Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shipping News: The return of magical lesbians and a crossover ship I never knew I wanted

It’s my time of the month! I am of course referring to it being my week to pen After Elton’s The Shipping News and tell the world about all things slash (you should probably read it). But I have managed to find the time to scrape together some shipping news you lonely reader. This week: the return of Swan Queen, Jeff Davis’ social media addiction gets the better of him and I’m shipping Stiles with… Jess Day.

The magical lesbians are back! Okay so I’m still upset by the serious lack of Murora but it’s still nice to have Once Upon a Time back in our lives. So Belle still can’t remember who she is which sucks for Rumple (they share tear filled phone conversation – the tears were mine). But it might actually be a good thing though because apparently Belle isn’t the first strong woman to steal her heart. That’s right Rumple and Cora sitting in a tree – it’s okay though it doesn’t look like Regina is Rumple’s daughter (that would have been confusing). Also Snow made a terrible mistake.

Moving on to magical lesbians. Emma and Regina were rather antagonistic in this episode but they did get a little up close and personal with each other (albeit in a violent fashion). I could write paragraphs expressing my feelings about this moment but this image pretty much sums it up:


Speaking of lesbians – Santana is the saving grace of Glee. Also they now officially need to drop the while high school drama and move permanently to Brunswick with Santana, Rachel and Kurt (aka the gayest roommates ever). Seriously next year when my beloved Brit Brit, captain Sam and Darren Criss Blaine graduate there really is no reason to be a McKinley anymore. Cut the dead limbs off already.

Anyway back to shipping. Will pulled a John Cusack (with the help of his students) and now he’s dating Emma again – or he was until Finn opened his big mouth about the sweeps kiss. Brody is still a prostitute (Santana thinks he’s a drug dealer – and she knows all about drug dealers) but it doesn’t really matter because Rachel has Finn Jr growing in her belly. Kurt is still hung up on Blaine (and yes they sung “Come What May” – it was a dream – they basically just stole a fanvid of youtube and pasted it in the middle of the episode). The adorable Adam’s Apple is going to help Kurt get over it though.

Bits and pieces:

  • EOnline’s Fantasy TV Couples tournament is into it’s second round so you should probably get voting – here.
  • HollywoodLife listed 13 couples they’re rooting for in 2013. It’s pretty heteronormative but if you’re interested check it out here.
  • There was drama in the Sterek fandom again – I wrote my thoughts on the matter here.

Stop… Spoiler time!

You know how crossover ships are a thing? Well get your pens ready because Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien will soon be guest starring on an episode of New Girl. According to TVGuide he will appear in a flashback episode that reveals how each character lost their virginity (that was my favourite episode of How I Met Your Mother).

“O’Brien will play Jess' (Zooey Deschanel) prom date, a gorgeous, romantic, guitar-playing 18-year-old who promises a memorable "first time" for Jess, who wants to lose her virginity to someone special. But will he be able to actually seal the deal?” (x)

That’s right ladies and gentlemen (and everyone in between) the adorable Jess Day might just lose her virginity to fan fav Stiles Stilinski. Please let there be fics for this because that is a thing that needs to happen… soon. I know you guys love Sterek but take a detour for a moment, please. This is greatest thing I never knew I wanted.

On the topic of Teen Wolf let’s talk about Jeff Davis. If you didn’t know already Jeff took over the Teen Wolf Tumblr ask box again on Friday because he just enjoys causing my havoc at the least opportune moment. I though this would end when he left twitter but alas he’s still trolling. I wrote a basic recap of the event but I’ll give you the shippy version now.

First things first – Jeff said that we will see more Sherriff/Melissa interaction so that’s exciting so that’s exciting and no one could ever replace Scott and Stiles relationship… sorry Isaac. Also Jeff hinted that Lydia needed a love interest to be happy. Not cool Jeff. Lydia doesn’t need anyone but her to be happy.

Now for what you’re really waiting: Sterek. Jeff actually gave us a little more this time around. Maybe because it was so last minute they didn’t have enough questions about other aspects of the show but whatever. You will pleased to know that Jeff said that Stiles and Derek do interact this season and he even went as far as to say that the pair will become definite allies.

The answer that caused the most controversy happened when he was asked whether knowledge of the popularity of Sterek affected his writing process. This was his response:

“It did make me wonder about certain scenes for these first few scripts. I would not say it has affected the storytelling, though. There has been a long plan in place for certain characters. The path deviates sometimes but the destination remains the same.” (x)

I’m not sure why this seemed surprising but apparently it is. Personally I’m reassured that Jeff has a plan, we want him to have a plan, that’s a good thing (I’m talking to you Glee). I guess I am wondering whether him thinking about it led to more or less interaction between the pair (signs point to less) but the fact that he said he thinks about it and he didn’t make a joke out of the answer – that’s a good thing.

Right kids, that’s all there is for today. Feel free to vent your shipping woes in the comments. See you next week.