Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Shipping News: This is basically just Teen Wolf with special guests

Sorry guys – everything is getting out of control at the moment so I have had very little time to follow the world of shipping this week. I will give you everything I do have though because I’m nice like that. Unfortunately that means it’s mostly just Teen Wolf but there are a couple of other snippets from other fandoms as well.

Shipping snippets:

·      EOnline’s Top TV Couple’s Poll is into it’s forth round. The couples still in the running are: Lauren-Bo, Lost Girl, Marshall-Lily, How I Met Your Mother, Tony-Ziva, NCIS, Finn-Rachel, Glee, Damon-Elena, The Vampire Diaries, Brittany-Santana, Glee, Meredith-Derek, Grey's Anatomy and Kurt-Blaine, Glee.

·     AfterElton is having a facelift – it will soon be called The Backlot… this made a lot of people angry but more importantly Vhelton fans wondered what the Tumblr favourite ship would be called now. After much discussion Vh1 and AfterElton (soon to be The Backlot) decided on VHot as their new ship name… because they are both super hot. Can’t argue with that kind of accuracy.

·      Is anyone else shipping Rebekah and Stefan (The Vampire Diaries) after last weeks episode? Come on those two hopeless damaged romantics shaking up together, it’s perfect.

·     Sam and Dean (Supernatural) have found themselves a love nest… well okay so maybe Dean called it a batcave but it’s the same thing really. I mean Batman spent a lot of time alone with Robin in the Batcave, they can’t have been fighting crime all the time.

·      Because I am sure you are all missing the magical lesbians – I have just the article for you. AfterEllen has taken the time to rate their favourite Once Upon a Time femslash ships. I don’t necessarily agree with their assessments but it’s a fun read and it helped satisfy my magical lesbian cravings… a little bit anyway.

Teen Wolf time –

Teen Wolf is still killing us with spoilers and such, which is helping keep the fandom alive during the long hiatus months. Really they are just controlling the flow of information and I would like to remind everyone to look at the information they realise with caution. There is a reason they are letting us see these things – try to remember that.

Anyway someone asked EOnline about some Scott Allison scoop and Tyler Posey was only too happy to comply.

Though there a couple of new female characters being introduced in season three, Tyler Posey tells us, "So far they just want to kill me! So far no new potential love interests. Not yet." But Allison may or may not have a new love interest in season three and it may or may not be someone viewers have already met. (x)

This news really interests me because while I know that any romance either Scott or Allison has is destined to be short lived I like the idea of Allison getting a bit of loving on the side. Scott’s got his newfound friendship with Isaac to keep him busy plus it’s highly unlikely he will ever get over his Allison obsession. Allison on the other hand could move on and if it’s with someone we already know that could be fun (imagine the drama with Scott finds out). And who could this love interest be? My heart is hoping it’s Lydia but unfortunately that’s probably a pipe dream but didn’t we see a picture of Sigua in Allison’s room late last year? Hmmm, I wonder.

Riding off the coat tales of last weeks big Derek news (he has a loft… with furniture) Zap2it gave us this little tease:

This week, we got to check out Derek's new bachelor pad! In the four months that pass between Season 2 and Season 3, Derek gets himself a big, spacious loft, complete with actual furniture, a spiral staircase, and a bed... which fans can expect to be put to very good use this season. Executive producer Jeff Davis tells us that originally, the set design included more furniture, but he asked that it be minimized, because Derek isn't exactly the sort of guy who is into interior decor. "Most of this stuff, he probably found in the trash," Davis jokes. In addition to the new digs, Derek has a new look. Tyler Hoechlin revealed that his character's scary wolf teeth got a redesign over the hiatus. (x)

Naturally the fandom is back to freaking out about the fact that Derek is going to get laid… come on guys we don’t even know that for sure. Do you know what else would be a good use for Derek’s bed? Sleeping – Derek definitely needs a good night sleep. Also is anyone else laughing hysterically at the idea of Derek trying to put furniture he found into the back of the Camaro? Seriously though did he hire a truck and go shopping for things just lying by the side of the road? Maybe he timed it so that it was a council pick up day so he knew there would plenty of furniture for him choose from.

Right well that’s all I have time for this week – but be sure to check back next week for more ShippingNews.