Sunday, September 30, 2012

Top 10 Sterek Moments – Part 2

Okay so this has been a bit longer coming than I anticipated but you have to forgive me because it was my birthday yesterday. Anyway I promise that these moments will be well worth the wait. Don’t forget to read part 1 and I promise the final part will be up tomorrow.

Number 6: Stiles uses Derek’s body to manipulate Danny
“Wolf’s Bane” (1.9)

"This, no fit."

Derek enlists Stiles help to trace the mysterious text sent on the night they were attacked at the school. Stiles doesn’t have the techno-skills but luckily he knows someone who does, Danny. Danny is lured to Stiles’ house under the pretext of studying and is at first reluctant to help Stiles in his sleuthing. But Danny is soon distracted by the steaming hunk of man wolf lurking menacingly in the corner of Stiles’ room. Stiles takes advantage of Danny’s weakness by suggesting that Derek (who he refers to as his cousin Miguel) change his shirt… several times. There aren’t many people that can resist a shirtless Derek and Danny is no exception.

The obvious reason this is on the list is because for Stiles to play Danny in this way he has to have noticed that Derek is incredibly attractive (especially when shirtless). Okay so most people would be able to tell that Derek is attractive but it’s still nice to know that Stiles has noticed. But really this moment makes the list because it’s a really great example of they way that Stiles and Derek just ‘get’ each other (but with added man flesh).

You can see the resentment in Derek’s eyes through the whole event, he’s uncomfortable and he doesn’t like it, but he still goes along with it. When Stiles suggests he change his shirt he doesn’t even question it. And Stiles isn’t worried about offending the werewolf, he just see’s an opportunity and exploits it expecting Derek to play along. If I read into a little more (some may say too much) you can see that Derek is clearly uncomfortable anyone else for help – which is strange because he is constantly asking Stiles for help (albeit reluctantly). Derek doesn’t want to relinquish control, but he does with Stiles (at least in this moment) and that has to mean something.

Number 5: Derek and Stiles are paralyzed together
“Fury” (2.10)

 “I think you two make a pretty good pair.”

Matt’s controlling the Kanima and he’s got Stiles, Scott and Sheriff Stilinski trapped in the police station. Things are looking up when Derek turns up, but then Jackson stings him with his Kanima venom and Derek’s helpless on the floor. He’s soon joined by Stiles, also a victim of the paralyzing venom and to much fangirl pleasure, Stiles falls directly on top of Derek.  Unfortunately Stiles is moved all too soon, but he is placed right next to Derek (it’s almost as if they are relaxing next to each other after time spent doing things that would probably only be shown on HBO).

While the whole being on top of each other is very sexy, and spawns a million fan fictions, it’s not actually the reason it’s on the list. My favourite part of this episode is actually the way they talk, as they lie immobilized next to each other. The exchange is simple and it’s more exposition than anything else but the conversation just flows so easily, it reflects all the conversations they have had but it’s in a completely extreme situation.

Try to imagine if either of these characters were replaced by someone else in this scene. There is no way that the conversation would have flowed anywhere nearly as easily, and then we wouldn’t have been able to find out any of that important exposition about what’s happening to Matt. It’s clear, in this scene, that Derek and Stiles have reached a point in their relationship that they understand each other. Derek gets that Stiles is sarcastic (and he just ignores it) and Stiles understands that Derek isn’t really verbose but knows exactly what to say to get answers out of him.

I also have to point out that after this exchange Derek forces Scott to get Stiles to safety even though he is not fully recovered himself, which is (I’m pretty sure) the forth time Derek has put Stiles safety above his own. What was that Stiles – if threes a pattern, then what’s four?

Number 4: Stiles holds Derek above water
“Abomination” (2.4)

“You don’t trust me. I don’t trust you. But you need me to survive, which is why you are not letting me go.”

Stiles is searching for grandpa Argent’s bestiary (it’s no where to be found of course), when Derek and Erica confront him. In the middle of the interrogation the Kanima turns up and Derek, being the hero that he is, puts himself between Stiles and the monster (totally forgetting about poor Erica). Unfortunately he ends up getting nipped in the back of the neck with the Kanima’s paralytic venom.

Then it’s Stiles turn to be a hero, which doesn’t go all that well because he drops the paralyzed Derek into the pool. There is a moment here, where Stiles has the choice to forget Derek grab his phone and call for help, but of course he can’t do that. He dives into the pool pulling Derek to the surface. Then Stiles is stuck in the pool holding up a paralyzed Derek for over two hours while the Kanima circles them.

You have probably heard the Sterek fangirls cry something along the lines of “but Stiles held Derek in the pool for two hours”. And really it is the stuff that slash fans (wet) dreams are made off, they’re all wet and rubbing up against each other. But seriously, taking the slash goggles off this scene is actually really amazing for a few reasons. First off, in a matter of minutes we get to see Stiles and Derek go from they’re usual sarcastic angry relationship to saving each other’s lives. 

Secondly, and I hate to be detrimental to a female character for the sake of a slash ship but Erica is completely forgotten in this scene. Derek places himself between Stiles and the Kanima allowing Erica to get hit, and then he turns his back on his enemy (which causes him to get hit) just so he can tell Stiles to run. Then there’s the conversation that the quote above comes from, which is utterly heartbreaking because Derek actually thinks that the only reason anyone would save him is to save themself. Seriously that guy needs a hug, Stiles you should probably get on that.

Number 3: Derek and Stiles work together to help Erica
“Restraint” (2.7)

“Hold her up”

When the Kanima attacks them in the Library Erica is infected with the venom, which causes her to have a seizure (something that becoming a wolf was supposed to stop). She’s not doing well but when Stiles and Scott suggest taking her to the hospital she protests insisting they take her to Derek instead. When they arrive at Derek’s lair (which is really hard to type without laughing) Derek gets straight to work. He yells for someone to hold her and Stiles complies (while Scotts just sits there watching), then he breaks her arm to kick-start the healing process and then bleeds the poison out of her. It doesn’t look fun really.

This might seems like a strange one to include on a list of Sterek moments, as it could be seen as promoting a romance between Erica and Stiles but I actually really love this interaction. First of all, when Derek yells for someone to hold Erica, Stiles does what he said immediately even though Scott is closer.  It’s also one of those moments that really fits the whole Sterek as parents of the pack thing that you see in so much fan fic.

Then there is the exchange that follows, where Stiles questions the pain that Derek is inflicting and who strangely enough actually explains himself.  He admits that this is an unknown for him and he let’s Stiles see the panic. I know that Scott is there as well but this whole exchange is really between Stiles and Derek. Stiles to his credit, in spite of the reservations he has about Derek, doesn’t intervene he just keeps holding Erica. Stiles keeps his eyes on Derek the whole time, he doesn’t really even acknowledge Erica until she rubs his arm affectionately.

It’s only about 30 seconds, and after it happens everything goes back to Scott and Derek interacting, but it’s a moment that suggests the kind of couple Sterek would be and should not be underestimated.

Well that’s it; we’re almost at the final two. Can you guess what they are? Or have I included your fav already?

Please tell me all of your Sterek feels in the comments (or on the Facebook page) because how am I going to know if I’m wrong if you don’t tell me. 

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