Thursday, July 4, 2013

Talking Teen Wolf: Haley Webb will be the death of me

So that was… the BEST EPISODE EVER! I know people are wanking about all kinds of nonsense but I don’t care because I am a passionate advocate against flashbacks and I still loved this episode. Seriously, they are lazy and very rarely done well… boy am I glad that Teen Wolf is the exception (lets hope it continues in 308). This week’s Talking Teen Wolf is an exercise in avoidance and denial because I am not ready to deal with what is happening next week. It’s super fun.

Before we get into I know a bunch of you are wondering if I am going to mention that thing. The answer is no because you’re all getting yourself in a tizzy about something that is not actually happening. So that’s all I’m going to say on the matter. If you don’t know what I’m talking about that is because it is actually nothing. Let’s just forget about that and focus on the awesomeness that was “Frayed”.

The best bits: Just everything. Coach Cupcake. Jared. Danny and Ethan. Scott working on his vocabulary. Stiles being worried about Scott. Scott being upset over Derek’s death. Lydia and Allison. Allison stalking Scott because she’s not letting him out of her sight. The sexy Scott and Allison flirt fighting. Peter Hale. Boyd’s arms. Lydia’s assertive sexuality! Cora and Peter being sassy together. Stiles texting Danny. Deaton’s face. Coaches whistle. Stiles creepy smile. Lydia being the smartest. Allison’s breakdown. MAMA ARGENT! SCISAAC! Allison to the rescue. Allison talking to her dad. MOTHER FUCKING ALPHA SCOTT. Stiles and Lydia being detectives together… and finally Jennifer’s face when Derek blooded up her window.

The worst bits: Still too much goddamn slow motion. Okay it worked better in this ep because of the memories thing but we really need to confiscate that button because it’s getting out of hand. I’m sure there were other problems but I can’t think of anything because I am still basking in the glow of this episodes greatness.

So let’s just all agree that episode was awesome… if you want to relive it check out my recap. Or alternatively if you would like to read some one decent and less waffly you should check out Hello Tailor and Heather Hogan. If you’re more of a visual person then photo recaps are for you, try Price Peterson or Heath. That should keep you satisfied until next week (shhh I don’t want to talk about it).


Bits and Pieces:

  • Hypable is continuing its Teen Wolf Takeover with a look at the show’s greatest mystery: who is Greenberg? They also gave the adults of Beacon Hills some love.
  • Sinqua Walls talked to OKMagazine about Teen Wolf – he doesn’t really say anything but it’s nice to watch him speak.
  • Adelaide Kane did a Twitter Q&A where she was pretty clear that Cora won’t be coming back for the second half of the season because she’s busy shooting Reign (which suggests that Cora doesn’t die).
  • Tyler Posey talks girlfriend, love & Teen Wolf with HollywireTV. He is the most adorable person ever when he’s talking about his girlfriend. He also talks about Scott’s quest to be the best Scott he can be with Zap2it.
  • Tumblr text post of the week from kickingshoes: “I love that when Derek is dying he finds his way to the Beacon Hills HS parking lot and passes out in front of a car.”
  • InsideTV for Entertainment Weekly has a couple of hints about Scott’s journey in next week’s traumatic episode: apparently everyone on set was crying (I can imagine that as I have been crying over a 30 second promo since I saw it).
  • Lots of stuff from The Maze Runner this week – the cast, including Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien will be hosting a Twitter Q&A. And MTV has some seriously awesome looking exclusive pics (while I didn’t love the book – not enough ladies – I do think it will translate well to film and what we have seen so far looks pretty damn good).
  • Brian Patrick Wade talks Teen Wolf with He hints that we will be seeing more of Alpha Ennis (via flashbacks) in 308.
  • Speaking of Beacon Hills resident baddies – Teen Wolf invited us to Meet the Alpha’s in this vid
  • I talked about Teen Wolf a fair bit in this week’s The Shipping News over at The Backlot. You should probably go read it.
  • You should also all go and read this fantastic article about Sterek over at The Daily Dot.

Jeff has the answers.

Our intrepid leader Jeff Davis did his weekly Q&A on Sunday and amongst the usual stuff there were a couple of interesting answers. He does NOT have a plan for a series final (so anything is possible kiddies). He does not have a good answer for why the twins pants combine. Stiles sexuality is virginal. 311 is a big episode for Stiles and Lydia (don’t do it Jeff, DO NOT DO IT). Apparently Stiles and Scott maybe made out a little when they were kids (just for practice). Also Jeff gets angry at the lighting too! Try screencapping it dude!

My fav answers were on the topic of a possible love triangle between Isaac, Scott and Allison (if you’ve been here before you will know I am against this idea). When asked about the possibility Jeff said: “I’m not a fan of love triangles actually. I know people love them, but I wanted the Allison, Isaac and Scott situation to take a different direction. Let me know what you think after this twelve is done!” Interesting. He also hinted that he kind of maybe likes the idea of a polyamorous relationship (BRB crying with joy).

Finally Jeff answered a legitimate question (and yes it was a legitimate question) about losing faith in the narrative. I’m going to post what he said because it’s something that all fans needs to understand:

That’s up to you, ******. I wonder how you’ll feel when the season is done and if you’re still watching. We try to create a good story. If you don’t feel it’s worth watching anymore all you have to do is stop. I’ve stopped watching many shows I loved! In fact, I stopped watching Lost in season 2 but found myself reeled in once again by the season finale. I can say there are many surprises still to come and that Haley Webb is amazing as Jennifer. You learn a lot more about her in upcoming episodes. You may be a Sterek shipper but when I started writing the show I had no idea they would be seen as a couple. It was quite a surprise to me. And who knows what will happen? I know that there are a lot of fans out there who have their own ideas of where the story should go, but the truth is no show is written by the fans. It’s written by normal people like me and my team of writers who struggle in a room together trying to come up with an entertaining story. Sometimes we fail, sometimes we succeed. Whether the story is for you, is entirely up to you.

Let’s ignore the “normal people” comment because that’s kind insulting also I’ve been in my fair share of writers rooms and I can guarantee those people are anything but normal. But the rest of it, he has a point. Fandom has sort of burst in recent years there are a lot of new people – I love the new people but if you haven’t been around it might come as a shock that sometimes fandom isn’t forever.

Realising that something you love is not longer giving you what you need sucks. And because you love it so much you hold on to it for longer than you should, making all kinds of excuses for it and trying to change it to fit your needs. But that’s not fair to either side. Maybe it’s just better to let go and move on. It’s not easy, trust me I’ve done it before, but just try to remember all the good times you had. And sometimes after a little break you can go back with a fresh perspective and fall in love all over again.


You guys I have a problem… I am rapidly falling in love with Haley Webb (and by falling I mean I am already totally in love with). She is amazing. I mean look at this….

… how am I supposed to deal with that? And are you following her twitter, because you should be. Seriously this is a problem; yes her character, Jennifer, probably going to be evil or dead or a figment of Derek’s imagination (or Derek is going to fuck everything up because he’s Derek) but before that things are going to get sexy.

Anyone that frequents Pop Culture is Not Art will be aware that I have a slight obsession with Hoechlin… okay so my obsession might be a little bit excessive but I’m working on it, some days I don’t even cry over his abs. Right well if add my obsession with Hoechlin’s body together with my new Haley Webb crush what do you get?


I am going to die. I am just going to lie down and stop breathing. It’s not going to be pretty. Someone should probably come hold my hand… maybe Haley Webb? I’m open to other options but I feel like Haley is the way to go.

Fairy godmother (or possibly Santa), could you get on that while you’re working on finding a way to get me to Comic Con. Thanks.

SIDE NOTE: There is a very real possibility that I am focusing on superficial things because I am trying to ignore the emotional trauma we are all going to experience next week.

An open letter to… Crystal Reed.

So we’ve established that I loved pretty much everything about that episode but amongst all the awesome there was a clear stand out… actual superhero Allison Argent. Because she’s responsible for bringing Allison’s awesomeness to life, Crystal Reed is the recipient of this week’s open letter.

Dear Crystal,

You. Are. Amazing. All the awards to you because you acted the hell out of the stitching scene! I was literally crying – I know I say that a lot for dramatic effect but I actually mean it this time (and I wasn’t just crying with joy at seeing the wonderful Eaddy Mays again). It truly was a beautiful moment and I lot of that is down to you. Basically: you go girl!

My favourite thing about you is that you get Allison. I spend my life defending that girl because she is way more amazing than people give her credit for but you always understood that and it comes across in your performance. Allison is the hero of your story and she should be. You don’t defend or justify her actions because for you they made sense that is seriously cool.

Also I really like your dimples… a lot. So much that I want to make you smile all the time. I’m going to start an Internet campaign called: “Make Crystal Smile”. Okay I’m not actually going to start that campaign but I am going to post the idea here and hope that someone much more motivated than me decides to run with it.

Anyway, well done on the acting. Keep it up… and keep smiling.



P.S. While I do like your dimples I would just like you smile anyway because your cool and cool people should be happy.

UndieGirl talks!

Right well now that’s done we have reached the point where I show you my face and yell about something Teen Wolf related incoherently. This week’s video goes out to all the people that ask me what I think is going to happen on Teen Wolf. If you don’t want to watch the general message is pretty simple. Please don’t take anything I say seriously. Thanks.

I suppose we have finally reached the point where I have to talk about the promo for next week’s episode but I don’t really know what to say. We’ve been told that this is the episode of the season and if the promo is anything to go by it’s going to live up to the hype. So if you feel like crying you should watch this (warning all kinds of crazy triggering stuff in there).

Right well anyone that can still read this through the tears obviously has no soul. Next week is going to be tough. If anyone wants to come pick me up of the floor after this episode airs that would be great. Otherwise… good luck. Hopefully I’ll see you next week.