Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shipping News: It's a metaphor for lesbian sex... also is that Stiles with a girl?

This week’s Shipping News comes to you a little bit late because I have been pimping my services to After Elton for the week… you can read about the news of all things slash here. Never fear though because I’m back and we have so much to talk about, including magical lesbians, Winchester jealousy, Delena sex (FINALLY) and a certain grainy pic has the Sterek fandom going crazy.

I have to start with Once Upon a Time because these magical lesbians have taken over my life. Seriously this show – I know sometimes you guys think that the ships I talk about are crazy but was everyone present for the whole putting the heart back in scene because if that’s not a metaphor for sex then I don’t know what is. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Murora are the femslash ship of dreams! What I don’t understand is why their obvious subtext has not been upgraded to text already? And I’m not the only one asking these questions.

This recap over at io9 by Meredith Woerner asks pretty much the same question. Sure narratively I understand why they have to go looking for Phillip (had anyone else forgotten about him?) but if this storyline reverts back into a love triangle with Philip in the middle I will vomit. There is no logical reason for Mulan and Aurora not to be a couple, so they should really get on that.

On the subject of couples that are less likely to become canon but no less subtextually sexy, Swan Queen shared a couple of moments in the last episode before Regina broke my heart with her face. The whole – your mother is something moment, and the fact that Regina saved Emma’s life. Urgh they should just have some metaphorical heart sex already.

Also Snow woke Charming with true loves kiss, a nice twist on the classic story.

Let’s talk about Glee, baby because there is all kinds of shipping drama happening in that pile of mess. First we have the coupling of my beloved Brit Brit and Captain Sam, which I probably wouldn’t hate if it wasn’t for the horrible offensive ‘lesbian blogger community’ comments. While I’m still not really over the Brittana break-up (and I don’t think I ever will be), if my beloved Brit Brit did have to get together with someone I’m glad it’s Captain Sam… but really it’s a little bit soon for me to move on just yet.

The other big queer couple of the show – Klaine – had both good and bad news. They shared a beautiful moment in the thanksgiving episode where they exchanged I love you’s and promised to talk at Christmas… then images and videos were released of the two cuties having a lovely time ice-skating. It’s not all smooth sailing for the lovers though because Oliver Kieran-Jones has been announced as a possible love interest for Kurt. Oh no – Klaine fans are not happy.

Now I know I usually refer to the dreaded ‘love interest’ as a girl (because she usually is) but the same applies for boys… Don’t hate the actor because their character might get in the way of your ship. It’s a lesson that all shippers should probably take to heart.

Speaking of the ‘love interest’ and the whole kerfuffle surrounding them, the LA Times published an article with this image:

The article itself is mostly advertising the California tax credit for filmmakers – which yay for California and if you’re interested in shooting something that’s probably pretty useful, what they didn’t realize (or did) was the shit storm that image would unleash.

Yes that is the lovely Dylan O’Brien and he is getting all up close and personal with actress Caitlin Custer – except in actual fact it’s our beloved Stiles and some girl (possibly Heather) that is not in any way shape or form, Derek. Personally, when I saw this image I squealed with excitement because as much as I ship Sterek (and I really do) I also just really love Stiles and the sight of something good actually happening to him is almost too much to contain.

Not all Teen Wolf fans are as happy as me about this revelation (I’m not saying this is the reason Tumblr went down but it is a rather large coincidence). There isn’t really much I can say that I haven’t already said but I will just state this again because it’s important – this new ‘love interest’ makes Sterek no more or less likely to happen… okay?

(Personally kudos to the Teen Wolf publicity department because this is probably the best way to get this kind of news out there with almost no accountability).

Anyway on the subject of Teen Wolf and Sterek – the set was gifted with a bunch of Cookies last week… which was a nice culmination of the Cookies for Sterek Campaign, even if everyone in the fandom was not exactly happy about it. The campaign has moved on this month is all about saving actual Wolves – they are holding a charity auction of all kinds of goodies (fic, fanart, crafts) made by the fandoms most talented people… and it’s all for a good cause. I suggest you check it out.

Right so in the land of Supernatural (which is made of heartbreak and tears), Dean and Sam are having some problems because they are both extremely jealous of their holiday romances but unable to admit it. So instead they keep doing awful things like having Benny tailed or sending fake texts from Amelia. Guys you need to talk about this. In another note it looks like Amelia is indeed real and Dean pretty much admitted that he was in a relationship with Benny.

FINALLY DELENA (The Vampire Diaries) sex happened… and it was awesome. Until it turned out that Elena actually sired to Damon and we were remember the lesson we learnt a long time ago, Damon is not allowed to have nice things.

All right I know that was a bit of a rush but I wanted to get it out and I have all kinds of things to fangirl about… oh and I am writing a list of the Top 10 shippy moments for 2012 and I would love your input, so let me know of you have any suggestions in the comments or on the Facebook Page.