nominating.

In other news – Belle and Rumplestiltskin (Once Upon a Time) seem to be having a bit of trouble in the clip released this week, with Rumplestiltskin hell bent on revenge whereas Belle is more of a forgive and forget kind of girl. I don’t know about you but I’m still rooting for those two. Also Jenna picked Matty over Jake on Awkward – but did she make the right choice?

Finally – to reward fans for making 2 million likes on Facebook Teen Wolf released a special Sterek themed gag reel. It has lots of adorable Dylan O’Brien (seriously I just kind of want to nibble on all of him) and wonderful images of Tyler Hoechlin’s smile (which we get to see so rarely on the show). All in all a very nice reward for the hard fighting Sterek fans.

Well that rounds up another episode of shipping news, let’s hope that this week – with more shows returning – that love is in the air and that all your ships come true.

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P.S I’m going to be doing a Top Ten of the best Destiel or Sterek moments this week so if you have any nominations send them my way and check back next week to find out to find out what made the list.