Friday, July 12, 2013

Talking Teen Wolf: Forever Crying About Teenage Werewolves and Their Friends

Okay I’m a little bit late this week but I was distracted by Hoechlin’s abs – you know how it is – so I’m sure you can forgive me. Or not, it doesn’t really matter because I am in the computer and you can’t get me. Anyway Teen Wolf happened and that might be another reason I have been having trouble writing this week because every time I think about that episode I think about the yellow crayon moment between Scott and Stiles and then I start leaking out of eyes (is there like a cream for that?). Right that episode was amaze-balls (I have watched it 3 times already) so let’s talk about it shall we.

I’m not going to list all the things this episode did right because it was basically the whole thing. It was brilliant really – I especially loved the classic horror feel and the heartbreaking broment. Because it was so awesome I’m just going to talk about the couple of thing about this episode I didn’t completely love.

Not everything has to have a deeper significance. I was on board with the episode the whole way through and then at the end they were so desperate to tie it to the season arc that they tried to make us believe that the reason the whole thing happened was because someone put a little wolf’s bane in Coach Cupcake’s whistle. I know I shouldn’t apply logic to Teen Wolf but that was a ridiculous plan and makes me think that the Darach is an idiot. It would have been so much cooler if they thought it was part of the series mystery but it turned out to be a random occurrence.

The episode did other things to push the narrative forward like further Lydia’s abilities, cement Scott and Stiles relationship and show that Ethan might not be all bad. Did it really have to be the Darach all along? I wasn’t present for the writing process but my guess is that they wanted to do a cool horror-hotel episode (Jeff kept referencing The Shinning) and then they tried to fit it into the season mystery after it had been written. I also feel the need to remind everyone that wolf’s bane is poisonous to humans as well as werewolves… someone should really get Coach Cupcake to the hospital.

Do not interrupt the best moment in Teen Wolf history for a sex scene. Don’t get me wrong, despite the fact that sex scenes are the bane of my existence (they are usually unnecessary and not really all that sexy) I don’t hate seeing Hoechlin and Haley make out. And I understand that they were trying to point at a deeper significance by connecting those two scenes (I get it) but sometimes you just have to let go of the plot and stay with the emotion. The shift was somewhat jarring and it interrupted the flow of an otherwise brilliant scene. Also again with the slow-mo, you need to stop Teen Wolf.

Those were honestly the only two things that really bothered me. Everything else was pretty good. Great even. In fact I kind of want to go watch the episode again now because it was that good. But I won’t because I have to talk about Teen Wolf.  Here have some recaps – mine is not so good (I was very emotional okay), Price Peterson’s is good, Heather Hogan’s is cool, Hello Tailor is always awesome and Heath pretty much encapsulates my viewing experience.


Bits and Pieces:
  • The lovely Brook talked about Stiles possible bisexuality over at Hypable. Go read it. If you’re interested I would sell my boobs for Stiles to confirmed as bisexual… and I really love my boobs.
  • It’s been said that a “major character” will die next week, if you’re worried about your faves check out this list of which characters have been mentioned in spoilers for later episodes. But DON’T TRUST ANYTHING!
  • If, like me, you were overwhelmed with pack feels when you saw the whole pack together on the bus at the end of the episode then you should probably read this.
  • Curious about what Stiles would say about the Motel Glen Capri on Yelp… well this lovely person wrote it for you. I love fandom.
  • Ever wondered what kind of canine each member of the Teen Wolf cast would be? Yeah me neither but that doesn’t make this any less awesome.
  • Teen Wolf was in TVGuide – check it out here.
  • More details about Teen Wolf at Comic Con here. Don’t look at me I’m just really sad that no one has offered to teleport me there yet.
  • Jeff has admitted he’s not great with numbers but one lovely Teen Wolf fan has finally figured out the time line. Check it out here.
  • A description isn’t going to do it justice so you should probably just go look for yourself at this fabulous Twitter conversation between Ian Bohen and Orny Adams.

The Sterek of it all.

It just wouldn’t be Teen Wolf without some Sterek drama. While I have been asked about this a lot I’m not sure what to say because I don’t think there is anything I can add that will make the conversation better. I totally understand how upsetting it can be to watch half your OTP get down with someone else – it’s heartbreaking, kind of like being cheated on – but I’m also kind of pissed that Sterek is taking up all the conversation. Jennifer Blake is a mystery and it would be nice to be able to talk about her without Sterek entering the equation.

This whole week has had me biting my tongue because people on both sides of the argument don’t understand that criticism isn’t hate. We should be looking at Teen Wolf and being critical – like thinking about the fact that there are two new (well new for us) ladies in Derek’s life this season both of which represent something he desperately wants. I don’t know what show you have been watching but in Teen Wolf Derek never gets anything that he wants so I’m actually very worried about him – and I am also very worried about Jennifer and Cora being used as plot devices without wants and needs of their own.

Both Jennifer and Cora represent mysteries that have not been solved yet and we should be able to talk about it without someone getting their knickers in a twist. Seriously though if anyone has any meta about Jennifer Blake where she isn’t completely evil or some kind of gift/healing vagina for Derek I will marry you. And why is everyone is not more concerned about Cora? Mysterious Hale sibling (who was supposedly dead) that just happened to turn up when the evil Alpha’s come to town to recruit Derek? Come on. There is something up with both these ladies and the only thing we can guarantee is that it’s all going to end terribly for Derek. 

Right well I got a bit sidetracked from Sterek because I just really love girls okay but the point of this is, I don’t know. I still ship Sterek. If you do to that’s cool. If you don’t, that’s cool as well. Just send me awesome meta. The end. Also, Sterek fans, while I haven’t been completely convinced by so-called parallels using “I’m going to rip your throat out with my teeth” is poor form (unless of course there is a deeper significance there, which you know). But yeah if it turns out they just repeated that line because they thought it was cute you have my permission to be a little cranky (even if it’s just because repeating popular lines is super lame and should just not happen, no matter how temping it is, unless you are deliberately pointing to parallels, but even then, probably not).

An open letter to… Dylan and Posey

This is a two-for-one because let’s face it you can’t have one without the other and this week Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey were so amazing that I am still crying about it. That’s not a joke, I’m pretty sure my keyboard is going to stop working because it’s drowning in tears.

Dear Dylan and Posey,

You assholes! How dare you make me feel these things? I hate you a lot right now, in the same way that I don’t hate you at all because you acted the shit out of the flare scene. I just can’t fathom how you managed to express that much emotion at your age but I am glad you did.

Posey, I know I always go on about Dylan’s talent but you help your own against him and your face was probably the most heartbreaking part of that scene,

Dylan, congrats on writing your first scene. It was cool, but can you please keep on with the acting thing because you’re phenomenal and I like the way you make me feel… sad.

Just, you two, how do you go from silly skater-boys to breaking my heart into a 1000 pieces? I just don’t understand it but I sure as hell like it. Let’s see more emotional broments between Scott and Stiles please and I really hope I get the chance to see both of you rock your acting skills like that again before the end of the season.

Lots of love and emotion,


P.S We should probably get drunk together one time. I have a feeling you dudes would be exceptional drinking partners.

A second open letter to… Haley Webb

Remember how last week I was freaking out about the fact that my celebrity-crush on Haley Webb was reaching unmanageable levels. Well I thought we should probably have a chat about it before things get weird. So this week has a second open letter to the lovely, amazing, outstandingly fabulous Haley Webb.

Dear Haley,

So I was wondering if we could maybe sit down and have a chat about certain details of your performance in last week’s episode? Specifically the parts where you were making out with Hoechlin, but no pressure, I’m flexible… I mean I’m joking, mostly.

No but seriously why did you have to be so awesome? Because it’s making it hard for me to be sensible when it comes to your character. Everything that has happened so far is screaming WARNING: DO NOT GET ATTACHED! I keep dismissing it because I’m like nah Jennifer is amazing and she’s not going to die or be evil and then we can keep her and you in our lives for as long as Teen Wolf is on the air. But I can’t shake the feeling that this is going to end badly for me (and Derek as well).

I don’t know what I expect you to do about it, I just wanted to share my feelings and maybe you could offer a little comfort in my time of need. (Then maybe we can have that talk about Hoechlin… for science of course). Anyway, don’t stop being you.

All the emotions from,


P.S. I have nothing else to add. But I always write a humorous PS on these letters so umm hi. And umm, bye.

UndieGirl literally talks Teen Wolf

It’s video time… please ignore the state of my face it’s been a big week. But this week is all about intention vs. interpretation. That seems to be a big theme in fandom at the moment but really does intention even matter?

Parting notes…

First thing, apparently there are legitimately people out there like Scott that have never seen Star Wars. This is unacceptable and like Stiles it makes me really angry. So do me a favor find someone that hasn’t seen Star Wars and introduce them to the awesomeness right away. You never know when they could check into a haunted hotel and be compelled to set themselves on fire… I’m not saying that not seeing Star Wars was the reason Scott had his breakdown – I’m just saying that Stiles didn’t break down and he had seen Star Wars. Seriously though, who hasn’t seen Star Wars? I’m just really upset about this.

In other news you can watch the extended promo for next week’s episode here and there is an adorable sneak peak featuring Scott and Allison here. I haven’t read much Scallison fic but I’m guessing there’s going to a bunch of new porn after that little scene. Also any ideas as to which character will be biting the dust? I’m just not thinking about it, but maybe you guys are more emotional stable than me.

Finally I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day and she said: “Undie, you haven’t talked about Hoechlin’s abs in a couple of weeks.” Well I can’t have people thinking that my relationship with Hoechlin’s abs is on the rocks… so here’s a little something I’ve been staring at for a couple of hours.