Thursday, September 27, 2012

Top 10 Sterek moments - Part 1

Remember how Sterek won AfterElton’s slash madness tourney? It was pretty awesome, and in the midst of my excitement at the win I promised to count down the Top 10 Sterek moments. I thought it would be easy, just a simple little list, how hard could it be?

Due to the fact that I can’t stop myself from writing about Sterek this list has been split into three parts. Enjoy part one today – and be ready for part two tomorrow.

When I started watching Teen Wolf again, and I had every intention of just skipping to the Sterek bits but from the moment I saw Stiles dangling on Scotts front porch I knew I wasn’t going to be able to stop. Anyway after a thorough re-watch of Teen Wolf I discovered that there are actually a lot more Sterek moments than I originally thought. It doesn’t help that I just wanted to put it on the list every time they so much as looked at each other… damn this was hard but I got there eventually so let's see how I go. 

Number 10: Stiles calls Derek a sourwolf
“Heart Monitor” (1.6)

“Don’t be such a sour wolf.”

Scott has an awesome plan to draw out the Alpha, so he calls Derek to the school where he uses the PA system to broadcast his wolfhowl (although it sounds more like a growl). Problem is that Scott didn’t realize just how loud it would be, turns out there wasn’t really any need to use the PA speakers. Still Scott thought his plan was pretty genius (at least by his standards) so when Scott and Stiles head out side they are disappointed to find that Derek is less than impressed. Well Scott is upset, Stiles just thinks that Derek needs to stop being such a sourwolf, which is actually a pretty accurate representation of Derek’s general state of being.

Let’s face it; this one is on the list because Stiles calling Derek a sourwolf has become such a huge part of the Teen Wolf fandom, especially for Sterek Fans. I think it’s pretty much a stable of any Sterek fic that sourwolf becomes a term of endearment between the couple. But the more I think about the, the cooler this moment is. You have to remember that this is season one, Stiles is still supposedly terrified of Derek yet he still thinks its reasonable for him to call him names, to his face.

Even taking off the shipping goggles this little moment is a pretty accurate representation of why I love it when Stiles and Derek interact. Stiles makes fun of Derek and Derek just staring in disbelief at him in return (sometimes he makes a sarcastic comment or violent threat). Sure Stiles is like that with pretty much everyone, but it’s really the only time we get to see Derek interact in this way and that’s something we really need to see more of.

Also let’s just try to ignore the fact that like seconds after this exchange Derek is attacked by the alpha and left for dead and Scott accuses him of murder… again. This damn show!

Number 9: Derek asserts his alphaness and saves Stiles from Isaac
“Shape Shifted” (2.2)

“I’m the Alpha.”

Derek’s decided to use his new alpha powers to make himself a pack and his first recruit is Isaac (whose abuse father makes him an ideal candidate).  Things get awkward though when Isaac’s father is killed violently only days after Isaac got the bite. Even though the Sheriff still doesn’t know about the crazy supernatural happenings Isaac is still the top suspect in his fathers murder so when Jackson steps forward as a witness Isaac is taken into custody. This is not good seeing as it’s the full moon.

Anyway while Scott is off being all teen romance with Alison Derek and Stiles head to the police station to save/stop Isaac. Naturally Stiles goes and get caught and ends up trapped in a room with newly wolfed out Isaac. It’s okay though because alpha!Derek to the rescue. Derek swoops in all hero-like and gives an alpha growl that leaves Isaac cowering in the corner (oh puppy). Stiles is totally in aw of this display of manly heroics asking Derek what exactly he did to poor Isaac, Derek replies (in what I can only assume is his seduction voice) – “I’m the alpha.”

There are quite a few scenes where Derek puts himself between Stiles and whatever monster is attacking them this week (there might even be some more on this list) but this one makes this list because it’s so damn sexy. I mean you can practically see Stiles falling a little bit in love with Derek when he asserts control over his beta. So maybe I could be reading a little bit to much into that but just watch the scene again because those lingering looks go on for just a little bit longer than is necessary.

I’d also like to point out that when Derek enters the room he doesn’t seem all that worried about the whole situation, or the dead deputy. It’s not until he sees Stiles and realizes that Isaac is going to go for him next that he wolfs out and asserts his authority.

Number 8: Derek needs help
“Magic Bullet” (1.4)

“Start the car or I’m going to rip your throat our… with my teeth.”

When Derek is shot with a bullet laced with a rare form of wolfsbane he is force to turn to Scott, and Stiles for help. While Scott’s busy making out with Alison I mean searching the Argents house for the magic, Stiles is left to look after the seriously injured wolf. As you can imagine, hilarity ensues (as well as masses of angst).

This is the first time we get to see Stiles and Derek interact, on their own, for an extended period of time and for most people it’s the moment they realized that it was everything they never new they wanted. Seriously, before I get into what makes this so Stereky, it’s important to acknowledge that when Dylan and Tyler H. interact something magical happens. Chemistry (and I don’t just mean romantic) isn’t something you can manufacture and when it happens it’s you just have to make the most out of it (which is why we keep getting more Stiles/Derek interaction).

While this whole episode is awesome the moment that makes this list is in Stiles jeep. You know the moment I mean when Derek threatens to “rip [Stiles] throat out… with [his] teeth”. This line has become something of a Sterek catchphrase and it’s (or variations) found in most fic (which is actually a little bit disturbing). The moment itself it isn’t all that shippy – except sexy eye contact – but it makes this list because it’s just taken on a life of it’s own. Of course when you factor in that Derek has just admitted to Stiles that he incapable of protecting himself the moment become slightly shippier. I’ll just add this to the long list of things that suggest that Derek trusts Stiles more than he is willing to admit.

Number 7: Stiles confronts Derek for the first time
"Second Chance at First Line" (1.2)

“Okay, just so you know. I’m not afraid of you… Ok maybe I am.”

After Scott and Stiles discover a body buried at Derek’s house they call the police. Scott is lurking in the bushes (as seems to be the thing to do in this show) having just watched Derek get manhandled into a police car when he notices a lone figured striding purposefully towards the car, it’s Stiles. Stiles ignores Scotts protesting arm flails and hops into the front seat of the cruiser to confront Derek.

I don’t know what possesses Stiles to confront a werewolf and not just any werewolf, a werewolf he has just accused of murder (I’d like to be able to say he just wants to be near him but we all know that wouldn’t be true). Maybe the cage between them gave him a false sense of security or maybe it’s just Stiles desperate need for answers. Whatever it was I’m glad he does it because I’m pretty sure it’s this moment that puts Stiles on Derek’s radar.

My favourite part of this is exchange is that Derek could have let it go, he could have just been his usual silent self, or made some silly threat about ripping body parts off, but instead he chooses to engage with Stiles. And Stiles actually listens, Derek’s warning forces him to question the situation with Scott, maybe it is too much for him to handle.

It’s hardly a moment of great romance (although there’s some pretty sexy staring at each other) but this moment reflects the way that these two interact from then on. Stiles may be terrified of Derek but he is still willing to confront him in a way that most other characters are not. And Derek, with all his angst actually talks to Stiles. I’m not talking about D&M’s about feelings and emotions or anything but Derek talking at all is a pretty big step.

Ok so that's part one down - how am I doing so far? Did I get it all wrong? Feel free to yell at me, I kinda like it, I'm kinky like that. 

Check out Part 2 now.