Friday, March 8, 2013

The Great Jeff Davis Tumblr Askathon Part Deux

All right I am in the middle of the busiest weekend ever – but here’s a basic outline of what when down when Jeff Davis took over the Teen Wolf Tumblr ask box again. I will write some more analysis when I have some free time. Here’s how I feel about Jeff for doing this on a Friday night.

Important quotes:

When asked whether knowledge of the popularity of Sterek affected his writing process Jeff had this to say:

It did make me wonder about certain scenes for these first few scripts. I would not say it has affected the storytelling, though. There has been a long plan in place for certain characters. The path deviates sometimes but the destination remains the same.

About the audience:

It does indeed encourage me. We writers write for an audience. I can’t wait for the fans to see how the characters have grown and begin guessing about the new mystery.


Stiles can shake it.
Derek can slow dance,
Scott might need to find some rhythm.
Isaac won’t go near a dance floor.
Lydia is classically trained
Allison is good but a little uncomfortable
Stilinski would surprise you with his grace.
And Peter could beat them all.

About Jeff:
  • ·      He loves hugs.
  • ·      He grew up on comics
  • ·      His favourite shows at the moment are Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead
  • ·      He doesn’t like pictures of himself
  • ·    Jeff loves Dylan like family and thinks he’s one the finest actors and coolest kids he’s known.
  • ·      He thinks the cast without noses is adorable
  • ·      He doesn’t get nervous about showing the cast and crew what he’s written because he’s their boss and they’re contractually obligated to like it.
  • ·      He likes Teen Wolf more than Criminal Minds (right now anyway)
  • ·      Patrick Stewart is his guest star of choice.
  • ·      Jeff’s birthday is June 13th 1975 (he and his twin were born on Friday the 13th)
  • ·      It is difficult to kill characters but necessary when the story demands it.
  • ·      The flash back episode was pretty fun to write.
  • ·      He drives a snazzy Porsche
  • ·      Writing tip: Write the story you would love to see.
  • ·      Favourite film scores: Dark Knight Rises, Tron, Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan

What we learnt about Season 3:
  • ·      We learn more about Lydia than ever.
  • ·      Lydia’s immunity is NOT important at the moment
  • ·      Opening credits will be a little different
  • ·     The numbers of Derek’s pack are diminishing haha (Jeff Davis added the laugh I made a sort of muffled crying sound).
  • ·      Peter knows about Derek’s part in the fire.
  • ·      Peter is part of Derek’s pact – they are a very close family
  • ·      There will definitely be scenes between Stiles and Derek
  • ·      Hells yeah there will be more ladies kicking butt
  • ·      Peter has a very dark past
  • ·      Somebody will get the bite but not in the way we might expect
  • ·      Expect to learn about Scott’s father later in the Season
  • ·      Isaac is not replacing Stiles – there will still be Scott/Stiles bro-time
  • ·      There will be more Sheriff/Melissa
  • ·      There will be enough new characters to broaden the story but not enough to take away from the main characters
  • ·      When asked about Lydia’s new love interest Jeff said: “Don’t you want her to be happy???”
  • ·      There is always room for more Coach Cupcake
  • ·      There is no flashback with Derek getting his tattoo.
  • ·      Stiles and Derek become definite allies this season.
  • ·      There are many changes in store for Derek
  • ·      Scott will struggle with his wolfy instincts.
  • ·      Boyd and Isaac face very difficult challenges – especially in their allegiance to Derek.
  • ·      We learn about werewolves and tatoos in the first episode.
  • ·      305 is called “Frayed”
  • ·      The Alpha back does not have betas.
  • ·      Interesting answers about mythology in the flashback episode.
  • ·      Interesting question: did Boyd have sisters?

Other miscellaneous stuff and things:
  • ·      One word to describe Teen Wolf: Thriller
  • ·      LA traffic sucks
  • ·      Matt and Isaac were friends as kids but drifted apart later on
  • ·      Every event is traumatic for Derek.
  • ·      Isaac has a foul mouth when uncensored
  • ·      Stiles probably puts people’s numbers in his phone under some kind of code
  • ·      It’s unlikely they will have a musical episode (Buffy did it too well).
  • ·      They can’t afford the CGI for a full wolf transformation but it could happen in a Teen Wolf movie. (#sixseasonsandamovie)
  • ·      Stiles will be happy when the show’s over because conflict.
  • ·      Co-Exec Producer Christian is the biggest jokester on set.
  • ·      He tries to stay away from talk of genetics – it’s mystical rather than scientific.
  • ·      They are very interested in perusing the pages of the Bestiary (knot bestiality)
  • ·      We will learn about Mama Stilinski eventually (just not soon)
  • ·      Keahu’s dimples are blinding
  • ·      Posey’s hugs are legendary
  • ·      Gerard is irredeemable
  • ·      They the complete story before they start writing – this time they know the very last scene of 312.
  • ·      Killing Peter would never have been an option for Scott.
  • ·      Danny’s last name has something to do with the moon.
  • ·      The Harlem Shake is not going to happen.
  • ·      Derek went to Beacon Hills high.

That’s all I got right now. Talk soon.