Monday, September 24, 2012

Shipping News: We have a winner, but what do we do now?

You can breath a sigh of relief because the femslash and slash madness tournaments have finally come to an end with Faberry and Sterek crowned victors. To be honest the end results were pretty much what I expected – although I thought Swan Queen would make the femslash final – but the whole thing was so much fun that it doesn’t really matter. The fact is that the end of this competition has left an aching hole inside my heart and I need something to fill it.

First things first – congratulations to both ships, you’re both totally awesome and you each get a gold star! OK so maybe I’m just bias because I ship both Faberry and Sterek - I may or may not be actually doing a kind of happy dance when I think about it, which is not a good thing because people in the library are starting stare - but that's not important.

There are still a couple of bits of exciting news to keep the adrenaline up until the news seasons of our favourite shows get into full swing. For starters, AfterElton (who is now our favourite website ever) managed to get a lovely response to slash madness from the gift himself Jeff Davis. Davis acknowledged the fans heart felt battle in a sweet statement:

Teen Wolf fans in general are superfans, but the Stereks are no doubt the Alphas of the fandom. Thank you so much for the support!

I’m sure you’re starting to understand why fans refer to him as a gift – still I would caution any young fangirls on getting their hearts too caught on the idea of Sterek becoming canon. Queer-baiting happens, and I’ve been hurt before. As much as I would to see the relationship between Stiles and Derek explored, I wouldn’t want Jeff Davis to do anything he doesn’t believe is right for the story and I doubt you would either. That said you should totally keep fighting for your ship because caring about things and getting involves is what makes fandom so awesome besides you never know.
See what happens when I don’t have competition running through my veins… I get deep. It’s like I got drunk off the slash madness and this is me at the end of the night cornering some poor bastard (that’s you) to have a D&M.  

Whatever let’s think about the future, because things are happening that will hopefully satisfy all your slash needs. First of all you have the return of most of your favourite TV shows (we have a while to wait for Teen Wolf Season 3 unfortunately), which means there will be lots of new shippy moments (and even some new ships) to talk about here. I just love the moment before new seasons start, everything is so full of hope before we are all crushed in to piles of emotion that are unable to express ourselves through anything other than keyboard smashing.

Also, our new favourite website aka AfterElton, is going to be starting their own weekly round up of all this slash called oddly enough “The Shipping News”.  It’s weirdly familiar, I know. But it’s actually awesome because there is more than enough shipping fun to go around. In fact, I kind of ship me with AfterElton (insert - Obama-its-a-law.gif)… I know I am going to end up with angry Vhelton shippers on my doorstep but it’s worth it.

No word from AfterEllen about a similar column for the ladies – but that’s Ok because you will find enough ladylove here to satisfy even the deepest thirst (I love the ladies, especially when they are loving other ladies).

Anyway, it’s not really over, it’s never over as long as it’s in you’re heart… no seriously though AfterEllen and AfterElton have decided to combine forces to work out whether slash or femslash rule the roost. They are going to have a final deciding match between ultimate champs Faberry and Sterek to find out which couple is actually the greatest non-cannon queer ship ever! And if you think it’s going to be an easy fight because AfterElton’s poll got a lot more votes than AfterEllen’s remember that Faberry beat out Destiel in the EOnline couples poll – so watch out Sterek fans, those Faberry girls can vote!

Finally, because you have all fought so hard for this (go on give yourselves a pat on the back) I am going to count down the top ten shippy moments for both Faberry and Sterek. I’m open to suggestions (and bribes) so if you want a certain moment on the list comment here, tweet me or hit up the Facebook page with your argument as to why it should be included.

That’s all for now. Try to stay afloat while I’m gone and don’t forget to send me any shipping news!