Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shipping News: It's a slow week but polls

Not really sure what to write about – most of the shows I love are on hiatus (Glee as well) and I already talked about the Great Jeff Davis Askathon that happened last week. But as I am determined to do one of these every week I better find something to talk about… fast. So let’s talk Oscars, Supernatural Season 9, a Vampire Diaries farewell, Troy/Abed and moar Internet polls.

Shipping the Oscars:
  • The Oscars happened but I’m pretty sure everything that can possibly be said has been said about it. I did live-blog the event on AfterElton’s The Shipping News Tumblr for anyone that wants to see the Academy Awards though a slash fans eyes.
  • On the topic of slash – this lovely lady made a fantastic suggestion via twitter after a surprise performance of Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon Levit:

  • Speaking of strange ships: The Internet practically exploded when Harry Potter and Bella Swan appeared on stage together. There is probably already fic for that, but I really don’t want to read it.
  • When the beautiful Hugh Jackman went to the aid of Jennifer Lawrence after her infamous fall up the stairs it sent my shipper brain into over drive and now I need some Katniss/Wolverine fic. Is that a thing? Come on fandom make my dreams come true.
  • And here is my favourite photo of the evening (I call this ship Captain Hawk): 

Bits and pieces:
  • Forwood shippers that were disappointed by Michael Trevino's underwhelming exist will be pleased to know that Tyler will return for a final goodbye with Caroline later in the season (x).
  • Wolverine and Hercules kissed! 
  • According to Jeff Davis, everyone’s favourite non-wolfy goalie was shooting a scene shirtless on a bed with another dude. Can’t say who his scene partner is or what the scene actually involved (but from what I have heard I think you’re going to like it).
  • Destiel, Sassy and Wincestial shippers can rest easier this week with the news that not only would Misha Collins be returning to Supernatural for Season 9 but he’s returning as a series regular (he’s also directing an episode that should be interesting).
  • Did everyone see Community last week? Ignoring the fact that I’m still not entirely sure about this season because last weeks ep “Conventions of Space and Time” was basically a love letter to Troy/Abed fans. 

Let’s talk Polls:

Zap2it is recreating the epic AfterElton Slash Madness final in their Most Crushworthy Ships Poll. Yup it’s Sterek vs. Destiel again (from 32 pairings to just 2). I couldn’t pick then and I can’t pick now (besides I think everyone’s kind of sick of online couples polls). But considering Misha tweeted about it – maybe we should vote.

Here’s what Carina Adly MacKenzie had to say about the popular pairings:

Dean and Castiel have had a tumultuous relationship on "Supernatural." Castiel raised Dean from hell and they became very close friends, until Castiel betrayed Dean's trust to win a war in Heaven. Now, they're back on good terms after a harrowing trip to Purgatory -- and just in time, too, because it looks like Castiel might really need an ally these days. Meanwhile, Stiles and Derek make for a fun "odd couple" dynamic on "Teen Wolf" whenever they're together, with Stiles' wise-cracking sense of humor an intriguing contrast to Derek's glowering, broody demeanor. Even the actors are joining fans in imagining scenarios for these two! 

I don’t always love Zap2it’s treatment of shipping but I liked this post. It’s certainly better than what EOnline has given us.

As promised EOnline is calling for nominations for its TV’s Fantasy Couples Tournament. Here’s the general gist of the thing:

Fantasy couples is a very loose term, but basically we are looking for pairings that are not romantically involved in any way, but you just love them together so you wish they were. Or you adore a friendship between two characters so much that you want them represented here. Or you think two people have off the charts chemistry, despite them never having any sexual interaction. Sibling duos are eligible, too! Like we said, "fantasy couples" is a term with many implications. 

While I appreciate the sentiment behind this poll I can’t help but feel that it is fairly patronizing. If the point was to highlight crack pairings then it would be super fun. In fact that’s how I think it should be used – go nominate the craziest pairing you can think of because I would love to see them battle it out. But I feel a little bit funny about the idea of a ship based on legitimate subtext and chemistry being lumped into the same group as total crack.

It’s nice that they want to acknowledge shippers but let’s face it they are basically laughing and saying: “oh shippers you so quirky and funny how do you come up with these crazy ideas”.  They are not taking us seriously and that feels like a step backwards.

Finally I’m going to leave you with the new Game of Thrones Season 3 trailer because even though it doesn’t really have anything to do with shipping (there is no point shipping on that show everyone’s going to die anyway) it is too awesome to ignore. 

Happy shipping!