Thursday, December 20, 2012

Re-watch and recap: Teen Wolf 2012/2013

Right, I'm in Australia (aka I'm from the future) and I hate to say this but looks as though the apocalypse is just not going to happen... which means you're probably going to have to have a bit of free time of the holiday break. Because I'm a nice person, and I'm also incredibly bored/procrastinating life I have decided to do a Teen Wolf re-watch. You know Teen Wolf, that show that has taken over my life and this blog. If you are not already a member of our ever growing wolf pack now is the perfect time for you fall down the rabbit hole and loose yourself to the wonder that is Teen Wolf

I'm going to recapping each episode as I go along as well as live blogging on Twitter (and possibly Tumblr and be sure to join the conversation on the Facebook page and in the comments. Right well I'm off to watch "Wolf's Moon" - let's get this party started.