Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The great Jeff Davis Tumblr askathon of February 2013

Wasn’t it nice to have Jeff Davis back in the world of social media? I didn’t realize how much I missed the snarky bastard until he came back – if only for a moment. For those of you that are unaware, Jeff Davis (is a gift) took over the Official Teen Wolf Tumblr earlier today to answer questions from fans. While he didn’t really tell us much that we didn’t already know there were definitely a few things worth taking note of.

Right well I am going to give you a complete recap of what was said for those of you that asked me (why you can’t just read it yourself I don’t know, whatever) but before that I want to draw attention to a couple of things that excited me.

First off though let’s all get excited because Teen Wolf Season 3 has an official airdate: June 3, 2013.

Now that I am done jumping up and down like a crazy person in the middle of a coffee shop we can get down to business (the old lady next to me is looking at me strangely but the staff don’t bat an eyelash at my crazy anymore). Let’s talk about the fact that 306 “Motel California” scares the living crap out of me because if Jeff thinks it’s the darkest episode ever to the point that he thought he would have to fight for it then my body is most definitely not ready. Add to that the fact that Dylan wrote a scene for this episode and I’m basically already crying because I cannot handle Stiles feels at the moment. Plus we have the added Stiles angst from the bromance love triangle. Scott might be trying to be a better everything but something tells me he’s probably going to fail. If I am going to have to deal with this many Stiles feels I am going to need some shirtless Dylan to make up for it.

Then if we make it through that episode we have to deal with 308 – Hale flashbacks, pre-fire Derek – nope. I don’t want to talk about it. I’m also going to need lots of shirtless Hoechlin (preferably on the ground thrusting) to make it through.

Speaking of shirtlessness! We already know we’re seeing the Alpha twins shirtless, now Isaac and Danny (not together obviously or maybe they are). Also shorts for cross-country… I’m not opposed to that.

You know what else I’m not opposed to – the millions of fic I expect to see about Derek at Splash. For those of you that don’t know Splash quite a well know gay club in New York. I know that Jeff was being his snarky self when he said this but I have decided that Derek hanging out in the gay nightclub circuit (possibly working at a bar) is my new favourite thing. Also Jeff is my favourite person because don’t you think for a second that he didn’t know what he was doing (let’s ignore the possibly queerbaiting implications). He can’t feign innocence all he wants he is a master troll and we love him for it.

Finally before I give you the dot points of the event let’s talk about Sterek because Jeff answered two questions about the ship. In the first one he played dumb, which is how he reacted to pretty much everything else that he couldn’t answer (like the questions about Derek’s love interest). But when someone asked if Sterek bothered him he had this to say:

Sterek does not bother me at all! I love the artwork, the unbelievable fan enthusiasm over it. How could I not like fans being passionate about two characters?

This pretty much sums up everything I have been saying to people about talking about Sterek. Seeing as I am no one, people might actually listen to Jeff. So check that quote and quit your worrying because you are not offending anyone by enjoying Sterek.

Right well here’s what went down as seen though my sleepy coffee deprived eyes.

What did we learn about Jeff:
  • His two favourite places are his new house in Hollywood and the Teen Wolf set and if he could go anywhere past present he would travel to the future to see what Apple come up with next.
  • He has a soft spot for writing snarky Uncle Peter.
  • Some scenes are harder to write than others (no duh).
  • Lydia is character that has taken unexpected directions.
  • He grew up in Milford, CT.
  • He calls writer’s block Writer’s Agony and fights it off with caffeine.
  • He thinks Dylan looks great in glasses (don’t we all Jeff).
  • He is very excited about Season 3.
  • Too keep spoilers under wrap he threatens people.
  • Some scripts take only days others weeks.
  • He really liked the episode “Raving”.
  • He kind of loves it when they beat on Derek (same).
  • He likes the idea of Demon!Stiles.
  • Sassy Peter comes from the deep well of sassy within Jeff.
  • He thinks season3 is the best yet.
  • Deadlines inspire him to write (I wish they inspired me).
  • His mum does the grocery shopping.
  • If he had to eat one thing for the rest of his life he would eat In N’ Out Double Double Cheeseburger.
  • He has no idea how Derek keeps his stubble so perfect.
  • Sterek doesn’t bother him.
  • The cast and crew are like a second family.
  • He likes talking to the fans – when we’re nice.
  • He doesn’t like to think about the characters graduating high school – it sounds like a logistical nightmare.
  • He will probably do another Q&A eventually.
  • High school was like prison until he discovered writing.
  • He usually listens to score when he is writing.
  • Stiles and Lydia’s relationship is quite different this year.
  • He has a dependence on caffeine and a standing desk.
  • He likes homemade chocolate chip cookies.

What did we learn about Teen Wolf season 3:
  • There will be real wolves on the show soon.
  • Peter is a beta and essentially part of Derek’s pack.
  • There is a new central mystery but he wouldn’t say whether it was human or supernatural.
  • There will be plenty of promotional happening in the next few months.
  • Lydia is more crucial than ever, at the start of the season she knows everything.
  • Allison, Stiles and Lydia grow much closer this season and team up in numerous episodes.
  • There may be shorts involved in cross-country.
  • We will find out where Isaac lives in the first episode.
  • Scott has some specific goals for Season 3… which Jeff can’t tell us.
  • There will be an explanation of Jackson’s disappearance. 
  • We learn more about pre-fire Peter in 308.
  • We will also learn about the rest of the Hale family and pre-fire Derek.
  • Jeff can guarantee Danny awesomeness.
  • We will learn a lot more about Boyd, especially his family.
  • It’s not likely that Scott will ever be part of Derek’s pack, but it’s possible.
  • There will be shirtless Isaac scenes.
  • Stiles and Lydia aren’t exactly magical.
  • Allison will find out about why Derek bit her mother.
  • Scott has spent the last four months trying to improve himself. His goal in the new season is to become a better friend, a better son, a better werewolf, a better everything.
  • Stiles has more hair.
  • If Gerard does come back he will be up to no good.
  • Mama McCall will help out in unexpected ways.
  • More horrible things will happen to Derek.
  • The werewolf eye colours are very important.
  • Papa Stilinski has a first name – but Jeff wouldn’t say what it is.
  • We get to see Laura Hale.
  • They have done their best to make the locations feel like the old Beacon Hills.
  • He might include a geeky female character but probably not until the second half of season 3.
  • Episode 306 called “Motel California” is the darkest episode yet.
  • They are casting an actor to play the young Derek Hale.
  • Someone might punch Harris in face (or something similar).
  • Keahu is shooting a scene where he is shirtless on a bed with a guy.
  • We will learn more about The Vet and Mrs Morell.
  • We will find out about Posey’s tattoo in the first episode.
  • They will explain what happened to Erica.
  • Dylan wrote a scene for 306.
  • Allison could potentially have a relationship with someone other than Scott.
  • We might learn about Scott’s father in the second half of the season.
  • Love is in the air for Lydia.
  • Dylan will decide whether or not we see Stiles shirtless in season 3.
  • Isaac may take Stiles place as Scott’s best friend – bromance triangle.
  • We will learn why some werewolves can turn into full wolves in one specific episode.
  • The similarities between Derek’s tattoo and the Alpha pack symbol has a deeper meaning.

Other miscellaneous happenings:
  • If they played Hockey rather than Lacrosse in Beacon Hills Stiles would be defense because he would be good at blocking the puck with his head.
  • Werewolves don’t have to go to the dentist (in other news I have decided to take the bite).
  • Everyone agrees that Unicorns are awesome and Vampires are not.
  • There could be a season 4 (if they survive Season 3).
  • The Teen Wolf novel – On Fire – is not necessarily canon.
  • Melissa inherited her house from her mother (that’s how they can afford to live in such a big house).
  • He asks the casting director to find him sexy and they do.
  • A female werewolf on her period on the full moon would not be good.
  • Jeff has offered to pay Matt’s therapy bill (he’s going to need it).
  • Real normal love is never an option on Teen Wolf.
  • Jeff sees Stiles as Perseus – he needs to be given a supernatural weapon to survive.
  • We could have an entire hour of naked Dylan O’Brien but it probably wouldn’t be called Teen Wolf (and it would probably be pay-per-view).
  • Tips for meeting Dylan O’Brien – “If you see him go into attack position, lie flat on the ground and pretend you’re dead. Wait for him to sniff you. This could take several minutes. When he’s docile, pet him gently on the cheek with the back of your hand. ONLY with the back of your hand.”
  • Derek and Laura went to Splash Bar in New York (seriously Jeff, sometimes I love you more than I love myself).
  • Derek gets his money from insurance.
  • Peter is loosely based on Iago from Othello.

Right well that’s all I got – most of the stuff Jeff said we’ve heard before but as I discussed above there were a couple of things that tickled my fancy. It was certainly fun to see Jeff interacting with the fandom again, we’ve been deprived for too long. Now we have to settling in for the wait because there are only 104 days before Season 3 begins.