Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shipping News: Teen Wolf is breaking my head also a New Girl hook-up… finally

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Hello lonely reader – sorry for the lack of shipping news lately but it’s that time of the month when I pimp my services out to AfterElton to talk all things slash so be sure to check it out. This week – a long awaited hook up, a Larping lesbian, an Eonline poll (with conditions) and so much Teen Wolf news that it literally hurts (I’m going to burst Teen Wolf slow down).

Spoilers for New Girl and Teen Wolf.

Let’s start on a happy note shall we because this week one fandom is very happy indeed… I am of course talking about the New Girl fandom!

That’s right Nick and Jess kissed and what a kiss it was… finally. It’s the kind of kiss that shippers spend their nights dreaming about – even though I’m not active in the New Girl fandom I couldn’t help but get a smile on my face when it happened. Only time will tell what’s in store for the lovers, all we can do is hope that they’re more of a Monica x Chandler and less of a Ross x Rachel (no breaks please) but something tells me that’s not likely.  

Last week on Supernatural not only did we see the return of the amazing Charlie Bradbury (played by the lovely Felicia Day) – she also got a little bit of loving, from a fairy no less. Considering Supernatural is not really known for its portrayal of women or queer sexualities this is a pretty big deal. It had not one but two lesbian lip locks – Charlie is quite the lady-killer apparently. The best part is that it was also announced that Charlie would be returning again later in the season… this certainly is season gr8!

In fandom news EOnline is holding their annual TV’s Top Couples Tournament just in time for Valentines Day and they are currently in round one. Those of you hoping for a repeat of last year’s slash/femslash final (Faberry vs. Destiel) are out of luck though because this year EOnline has tightened the rules.

“There are just two rules: Only shows currently on the air or recently wrapped (Gossip GirlFringe) are eligible, and the duo must have had some legitimate romantic involvement in the past, not just in your head or in your fan fiction. (Pssst... for you fantasy shippers, we have a special tournament coming up after this one.)” (x)

While I understand that by splitting the competition into two they are adding to the websites traffic and limiting the amount of controversy it’s still kind of disappointing. Last year shippers felt like they were being recognized for the first time – sure it’s just a silly online poll but for a fandom that used to be dismissed as immature or laughed at any recognition is a really big deal.

The confidence boost that resulted from a major entertainment website acknowledging non-canon (and especially femslash and slash) pairings is one of the reasons fans were so offended when The EW dissed Sterek. Which of course led to the AfterElton/AfterEllen polls and made Sterek the most talked about slash ship ever.

Still we will take what we can get – so those of you with canon ships should get voting while the rest of us wait to see what they have in store for the “fantasy shippers” (that’s not patronizing at all).

Right – Teen Wolf time – if you don’t want spoilers turn away now!

First off – last week it was announced that not only would Danny be getting more screen time in season 3 he will also be involved in at least one sex scene. Although Sterek shippers were disappointed that the man loving wouldn’t involve their beloved ship no one’s really upset that Danny’s gonna get some… everyone loves Danny. Plus is it’s super fun trying to guess who Danny’s mysterious lover is going to be… (most people are guessing that it will be one of the sexy new Alpha twins but other popular guesses include Isaac and of course Stiles).

Then Eonline announced that our beloved Alpha was also going to be getting some loving this year… and “no Sterek fans, it's not Stiles. And it's also not Erica, whom Teen Wolf fans will not be seeing at all in season three, but a new lady in Beacon Hills.” (x) This sparked another round of Sterek fandom anger which I am not even going to bother addressing because you guys should know my position on this matter by now.

Considering Derek’s getting some it’s a good thing that he’s also gone and found himself a proper place to live… that’s right he’s no longer punishing himself by staying in the burnt out shell of his family home or squatting in an abandoned railway car! He has his own loft. WITH FURNITURE and stairs (a spiral staircase to be exact). Way to go Derek – you might become a functioning person yet.  Now that he has somewhere to take anyone he picks up the chances of him getting laid have increased immensely.

Here’s what the gift himself Jeff Davis had to say about Derek’s new digs:

"The loft will not only be the location for numerous werewolf confrontations, but will also provide for a far more romantic side to Derek. When a character grows and takes on a new attitude and lets in new feelings, it helps to have the setting change as well." (x)

(Also please tell me Derek went to Ikea with Stiles to deck out his new loft… that is a thing I need in my life).

Things are not looking good for Stydia shippers because according to EOnline: “Jackson's exit will not leave an opening for Stiles to make a move on Lydia as we're hearing he's determined to move on from that and will do so within the first four episodes of season three.” Can’t say I’m too upset by this – I always liked Stiles and Lydia better as friends – but it is disappointing for anyone that ships them. (My guess is that Stiles gains some confidence after a tryst with his old friend Heather – don’t worry shippers apparently she doesn’t stick around for long).

Anyway apparently “Lydia will be kind of busy dealing with the affections of one of the (many) new wolves in town.” (x) Considering the previous spoilers concerning the Alpha twins plan for seduction it seems as though there’s a pretty good chance that Lydia is one of their targets. This news kind of upsets me because I was hoping that Lydia would get a storyline that wasn’t tied to a man this season – plus the idea that she’s being manipulated by a werewolf again doesn’t sit well… Lydia Martin is better than that!

And that’s all I have time for this week – seriously though Teen Wolf you need to stop… I know you’re just trying to feed the wolves so to speak but it’s exhausting!

I have to go take a Teen Wolf inspired nap now. See you next time shippers!