Friday, January 18, 2013

Recap-turing Teen Wolf: A Second Chance is a Gift

Well it’s been a while between recaps but I’m back and we have lots of gratuitous male flesh to keep you happy. This episode is all about second chances… for Scott anyway (and I guess for Derek too) as he tries to deal with the consequences of trying to date a hunter’s daughter.

Poor Scott, he can’t deal with his life right now (or ever). Just when he thought things were starting to turn around, Allison was willing to forgive him and everything, it turns out Allison’s dad wants to kill him. Naturally he’s freaking out a little bit and where better to have a panic attack than the locker room (have I mentioned how much I love the locker room). Oh and he has to take his shirt off of course!

Drink for gratuitous man flesh.

Stiles seems strangly interested in watching his best friend strip until he notices that Scott isn’t his usual chipper self. Stiles does his best to comfort his friend, convinced that Allison rejected him of course we all know he’s wrong but the truth is way worse. Yup Scott is in love with the daughter of the man that tried to kill him, Stiles (because he’s excellent at advice) thinks he needs to man up and focus on lacrosse.

On a side note – Dylan O’Brien must be the hardest person ever too shoot. He never stays in frame, like ever. It’s great and we love it because his physically makes Stiles character but that just must be a nightmare logistically – hats of to you Teen Wolf crew, you have my respect.

Lacrosse practice time and I’m really going to have to learn something about this game because all I know is that it’s like hockey but on grass… and that’s field hockey so I actually know nothing.

The rivalry between Scott and Jackson is still going strong, although it comes more from Jackson than Scott (hoyay). Jackson is determined to take Scott down (for something new and different). It works at first when Scott has is guard down but once he lets the wolf take over Jackson has no hope… or maybe it was Coach Finstock’s inspirational words.

Finstock: “You think you can move faster than the lifeless corpse of my dead grandmother.”

Stiles is a bit nervous because Scott’s not entirely in control of his wolfy powers just yet. He’s right to be worried because Scott takes Jackson down with a particularly rough hit, which ends with Jackson writhing on the ground in pain (seriously try writing that without making it sound like porn… why do I love this show again?). Stiles whisks Scott away from the rest of the team and back into the safety of everyone’s favorite locker room (okay so maybe it’s just my favourite but my blog, my rules so deal with it). This is not such a good plan because Scott ignores Stiles kind gesture and promptly tries to kill him. Nice Scott, real nice.

At my count this is the second time Scott has attacked Stiles because he’s lost control.

We do learn that a fire extinguisher will stop a werewolf (seriously Stiles you should just carry one of those around with you). Scott is all ashamed for wolfing out and Stiles is all, you can’t play to which Scott replies: “but I’m first line” like it’s a legitimate answer to anything Stiles has said.

Teen bedroom angst and mom time. Poor Mama McCall is concerned that Scott might be on drugs but Scott assures her that he is not… right now anyway, which prompts this exchange.

Mama McCall: Have you ever taken drugs?
Scott: Have you?

Go Scott! Maybe you aren’t as stupid as you look (well we know you’re not completely stupid just easily distracted by Allison shaped things). Also this is one of the reasons I love this show because kids this is the exact response you should give your parents when they start to freak about anything. Chances are, if they think you’re doing it, it means they did it when they were your age.

Stiles is shooting Scott with some kind of toy gun, which would be super cute and funny if it weren’t for the fact that Scott tried to kill Stiles earlier that day. That makes me think that Stiles is trying to regain a little bit of power from his newly superpowered best friend. But enough psychoanalyzing because Stiles is like look behind you… and there he is, our favourite creeper. Just hanging out in Scott’s room because that’s perfectly normal Derek… I suggest therapy.

Derek follows his excellent creeping skills by getting all up in Scott’s personal space. Not cool, no wonder the fandom is having massive ethical dilemmas about possible pedophilia. Stop manhandling the teenagers Derek, it’s creepy. I mean seriously it’s not like you need to be that close, Scott has super hearing. Whispering in his ear has bad touch vibes.

After his Derek encounter and Stiles constant peer pressure, Scott goes to Coach Finstock to try to get out of playing in the upcoming lacrosse game… because of ‘personal’ issues. At first Finstock thinks Scott has girl problems, then boy problems and then I’m pretty sure he tries to set Scott up with the teams goalie Danny who is gay. When Scott announces he likes girls (it’s canon guys) Finstock has no more time for his troubles, Scott has to play or he can’t be first line.

Scott goes to hang out with Allison (just to prove that he is indeed straight, sorry Jackson) but even Allison can’t handle it when Scott starts to get creepy about her jacket. The werewolf creeper gene strikes again. Okay so maybe he’s more upset about the alone time she spent with Derek and who can blame him the guy’s super fit I certainly wouldn’t want my girlfriend hanging out with him alone.

Enter Lydia because Scott wasn’t under enough pressure to play in the game or anything. Lydia is concerned that they might lose because Scott maimed her boyfriend (who’s no longer at peak performance). If they lose the game then she’s dating the captain of the losing lacrosse team, and she doesn’t date losers. Lydia manages to flirt, threaten and finish a complicated math problem at the same time all why looking sexy enough to set my ovaries on fire… this ladies and gentleman is why Lydia Martin is better than you (I may or may not be in love, not sorry).

Stiles uses Scott’s wolfy powers to spy on his dad who’s talking about enforcing a curfew because they still don’t have a suspect.  Scott thinks this is unacceptable because if there is a curfew then he can’t go out with Allison.  He’s decided that Derek is the murderer (even though despite the creepiness all Derek has done so far is try to help Scott) and he’s going to prove it, with Stiles help of course. Stiles seems to get angry at the mention of Derek’s name – overcompensating maybe?

Then Scott witnesses Lydia introducing Allison to some guy that is not him and he decides that is Derek’s fault as well… this time it’s personal. He rides is bike angrily to the burnt out shell of a Hale house (Derek are you living there, oh honey that’s not healthy).

The first thing that happens when Scott reaches the Hale house is he notices a suspicious looking piece of dirt that may or may not be important for later. Then he launches into the same argument you are going to hear for the next two seasons. It goes something like this (I’m paraphrasing):

Scott: “Being a werewolf sucks, Allison won’t go out with me, I can’t play lacrosse even though I’m really good now and it’s all your fault Derek.”

Derek: “The bite is a gift, people kill for it (spoilers), Stiles does not have all the answers and you need my help Scott.”

I can’t remember what was actually said because Derek’s top was all tight and fitted and umph Tyler your body is insane. I want to nibble on every part of it… you know if that’s something you might be interested in.  

Anyway I know Derek is a little prickly but he’s going through A LOT of things at this moment and I’m guessing the last thing he wants to have to deal with is a petulant teenager. That said, he really does need to work on his social skills maybe if he explained what he was going through they might get along better.

Stiles flails his way up the stairs, bursts into Scott’s room Kramer style and yes he’s had a lot of Adderall today. Scott has news, he smelt a dead body at Derek’s house (under the suspicious dirt) and now he has to confirm that it is indeed the half a body he found in the woods on that fateful first night. A bunch of other stuff is said as well but Stiles brain sometimes gives me a headache so let’s not go there.

They head to the hospital where Scott sneaks into the morgue to smell a body and Stiles tries and fails to flirt with Lydia Martin who is waiting for Jackson to be doped up enough to play in the lacrosse game. Stiles forgets his failure after Scott announces that the body buried at Derek’s is indeed the body they’re looking for.

Scott and Stiles arrive at the Hale house just after Derek leaves which might be a coincidence but I like to think that Stiles thought of an elaborate plan to get Derek out of the house for an extended period of time.  It might even have involved disguises. In all seriousness has anyone written a fic where Stiles spends the day flirting with Derek so that they have a date but Stiles ditches to go dig up a body because I need that in my life.

Digging up a body takes longer than they imagined, but that’s okay because Stiles has a plan for if Derek returns. Scott runs one way and Stiles runs the other whoever he catches first, too bad. This seems kind of cold (also hilarious) until you remember that Scott is a werewolf gifted with super speed so clearly Stiles is the one that will be caught. Oh Stiles I don’t know whether to hug you or hit you, have you no sense of self-preservation. Protect yourself!

Anyway the dig goes on, Stiles spends the time lamenting Scott’s lack of pop culture knowledge (he is so unprepared for this), until they hit a slight snag. The body they find is a wolf’s body… then Stiles picks up the magic wolfsbane rope spiral and it turns back into the body of a human girl. Stiles has a bit of a freak because he’s not actually prepared to find a dead body (curiosity only gets you so far).

The next day Scott watches as the Sheriff’s department comes to arrest Derek (there are handcuffs and everything, it’s amazing – handcuffs are something Derek should wear more often) but while Scott is happy watching from a distance Stiles has a death wish so he gets into the car to confront a murder suspect. Boy are we glad he did though, because in that moment I swear a ship was born.

Stiles: “Just so you know I’m not afraid of you… okay maybe I am.”

Stiles is terrified, but who wouldn’t be. He’s up close and personal with a guy he thinks is a murderer and knows is a werewolf. But that says so much about Stiles character. He is willing to get past that fear (he is definitely more afraid than Scott) just to get some answers because he HAS to know. It also says a lot about Derek’s character that he chooses to engage with Stiles. He could ignore him, he probably should ignore him, Stiles is nothing to him just Scott’s annoying sidekick. Instead he tells him the truth, Scott is not under control and Stiles believes him. There is also some pretty epic eye sex happening because that is what chemistry looks like.

The moment is interrupted by the Sheriff who is naturally upset that Stiles is accosting a murder suspect. They then have a very Sheriff/Stiles moment complete with sarcasm and being caught out in a lie.

After the father/son bonding moment Scott and Stiles head home and on the way Scott starts having a freak out (just to prove Derek right). Technically it’s Stiles fault, he kept the wolfsbane rope. He tries to do the right thing jumping out of the car and tossing the wolfbane into the woods (Dylan control your body) but by the time he’s done Scott is nowhere to be seen.

Stiles calls the police dispatch line but they hang up when he starts asking about dog like individuals roaming the streets. I don’t know why he bothered calling, it’s not hard to guess where Scott has gone. He’s creeping outside Allison’s window – because apparently you gain creeping skills as well as super hearing when you become a werewolf. As he tries to run from the scene he’s hit by hottie Papa Argent’s car. He’s okay of course (the perks of being a werewolf) but I think Papa Argent is onto him and he’ll be at the game because Scott needed something else to worry about.

Back in the locker room Stiles is both happy and sad to see Scott. Happy because his best friend is alive, sad because it means he’s going to be on the field where he might kill someone… probably Stiles. Scott is not happy about anything…

Scott: “I want to play, I want to be on the team, I want to go out with Allison, I want a semi-fricken normal life.”

Don’t we all Scott. Don’t we all.

Lacrosse game time. Scott’s mom’s in the stands because pressure and Stiles is looking pretty nervous if his incessant need to put things into his mouth is anything to go by (it’s distracting dammit). Also it’s adorable that the Sheriff comes to the games even though he knows that Stiles isn’t going to play. Dad of the year!

Then there is a lot of hitting things and sweaty men running into each other and Scott/Jackson ho yay.

Jackson has told the team not to pass to Scott, and Scott’s letting it happen until he sees Allison helping Lydia hold up a sign for Jackson… even Stiles knows that’s not good.

Someone stop the game! There is a teen wolf on the field!

Scott scores, a lot. Jackson is not happy about it but he’s in the minority because everyone else is pretty excited. Although I’m pretty sure it’s cheating because Scott is bullying the other team into submission, one guy deliberately passes him the ball (movie reference).

They win – yay, but Scott’s not doing so well – not so yay. He drops his glove on the field for Jackson (Cinderella moment). Scott again heads to the safety of the locker room (which has nothing to do with the fact that it’s one of the only studio sets they have just sitting there ready for use). Just when you think things can’t get any worse, Allison follows him. It’s okay though because the power of true love trumps everything even lycanthropy.

I’m going to go a bit film studies here but I couldn’t help notice the parallels between this scene and the one earlier with Stiles. (Logically I know it has more to do with available locations than anything else but work with me here lets pretend they did it on purpose). In the earlier scene Scott and Stiles were alone and Scott was unable to control himself, Stiles had to stop him. In this scene Scott manages to control his urges in the presence of his ladylove. The first scene is during the day, and as Stiles is Scott’s best friend you expect him to be able to control himself. The later scene is at night and plays exactly like a horror movie, the locker room is dark and Allison is the innocent girl wandering into danger… I have no point for this I just wanted to point it out.

Anyway Allison and Scott kiss – there are butterflies and rainbows and probably some kind of glitter confetti (excuse me while I vomit) and everything is wonderful for five minutes. Until Stiles turns up and decides to watch his best friend make out. That’s probably not proper etiquette Stiles. I mean I’m not really down with the bro code, but I don’t think you’re supposed to hang out and watch your best friend kissing his girlfriend.

While all the mushy kissy stuff makes me uncomfortable I can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside when Scott smiles (Posey your dimples are too adorable to hate).  

Scott’s smile disappears when Stiles tells him the news. The girls death was ruled an animal attack (no way) and Derek was released but that’s not all. They identified the body, her name was Laura Hale as in Derek’s sister. Dun dun dun! (Also feel the need to point out that Stiles says Derek’s name like seven times in that one conversation, just saying).

Right on cue there is Derek being a creeper on the field just as Jackson finds the gift Scott left for him (his glove with perfect claw shaped holes in every finger).

… to be continued.

They are still busy explaining the mythology and background so this episode still a bit slow but we did get our first glimpse at the awesomeness that is Sterek not to mention Scallison’s first kiss (it’s nice that they don’t draw out the will they won’t they for too long). There were also some excellent parent/child moments for both the McCall’s and the Stilinski’s. All in all it’s a pretty good episode… we’ve still not reached Teen Wolf’s peak performance yet though. 

All right guys how did you find episode two? Was it better than the first one or not? There was a lot less man flesh in this one but don’t worry they will make up for that later. Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on the Facebook page.

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