Sunday, February 17, 2013

Shipping News: To ask or not to ask also Glee sex-capades!

Welcome Shippers, it has been a big week for some of us (and it’s about to get bigger for the Teen Wolf fandom). Glee fans could certainly do with a break after last weeks sexathon. EOnline has announced its Top TV Couple. There’s some Original sex to look forward too on The Vampire Diaries and a new shipping column on the block.

First off let’s have some shipping news tid-bits:
  • One of our favourite Original vampires (The Vampire Diaries) is getting laid… and no this time it’s not Rebekah. That’s right apparently the lovably evil Klaus is getting some loving in episode 18… no word about who the other party is yet so speculate to your hearts content. (x)

  • EOnline’s Top TV Couples Tournament has come to a close and the winner is: Lost Girl’s Bo and Lauren. Head over to EOnline to see what the ladies (Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer) themselves had to say about the win. Really though we’re all just waiting for the mysterious Fantasy Couples tournament that is apparently happening soon. 

  • SpoilerTV is the latest fansite to jump aboard the shipping express – they have instigated their own shipping column. It’s less news about actual ships and more about the act of shipping itself. The column is called Fans and Fantasy and at the moment it seems to treading water trying to figure itself out. While I don’t agree with everything the author says, some interesting points are raised and the discussion in the comments is certainly fun to watch. Check it out if you’re interested.

  • This week my Tumblr dash was taken over by a post supposedly written by a 74 year old fanboy. The post itself it rather harsh and presents a fairly limited view of slash fans but I am always open to anything that forces fans to consider the fetishization of queer men in slash. 

Let’s get Teen Wolf over with because as usual there is a fair bit to talk about.

Early in the week we had some disappointing news – No Lacrosse (at least for the first half of season 3). Don’t worry though; we will still be spending plenty of time in my beloved locker room because apparently the boys are in the mood for some cross-country running in the offseason (x). Not sure what this has to do with shipping – I’m just really upset about the loss of lacrosse and I needed to share it with someone.

In slightly more shippy news – Stiles is looking for love this season but it doesn’t look like it’s going to go well according to this TVline spoiler:

“Determined to grow out of his crush on Lydia, Stiles will definitely try to find love this season,” executive producer Jeff Davis tells the Inside Line. “His efforts, however, are exactly what lead him and Scott into the new mystery of the season. While other teenagers just discover the pain of heartache, Scott and Stiles discover dead bodies.” (x)

The fact that Stiles is determined to outgrow his crush on Lydia is either really good news or really bad news depending on what you ship. Don’t give-up too soon though Stydia shippers because it doesn’t say that he actually succeeds in getting over Lydia. Personally I hope he does, his goddess worship crush isn’t really good for either of them at the moment. If they are going to get together, they both have a lot of growing up to do first (please don’t let Lydia be given to Stiles as a reward for being the nice guy – you’re better than that Teen Wolf).

I do however, love the idea of Stiles treating romance like some kind of quest. Like he just has to research then enact a well thought out plan and it will all fall into place. It’s just another skill he has yet to master. Then of course he fails miserably because that is really not the way to get a date. Considering the spoilers so far have suggested that everyone is getting some loving this season it’s nice to know that Stiles is just as much of a failure as he’s always been. Plus less dating means more Scott and Stiles brotime, they could both use a bit of that… until Isaac gets in the way of course.

[UPDATE] Another Zap2it spoiler about Stiles love life - Dylan O'Brien says: "I'm gonna be toying with some new girls, you know what I'm sayin'?" (x

All right, I promised to talk about it so that’s what’s going to happen. For those of you that are not on Tumblr – Jeff Davis (as in the gift himself) is taking over the Teen Wolf Tumblr to answer the fandoms questions on Tuesday. Once everyone got over the sheer awesomeness of this event – seriously he doesn’t have to do this, it’s pretty cool that he is – everyone started to freak-out about what we should and shouldn’t ask. The majority of these arguments seem to be about whether or not it is okay to ask about Sterek. I received no less than 10 different questions on Tumblr asking me about this.

It seems that half the fandom is getting angry and telling people not to mention anything about Sterek and the other half is trying to get people to bombard the Teen Wolf Tumblr askbox with expressions of love for the ship. I’m going to come out and say that neither of these attitudes is particularly great. You should never shame anyone in fandom for asking a question about something they are passionate about – that’s kind of the opposite of what fandom is about. On the other hand spamming Jeff with messages demanding Sterek isn’t really going to help the cause.

Here’s the thing – he is going to answer a finite number of questions so if you don’t have something to ask you’re just wasting everyone’s time by sending him messages like: “We want Sterek” or “I love Sterek”. That said if you want to ask a question about the ship Sterek or about Stiles and Derek’s interaction on the show then go right ahead. There is nothing wrong with asking about a ship – even if it is a non-canon slash ship (the same goes for other non-canon ships like Scisaac or Allydia). Besides A LOT of people ship Sterek so if you want to know something chances are a hell of a lot of other people want to know it too.

While the chances of Jeff answering a direct question about Sterek are pretty slim, it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask. Just use your common sense (I’m going to assume you have some) – if you would not ask it to his face then you probably shouldn’t be asking it. This is a really cool opportunity let’s not squander it by squabbling like toddlers.

Finally let’s talk about Glee baby!

There must have been something in the water this week because everyone was a little bit frisky (except for Emma). I suppose the big news should be that Emma left Will at the alter but considering the fact that pretty much everyone agrees that she dodged a bullet there I can’t really bring myself to care. Besides it’s not like it’s going to stick.

Speaking of break-ups not sticking – Klaine and Finchel both spent a night going down memory lane… naked.

Kurt and Blaine made out in a car in a church parking lot in board daylight and it was awesome. Kurt kept insisting that it didn’t mean they were back together, and Blaine’s all “it’s just bros helping bros” which is quite possibly my favourite description of gay men having sex ever to be heard on television. Clearly the message is that it’s not just “bros helping bros” rather the precursor to them getting back together, which makes me sad because I really like Adam. They did sort out the creepy Tina problem though – they are going to find her a straight guy to Vaporape.

Finn is apparently over kissing Emma on the lips and he’s back to telling Rachel that they belong together whether she wants it or not. Rachel has a moment of weakness but ends up sneaking out before sunrise (smooth Rach). Too bad for Rachel though because little flashes at the end of the episode reveal that her life is not as perfect as she thinks it is. The first flash revealed that Brody is a prostitute (which is apparently supposed to make us hate him but whatever, boys got to eat). The other is apparently a flash forward (although I’m not sure about this) showing Rachel taking a pregnancy test… we’re going to have to wait three weeks to find out if Glee is going to have ANOTHER pregnancy storyline.

Sometimes I just want to shake the media and inform them that it is possible to have a female sex storyline without involving pregnancy. Rachel was raised by two gay dads, knows a girl who got pregnant in high school and lives in New York with her boyfriend – there is no way she is not using at least two forms of contraception. Finn must have some magic sperm.

Speaking of storylines involving woman and sex that don’t end in pregnancy the most exciting thing to happen the in the episode was the much anticipated Quinntana hook-up. Sure Quinn insisted it was a one two time thing but come on the satisfied look on that girls face says something very different. Shipping aside, how awesome is it that Quinn had a storyline that involved her making the decision to have sex and then not regretting it later. I’m sure it was entirely accidental but this might have been the most positive female storyline Glee has ever had.

In other news: the Jake/Marley/Rider storyline is still happening but I refuse to give a shit until Jake and Rider admit they love each other not Marley. Captain Sam and my beloved Brit Brit are still going strong and Artie got laid.

Right well that’s all from me Shippers – have a fun week and I might just write you a recap of all the Jeff Davis Tumblr shenanigans on Tuesday evening. I’m also working on the Top 10 most heartbreaking TV break-ups so if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments.

Till next time, stay classy.