Sunday, January 20, 2013

Shipping News: Winchester angst, vampire love triangles, magical lesbians and more

Hi guys I’m back from my travels and all I brought you was this lousy shipping news. Seriously though, I’m a bit out of the loop of all things fandom due to lack of Internet but I’ve done my best to catch up on all the new television and spoilers. So let’s see how I do then shall we. I’ve got Winchester angst, Vampire love triangle trouble, a new magical lesbian ship, good times for Klainers and of course some Teen Wolf gossip.

Where to begin? Well you should know that by now, the answer is almost always magical lesbians and Once Upon a Time has done it again. This was the week that Belle met Mulan, and sparks did fly. Two fierce ladies hunting a beast together it doesn’t get much better than that. Don’t worry guys, I’m still firmly on team Murora and Rumbelle but that’s okay because they were both single when they had their little tryst. Anyway I’m pretty sure it was one sided, Mulan (being the lady lover that she is) clearly had a thing for our lovely Belle but unfortunately Belle’s still hung up on Rumplestiltskin.

Speaking of Rumbelle, they were having an excellent week until everything went to hell at the end (urgh why) and they weren’t the only couple on the rocks. It looks likes there is trouble in the paradise that is The Charming’s marriage. They are fighting over whether or not they have earned some peace at last. Charming wants to get his home back whereas Snow is more than happy to stay where they have the penicillin… only time will tell how whether they can make it through the rough patch.

Seeing as we’re already in angstville we may as well get Supernatural over and done with because it’s been an emotional rollercoaster as usual. Actually if you can see anything through the tears this week had a lot going for shippers – no matter what your OTP is. The Winchesters are still dealing with the fallout of their summer romances and it’s finally come to a head with Sam and Dean being forced to confront Amelia and Benny respectively (seriously though the way they are paralleling these stories it’s almost impossible not to read them as some kind of romantic relationship). The brothers chose each other of course because at this stage they would much rather be unhappy together than try to be happy with anyone else.

On the other side of things Destiel was going strong as Dean latched onto Cas during Sam’s absence. Dean’s face went from annoyed to proud to concerned in a matter of seconds and if that doesn’t say married then I don’t know what does. Then there was the fact that Cas was determined to get Sam and bring him back into the fold (not sure if Sassy or Cas shipping Wincest or Wincestiel) and when Cas was having his breakdown Sam was rather worried (definitely Sassy). Of course then the end broke us into a thousand pieces and we realized there was no time for romance because there is hunting to be done.

On the topic of supernatural romances let’s talk Vampire Diaries. My beloved Rebekah returned with the help of her new girlfriend April and she was a little restless after being dead for so long, so she called a little breakfast club meeting at the school to catch up on all the gossip… and boy did she have a lot to catch up on. Not only did Stefan and Elena break up but she slept with Damon (who she also happens to be sired to). Rebekah forced Elena to tell Stefan how she really felt – she still loves him but she’s no longer in love with him, she’s in love with Damon. OUCH. After fleeing Rebekah’s clutches Elena decides to tell Damon how she really feels about him – and Damon who is not used to being loved decides sirebond be dammed and tells Elena to come to him… something tells me this isn’t going to end well.

In happier news things are looking up for Lizzy/Darcy shippers (The Lizzie Bennett Diaries) because a couple of episodes ago Gigi Darcy achieved something the rest of us shippers can only dream about… she locked her OTP in a room together. Gigi Darcy is now a shipper mascot because that was amazing (she is definitely my hero)!  Seriously though if you are not watching The Lizzie Bennett Diaries you are wrong.

Heading into spoiler territory now, so if you want to remain pure I suggest you turn back now.

Things are looking good for Klaine (Glee) fans… last ShippingNews I posted his tweets about the couple well there has been more news since then including a picture (above) and a video that has shippers shaking in excitement. Fair enough too because it’s not often that your OTP gets a steamy make out session as well as a romantic duet (especially if they’re a queer couple). Enjoy it while it lasts Klainers, it’s only mid season.

Finally let’s talk Teen Wolf because I just can’t help myself (it’s a problem I should probably get some help). Anyway there hasn’t been much shippy news coming from the MTV camp recently but as they only just started shooting again after the Christmas break so I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

There was this tweet by Ian Bohan:

Hmm, what could Derek, Stiles, Scott, Creepy Peter, Papa Argent and Sheriff Stilinski possibly be doing in the woods together? I would love to hear your ideas? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Personally I’m hoping that Papa Argent crashed a Sterek family bbq but it’s probably more likely some kind of supernatural threat… the tweet has sparked theories as to whether or not the Sheriff is finally in on all things werewolves. I don’t think it’s likely but like I always say, you never can tell with Teen Wolf.

If you’re feeling the lack of Teen Wolf in you’re life, remember to join me for my epic re-watch… we’re up to episode 3 this week.

Well my fellow shippers, that’s all for me this week. I promise I will be more up to date with the popular culture world by next week but I can always use some help so send any tips or ideas to me on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook.

Keep on shipping!