Saturday, July 20, 2013

Talking Teen Wolf: It's Comic Con and I'll Cry if I Want To


OMG you guys there is just too much to talk about this week, which I am so late… well that and the fact that I have spent the last 4 days crying over Comic Con (it’s the best and worst week of the year). It’s a good time for Comic Con though because it gives me something else to talk about besides the last episode, which let’s face it wasn’t great. It was the worst offering of the season – that title still goes to “Fireflies” (303) – but it still didn’t really give me what I needed. Good news is that it’s almost time for the much anticipated flashback episode, which means we finally get to meet the Hale’s. Even if it sucks it’s going to be awesome.

First things first – I’m not going to go into detail about what was wrong with last week’s episode because I think I made it pretty clear in my recap. If you want a condensed version of my thoughts – read my review. Problems aside – it’s still Teen Wolf so I still enjoyed it to a certain extent. But don’t take my word for it – check out Heather Hogan, Price Peterson and of course my person fave Heath.


It’s Comic Con and I’ll cry if I want to!

As much as I would love to spend the next 8 hours recapping everything that has happened so far at SDCC, I just don’t have the time or the space. And let’s face it I would ultimately have an emotional breakdown because I am here, in my room and not currently at Comic Con getting drunk with the cast of Teen Wolf – worst fairy godmother ever. But I can pull myself self-together enough to tell you where to look to find out everything you could possibly want to know!

First you should be following Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast on both Twitter and Tumblr. One of the girls – Karen – is at Comic Con live tweeting the event and the other girls are pretty awesome at keeping up to date with news and such. Just go follow them, bask in their amazing.

And because I’m such a nice person here are a couple of things to keep you going: Dylan O’Brian talks Lydia and Stiles’ mom. Tyler Posey interview. Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoehclin interview. 10 tib-bits from the pressroom via ScreenInvasion. MTV interview. Full Teen Wolf panel. A lovely fan story about Dylan O’Brien. about the panel. Interview with Jeff Davis. And Season 3 Part B will premiere on January 6.

Notable Quotables:
  • ·      “I like my guy and I’m gunna protect him.” – Charlie Carver on Dethan (x)
  • ·      “I don’t want any powers… but the sex needs to happen!” – Dylan O’Brien (x)
  • ·      “I’ll try to stay away from going inside my brother.” – Max Carver (x)

Also, everyone agrees Derek is a terrible alpha. We find out what Lydia is in 309. Dylan wants his mom to play Stiles mom. And no one loves Stiles like Hoechlin loves Stiles. O’Brosey is the cutest thing in the entire world – seriously I can’t stop smiling they are too adorable. Also here’s a Comic Con masterpost!

The best part of Comic Con was when Keahu Kahuanui showed up in cosplay to ask the first question of the panel. I would pay food money to just talk to that man. I would pay more money to do other things, but I would be totally down with just talking.

… and that’s about all Comic Con I can take without breaking down entirely but that might just be cause Dylan O’Brien has gone from cutie little brother to oh dear god please don’t be related because I want to do terrible things to you… naked. Seriously that boy is growing up spectacularly (well done – 10/10) and the part of me that has kind of adopted him is becoming very conflicted. I still want to protect him from all the nasty things out there – except I also want to introduce them to him. I’m going to hell.


In which I stage an intervention for Jeff Davis

Oh Jeff we have gone beyond the point of an open letter into the realm of a full blown intervention because Jeff you have a problem (and I’m not talking about the excessive use of slow motion although we will talk about that at a later date). No Jeff today we need to talk about your obsession with giving Derek more man pain.

Don’t get me wrong Jeff – manpain is basically my favourite thing, I eat that shit up dude but when you just keep crapping on one character constantly the manpain reaches a point of diminishing returns.

Here’s the thing, we know Derek’s life sucks – his life sucked before we met him. I mean his whole family died in a fire that he thinks he’s at least partially responsible for. That’s a lot of manpain. Then his sister is killed and it turns out to be his only other living relative. He’s tortured and accused of murder and then he has to kill said relative and ends up thrust into a role he was never meant to have. That’s pretty much rock bottom right there. There aren’t nowhere to go from there.

But wait there’s more, the first person he bites turns into a homicidal lizard that goes on a killing spree. Then he’s rejected by Scott and two of his betas (also Isaac likes Scott better). His uncle uses him to resurrect himself from the dead and then Scott uses him to bite the bad guy against his will. That’s right, surely things can’t get any worse from there right?

Wrong. The two betas that left him are kidnapped by the alpha pack who has come to town with express purposed of fucking with Derek. Then he’s almost killed and forced to kill one of his beta’s (even Boyd was still his beta at that stage). So his sister comes back and he gets a girlfriend but clearly we know that’s not going to end well because at this point it’s default to expect bad things to happen to Derek.

Where’s the tension in that Jeff? It makes it really hard to get behind the Derek/Jennifer romance (which I assume we are supposed to care about) because WE KNOW something terrible is going to happen. Do you know how we know that Jeff – because something terrible always happens to Derek! You need to trick us into believing that just this once Derek might get one good thing and you haven’t done that.

We have reached the point where any emotional pain you inflict on Derek no longer has any effect because what’s a little more manpain on top of the hell he’s already been through? Which means killing off a character simply to give Derek a little more mangst is pointless. It adds nothing and it’s certainly not fair to the character you killed.

Seriously, Jeff, as much as I love it – torturing Derek is doing nothing for the story anymore. You hit the manpain limit (read this) a while ago the more you push it the less it impact it has. Jeff you need to give Derek something genuinely good before you inflict any more pain (and not a romance because Jeff you and I both know you suck at writing romance – I say that with love but it’s the truth).

So Jeff, let’s stop confusing angst with character development because Derek’s character has not actually developed, he’s just become more angsty. Let’s make Derek smile so it means something when he frowns.


Tyler Posey is engaged to Seana Gorlick! And even though I think 21 is way too young to get married I’m happy for them.

Congrats Tyler and Seana – all the love and best wishes from Pop Culture is Not Art (if you’re reading this, I am so sorry, I’m not totally creepy all the time I promise). I look forward to receiving my invitation – unless it gets lost in the mail, that happens to me a lot. I’ll just turn up anyway don’t worry.

And that’s all I have time for this week but you can watch – and freak out – over the promo for next week here. Also flower-crowns: