Thursday, January 10, 2013

Shipping News: New Year, same ships.

First Shipping News of 2013 and there is A LOT to cover because I have been super slack over the holiday period (I had a chest infection and my best friend got married… it’s not my fault). Anyway I’m back now and I have shipping fun for everyone. This week there’s magical lesbians, more Teen Wolf drama, Catching Fire pics, Merthur’s tragic ending, another Supernatural baby and some spoilery tweets from Ryan Murphy.

TV has returned to me, okay so it never really went away (the BBC felt the need to break me over the holidays so that was fun)… but all my fav US shows are starting to trickle back, which means all kinds of shippy fun.

First up the devil I mean the BBC spent the holiday period making me cry…

Christmas eve saw the end of one of my all time favourite ships – Merthur (Merlin and Arthur). It was also the end of the show Merlin but honestly it’s Merthur I care about. I think it would be impossible to watch that series final without realising that Merlin and Arthur are in love with each other (they are two sides of the same coin). While it was utterly heartbreaking to watch it was a beautiful end to this epic romance. If you want to relive the pain there is a lovely tribute to the five-year journey that is Merthur over at Hypable. It’s not over though, not really, not as long as Merlin waits for his Prince to return… also the fandom has a new lease on life – here is a little something to keep you going.

Merlin wasn’t the only BBC tearjerker over Christmas; there was also Downton Abbey and Doctor Who. Both shows did some serious ship sinking in the worst possible way… death. My beloved Mary and Matthew are no more (which means no more Matthew/Tom as well) dammit Downton! Nothing kills an OTP like death. On a lighter note, the Doctor Who Christmas special saw the return of the Fierce, Samurai Sword-Swinging, Victorian, Interspecies, Crime-fighting Lesbians. Yes that is their ship name (I will also accept Lizard-Woman from the dawn of time and her Wife), I stand by it and I need to see more of them… especially considering they’re married now.

Once Upon a Time is back and although there was a serious lack of Murora; I just miss them okay… they did give us a bunch of Swan Queen to make up for it. Seriously though Emma was fighting in Regina’s corner and it was beautiful, at least it all turned to crap and then I felt like someone had ripped my heart out of my chest (I think I need a magical lesbian to put it back in). Those ladies really need to get it on so that they can raise Henry together. There was also some Snow/Charming sexy times and the beginnings of a Rumbelle picnic.

While we’re on the topic of femslash – you know I loves me some lady loving – I finally saw Pitch Perfect and I came out of it shipping Beca/Chloe like nothing else. I know I’m not the only one because I went in search of fan fiction the minute I got home and there’s a bunch of it. Seriously there are over 50 fics on AO3… at least I had something to keep my busy while I was ill over the break.

Also in the land of movies – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was released and apparently everyone came out shipping Bilbo with Thorin… well they are constantly saving each others lives despite the fact that they insist they don’t like each other. Yup it’s totally shippable (it’s not just the fact that Martin Freeman is adorable and Richard Armitage is sexy as all hell… but that helps). As far as I can tell this ship seems to be called BagginShield but I’m not 100% certain, whatever if you’re interested you can find some fics here.  

Back to reality now because the Supernatural fandom received some good news this week, real life OTP Jensen and Danneel Ackles are expecting… a baby that is. Congratulations Supernatural fans we’re having another baby, a baby that has pretty much won the genetic lottery. Seriously that kid is going to have the facial structure of a god. My congratulations to the happy couple who showed off a burgeoning bump at the People’s Choice awards this week.

(Also in People’s Choice Awards news – J2 (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) clearly coordinated their wardrobes, Jared’s tie matched Jensen’s suit… it was adorable).

Well I think it’s about time we talk about Teen Wolf because it just wouldn’t be shipping news without it. Right so the holidays started out well with MTV releasing a lovely behind the scenes vid from the first couple of weeks of shooting (watch it here). The best part of the video is at the end when Posey said he would be reading fan letters to Dylan… naked. Are we shipping that? Is that a thing? Come on RPS fans tell me there is some fic about this already.

In less happy news – the Teen Wolf wiki announced that Gage Golightly (aka the lovely miss Erica Reyes) would not be returning to Teen Wolf for season 3. This news has yet to be confirmed by MTV but it has certainly upset quite a few shippers (not quite as bad as Colton’s exit but still pretty sucky). Boyd/Erica fans are particularly hurt because it looked as though things might be happening between the two at the end of last season. While I’m sad to see a kick ass female disappear, I still have faith that Teen Wolf season 3 is going to be awesome (maybe I’m just not bitter because I didn’t really ship Erica with anyone – except Allison because that would have been hot and you know it).

Final note on Teen WolfThe Sterek Campaign raised $7,878.59 USD for Wolf Haven International. Well done Sterek fans you can give yourselves a pat on the back… or maybe Derek should give Stiles a pat on the backside as a reward for your efforts – MTV can we make this happen please?  

Right let’s have some more spoilers shall we – everyone loves a good spoiler.

EW realized a bunch of promotional images from Catching Fire this week but there was one that really caught my eye… looks like Finnick and Katniss are getting a little close there, watch out Peeta and Gale there’s a handsome fisherman getting sweet with your lady (sugar cube anyone?).

In other news Ryan Murphy gave Glee shippers some hope (or pain depending on what you ship) via twitter…

I hope that makes you happy Glee fans, but try to remember – never trust Ryan Murphy he’ll probably forget he said those things by this time next week anyway.

Finally – Chris Colfer gave a shout out to fan fiction in his People’s Choice acceptance speech… apparently it’s flattering to be exploited in fan fiction. (I have to agree and I will not stop until someone has written fic about me). I’m note sure if I should be offended or flattered but whatever it’s always nice to get some acknowledgement. The real question is what fan fiction has he been reading and what does he ship? It sounds like it was kinky whatever it was.

Well that’s all from the Shipping News this week. I promise it will back to my usual weekly schedule after this because I no longer have illness as an excuse to be a lazy ass. (Honestly though I all want to do is read fan fiction and watch Teen Wolf.)

Anyway seeing as this is the first post of the year I will leave you with one final question – what do you think is going to be the biggest ship of 2013?

Let me know in the comments below or on the Facebook page.

P.S. on a personal note Tyler Hoechlin was in Sydney over new years but sadly we did not meet and fall in love. Don’t worry though I still ship us and as soon as he knows that I exist I’m sure he’ll agree.