Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Recapturing Teen Wolf: Fist and Reward

Previously on Teen Wolf… Allison wants to talk to Scott but they haven’t spoken all summer. There’s pack of Alpha’s in town and they have Boyd and Erica. Also there was a mysterious girl who saved Isaac and left a mark on Allison and Lydia’s skin.

Dark blurry… damn this season is much more artsy than Teen Wolf has been before. Someone is tracing a scar on their skin. It’s Lydia. She’s in the car with Allison, they’re going to find Scott because creepy things are happening and Scott just has to be involved somehow. Also I’m pretty sure Allison just wants to see Scott… it seems that Lydia agrees because she’s not sure about this whole mystery mark thing. Allison insists, that girl didn’t just want to find Scott, she needed to find Scott. Personally I think Allison’s projecting.

A female friendship that is better than you.
Speaking of Scott, he and Stiles are walking along a suspiciously ordinary looking suburban street. They’re heading to a party and Scott just doesn’t feel right about it (it’s probably because Allison’s not there). He thinks it’s weird going to another high school’s party. Stiles doesn’t think it’s weird because he still wants to have a good time, many many times, in several different positions. Plus he knows this girl from nursery school and she promise to introduce them to all her friends.

Stiles: So tonight. No Allison. No Lydia. Tonight, we’re moving on.

You lost Scott at no Allison because he checks his phone and there’s a missed call from none other than the woman herself. But Stiles is determined so Scott puts his phone away (for the moment) so he can follow Stiles onward and upwards and into the party and no Stiles is not smelling your breath Scott… also there is the most adorable hi-five and these two are BFF’s forever!

Inside the birthday girl, Heather, is drinking out of blue (not red) cups and telling her friend – it’s Shantal aka Danielle aka queen of sass – about how tonight’s the night. And by the night she means the night for sex. Her first sex.

Danielle: You know your first time is usually sorta gross and it kind of hurts?

And that is the most accurate description of losing your virginity I have seen on television. Heather doesn’t care, she wants to get it over and done with because by the time she falls in love she plans on being good at it. Personally I think that’s a good plan… and now I’m kind of upset because I fully expected Heather to be a walking cliché but now I kind of like her and I don’t want to like her because the boy she has picked as her first sexual partner is Stiles and anyone that wants to give Stiles nice things is clearly going to have bad things happen to them. Damn this show!

I wholeheartedly agree with your opinion on the matter Scott.
Heather walks right up to Stiles when she sees him and kisses him… right on the mouth and no one is more shocked than Stiles about this turn of events (although Scott comes a close second). Heather grabs Stiles and drags him off to the basement to “pick some wine” (so that’s what the kids are calling it these days) leaving Scott standing there with that goofy smile on this face. You know the one that is reserved for whenever something good happens to Stiles which is quite similar to the goofy smile I get whenever good things happen to Stiles… although mines significantly less cute.

Unfortunately now that Scott’s alone, and Shantal has rejected him, he has no one to stop him from replying to Allison… she did say she wanted to talk after all.

Yup that is a girl unbuckling Stiles jeans... I legitimately don't know if I want to give him a hi-five or slap her away Mama hen style. 
Heather leads Stiles down into the wine cellar of my dreams. Seriously, let me live in you. Maybe if they broke open one of those bottles Stiles wouldn’t look like he’s about to vomit. It’s okay though because Heather has confidence enough for the both of them, she kisses Stiles and I screamed and Stiles looked like he wanted to scream (and Dylan looks like a really good kisser). Anyway basically, Heather just turned 17 and she doesn’t want to be a 17-year-old virgin anymore. That’s where Stiles comes in. Because consent is important she asks Stiles if he’s okay with this (he’s never done it before you see). Stiles is very okay with it except that he doesn’t have any… you know. Heather has that covered as well she sends Stiles off to the upstairs bathroom where her brother keeps his condoms.

I hate to say this Scott but if there's a third where here it's you Scott. 
Meanwhile Scott’s meeting Allison outside the party and he’s very disappointed to see Lydia with her… I guess that means they’re not having that talk. Nope but she does have something to show you Scott and it’s not something sexy.

Stiles rummages though the upstairs bathroom desperately trying to locate the condoms so that he can finally get laid. Eventually he finds the packet and he’s super excited until he realizes that the label says XXL. He looks down at himself and back at the packet. Oh. Stiles. Honey. Dream big!

I'd say we've all been there Stiles... but yeah.
Unfortunately back in the wine cellar things are getting decidedly less sexy. The walls are shaking and instead of being the awesome assertive girl I thought she was Heather has turned into the blonde girl from the start of every horror movie ever. She’s not running, she’s just screaming as wine bottles crash around her (this better be a hallucination because that is a waste of perfectly good alcohol). Heather ends up backed against the wall, the window above her opens, she screams and something grabs her.

I'm sorry you got fridged... you seemed nice.
Stiles runs into the cellar, with one condom in his hand (he figured if they needed another one he could always get it later… and oh Stiles, honey) but he’s too late, Heather’s gone. And because Stiles has the self-esteem of a discarded toy he just assumes that he’s been ditched.

Opening Credits

Derek’s loft – there are even some fancy exterior shots, damn Teen Wolf the fact that you are making this much effort gives me warm and fuzzy feelings. Isaac is pacing around the room. He’s nervous. He doesn’t think this a good idea. Derek is sitting calmly looking at his Godfather desk. It has to be him because Derek can’t do it. Isaac doesn’t trust him… because Scott doesn’t trust him. Derek’s feelings are hurt so he asks if Isaac trusts Derek. Isaac hesitates but eventually says he trusts Derek.

Isaac: I still don’t like him.
Derek: Nobody likes him.

The doors open and in walks… Peter Hale. And I have to disagree Derek plenty of people love to hate sassy uncle Peter. Peter says that his abilities might be impaired on account of he recently came back from the dead but his hearing is fine.

Deadpan Derek is the best Derek
Peter: So I hope you’re comfortable saying whatever it is that you’re feeling straight to my face.
Derek: We don’t like you. Now shut up and help us.

And that is why Derek is my favorite, Peter might be his uncle so he’s not going to kill him (again) but he also not going to take any of his shit.

Is this sexy? I'm going to go with yes. 
Peter gets his claws out and tells Isaac to relax but I’m with Isaac this doesn’t seem like a very relaxing situation. Especially when Peter says that one slip and he could be paralyzed… or dead. But hey Peter’s never paralyzed anyone. Before Isaac can ask if that means he’s killed someone Peter grabs the back of Isaac’s neck. His eyes glow blue and he starts getting flashes of memories that are not very clear.

Peter pulls off and Derek asks what he saw. Peter is definitely ruffled, he didn’t see much, but he did see that Isaac found Erica and Boyd… unfortunately Deucalion was there as well and he was talking about time running out, which can’t be good. He said they’d be dead at the next full moon, which happens to be tomorrow night.

Scott's looking at Stiles like this was his idea... headcanon. 
Inside an empty classroom Derek has come to meet, Scott, Allison, Stiles and Lydia and he doesn’t seem happy about it. Allison and Lydia show him the bruises but he is not impressed (also Lydia is smarter than him).  Scott’s like they’re just trying to help but Derek really doesn’t want any help from Lydia or Allison on account off…

Allison is going to kill you in your sleep Derek... and Lydia is going to watch.
Derek: This one (points to Lydia) who used me to resurrect my psychotic uncle, thank you. And this one (points to Allison) who shot about thirty arrows into me and my pack.

Yup this was so Stiles idea... also Dylan looks very pretty here. 
Then Stiles pipes in and he’s like Derek dude, let’s not start pointing fingers because it might not work out that well for you. Sure there was some maiming and mangling but no one died and that’s an important distinction. Allison jumps into the remind Derek that someone did die… her mother. Derek’s all the hunters code killed your mother not me and I think that my new favorite dynamic on the show is Allison and Derek. They are both so damaged and they hate each other but they really don’t because they hate themselves more and it’s perfect. GIVE. IT. TO. ME. I just cannot express how much I love this whole scene.

You know when you imagine something to the point that there is no way that the reality could ever live up to the fantasy and then it happens and it’s even better. That is what happened here.

Derek’s not interested in Allison’s theories until she finds something real and before he leaves he tells Scott to tell Allison what really happened the night her mother was bitten. Scott doesn’t look like he really wants to do that.

This is the season of the zoom of doom!
Later, Scott and Stiles wander through the school wondering why the Alpha’s took Boyd and Erica. Are they bait? Are they after Derek? Is this all some kind of misguided recruitment drive? Scott gets distracted from the conversation by something and he turns around to watch the Alpha twins walking away in slow motion. Same Scott. Then there’s a zoom of doom but he doesn’t say anything, he just shrugs it off and turns back to Stiles.

That man is moulding young minds... good.
Economics class! Yes that’s right Coach Cupcake is actually in charge of their education and he’s here today to give us the lesson of the week… and Scott has the answer. Coach Cupcake laughs at first – Scott was doing pretty bad at the end of last year – but then he answers correctly and go new Scott!

Coach Cupcake: Who are you and what have you done with McCall? Don’t answer that, I like you better.

Scott’s so proud but back to the lesson of the week: Risk and Reward. Also quarters. Coach Cupcake asks if anyone has a quarter and Stiles reaches quickly into his pocket and the XXL condom he stole from Heather’s brother falls out. And can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that either Stiles didn’t wash his jeans or he decided to take his XXL condom to school with him. Oh Stiles, honey.

Danny would... but he would be disappointed with himself afterwards.
Coach Cupcake picks up the condom and congratulates Stiles on his giant penis… because that’s appropriate. Scott looks super proud, the rest of the room laughs and Danny looks really conflicted. He’s like yeah okay maybe I would but also it’s still Stiles so probably not.

Anyway it’s time for a game – if they can put the quarter into the cup they get to miss the not so pop quiz they are having tomorrow. But if they try and fail then they have to write an essay as well. The other option is to not play at all, which means there is no risk but also no reward (this is a metaphor). Scott declines to play and Stiles jumps at the chance – and that, fangirls and fanboys is the fundamental difference between their characters (whoever says that Stiles is the one with a plan hasn’t been watching very thoroughly).

I just want to hide you from everything and stroke your hair and maybe make out sometimes is that okay?
Stiles jumps up to play and he’s about the bounce the quarter when the Sheriff enters. Zoom of doom into Stiles. Outside the classroom the Sheriff tells Stiles that Heather is missing and witnesses say that Stiles was the last person to see her alive… and something tells me that’s going to come back to bite them in the ass.

If they Sheriff has to arrest Stiles I say we band together and take these character away from Jeff Davis.
Back in the classroom Danny takes his risk and gets a reward, then Coach Cupcake tells Greenberg (who may or may not be a figment of his imagination) not to bother. You can cut the sexual tension with a knife!

Allison if I didn't know any better I'd say you were jealous... oh wait I don't know any better.
In the library, Allison is researching symbols and Lydia is researching distractions… and by that I mean she’s eyeing the Alpha twins. She wants one. Allison asks which one and Lydia’s like the straight one of course as demonstrated by the way Danny trips while smiling at Ethan. It’s too adorable and there is no way Ethan stands a chance against those dimples.

Allison eyes the coffee cup and something occurs to her, what if it’s not a symbol… what if it’s a logo? Lydia’s not listening though, she’s already flirting with Aiden. Allison doesn’t mind though, she just throws Lydia a ‘you go girl’ smile while she looks up Beacon Hills business logos.

Both those Alpha's have bitten off more than they can chew... pun most definitely intended.
Stiles thinks that the Alpha’s kidnapped Heather to turn her, even though he can’t work out why (I can – Stiles is in denial because he doesn’t want to accept that Heather is probably dead). All he knows is that he has to find her because their moms were friends and just when I thought it could get any worse… it got worse. Scott’s like okay, well we need to get Isaac’s memories back. Stiles is like Derek couldn’t do it, who else is there…

At the animal clinic Scott, Derek and Stiles pour bags of ice into a tub. It’s not going to be pleasant but they need to slow Isaac’s heart-rate until he slips into a trancelike state. Like being hypnotized. Don’t ask if it’s safe because you’re probably not going to like the answer.

Dylan is judging our dirty minds... Dude if you didn't want us to think these things you shouldn't be wearing that glove.
There’s a strange sound and everyone turns to look at Stiles. Who has pulled on a medical glove that is used for things we won’t bother to mention. Stiles is like what? Derek raises his judgmental eyebrows and let the fan fiction commence.

Stop thinking about that right now you perverts and think about Isaac. Derek tells him that he doesn’t have to do it but Isaac pulls his shirt off and climbs into the tub. Derek and Scott hold him down, which is easier said than done when he starts to shift, but eventually his body goes limp and they are able to let go.

Drink for gratuitous man flesh.
Deaton starts asking questions and Isaac starts freaking out. There’s lightning and flickering lights and it’s not looking good but Deaton insists that he can’t be hurt by a memory (I’m not entirely sure that’s true). They were talking about the full moon, they’re worried about what the captives will do. If they’re locked together on the full moon they’ll rip each other apart. Derek ignores Deaton’s warning and starts yells at Isaac but Isaacs really freaked out. He gets a flash of memory, he remembers Deucalion and Kali and a bank vault and then he wakes up and jumps out of the tub.

Isaac is excited because he remembers where Erica and Boyd are, they’re at Beacon Hills First National Bank. They’re keeping them locked inside the vault. He looks around the room and is confronted by grief stricken faces. Stiles is the one that has to tell him. Isaac doesn’t remember what he said at the end. He said he saw a body… he said that body was Erica.

Also important to note that when Isaac starts to freak out he instinctually reaches for Scott and that’s what calms him down. Scott is his anchor and I’m sorry there is no way you will convince me that Isaac is not in love with Scott.

Sir your biceps offend me!
Derek insists that Erica is not dead. Stiles is like actually the evidence is pretty damning but then Derek’s like who’s in the vault with Boyd if it’s not Erica. It wasn’t the girl that recued Isaac because she wasn’t a werewolf. Stiles is like maybe that’s how Erica died, maybe they make them fight on the full moon to see who survives like a kind of werewolf thunderdome. Stiles honey, this is not helping, shhhh.

Derek does not like the idea of a werewolf thunderdome at all so he decides a suicidal rescue mission is the way to go. Deaton’s like you can’t just go walking in there and Derek’s like I can and I will because he’s the alpha. Then Scott jumps in and suggests they need a plan because of that one time at the end of last season when Scott had a plan and he won. Derek’s not really sure they can figure out how to break into a bank vault in 24hr hours but Stiles says they don’t have to figure it out because someone already did it for them.

The bank closed down a few years ago after a heist, Stiles doesn’t know how they did it but it shouldn’t take him long to find out.

Notice Isaac in the background: he's like could you guys be any more obvious.
Derek: How long?
Stiles: It’s the Internet Derek okay… minutes.

Sheriff: Not again...
10 hours later Stiles is passed out on top of a pile of research and Scott is sleeping in a chair next to the printer that is still printing. The Sheriff walks in and he doesn’t seem concerned by the sight in front of him which makes me wonder how many times he’s walked in of Scott and Stiles like that. The boys jerk awake, the Sheriff tells them that he has to work and they have to go to school. Stiles asks about Heather but the Sheriff shakes his head.

As soon as the Sheriff leaves the room Stiles starts freaking out about the research (to avoid freaking out about Heather). They have nothing and nothing is not going to help them save Boyd or Erica. Scott’s like it’s cool, we’ll figure it out and Stiles is about 110% done with Scott’s positive attitude.

Stiles: Is this while like remain optimistic in the face of complete and utter disaster thing a part of the be a better Scott McCall program?
Scott: Not if it doesn’t work.

That is the face of a broken man that does not want his best friend to suffer like he does.
Stiles face falls. He can’t get breaks Scott’s optimism because Scott is his best friend and he is completely onboard with the doomed be a better Scott McCall program. Then he sees it, a picture of his dad arresting the bank robbers. He runs after his father.

Lydia is not impressed that the mysterious girl left a bank logo on their arm. What is she trying to give them investment advice? If she is, it’s not very good advice because this bank has been closed for some time. Allison’s not telling Scott what she’s found because Derek told her not to come back until she has something real. On a completely unrelated topic Allison can’t drive Lydia home because she has to run an errand that has nothing to do with the giant pair of wire cutters in her trunk.

Vigilante hunter queen.
After school, Allison sneaks up to the door of Beacon Hills First National Bank. She cuts through the chains with her giant wire cutters and heads inside to find something real for Derek.

Meanwhile at the loft Stiles is explaining how the thieves got into the bank vault. He’s got building blueprints and everything. Scott’s impressed, Derek’s impressed and I’m very impressed and also very excited that researcher/Q/Stiles is now canon. Stiles tells them that the it took the thieves 12 hours to drill through the wall but Derek just shrugs and tells him not to worry about it. Stile rolls his eyes and turns to Derek and decides that now would be a really good time to enact a scene that I’m almost positive was pulled directly from fan fiction.

I honestly don't know what to say... I think you broke my brain.
Stiles: What do you think, you’re gonna do Derek? Are you gonna punch through the wall?
Derek: Yes Stiles I’m gonna punch through the wall.
Stiles: Okay big guy let’s see it, let’s see that fist.

Yup Stiles just said: “let’s see that fist” to Derek and I whimpered. I’m pretty sure I should be thinking that this is going to far but I can’t bring myself to care. I’m a terrible person, it keeps me awake at night. Stiles grabs Derek’s wrist and calls him big bad wolf while Peter sits in the corner and roles his eyes. Then Derek uses Stiles hand to demonstrate how hard he can punch with only 3inches of space. It’s pretty hard.

Stiles: He can do it.

Yeah he can Stiles. Derek will get through the wall he just wants to know who’s going to come with him. Peter’s like don’t look at me, I just came back from the dead I’m not fit to do anything except sit in the corner and judge you for flirting with a sixteen year old boy. Besides he doesn’t think they have very good odds.

Derek’s not going to leave Boyd and Erica to die. But Peter’s like well one of them is already dead and I’m sure they’re nice people but there’s a pack of Alphas and two and them combines to create a monster Alpha so he’s not going to be part of this… Stiles wants to know if they can kill him again?

Derek: What about you?
Stiles: Yeah if you want me to come.
Derek: Not you.
Stiles: Oh Scott.

Of course Scott is going to go with him. There’s a chance they can save Boyd even if Erica is already dead and he’s going to do everything he can to try to save him… he is concerned about who’s in the vault with him though.

I am fully prepared to love you an unhealthy amount please be worthy.
In the vault, Boyd is not doing so well. He’s shaking and pacing… and sitting in the corner with him is Cora, who we do not know yet but I’m guessing she’s pretty significant.

All the ladies pushing each other into things please. Thank you.
Allison sneaks through the abandoned bank (and by sneaks I mean walks loudly) until she’s attacked by Ms Morrell. Allison puts up a pretty good fight because she’s a totally badass but Ms Morrell is better and soon has Allison pinned to the wall (and it’s hot). Ms Morrell tells Allison she has no idea what she just walked into and then tells her to hide in the utility closet until the fighting starts… and she’ll know when the fighting starts. Allison does as she is told. I mean what else is she supposed to do.

If you don't think Kali is the most badass of all the Alpha's then we can't be friends anymore.
Pretty much as soon as she’s in the closet Allison hears people outside. It’s the alpha pack. The all walk past her hiding place except Kali (because Kali is the best Alpha). Kali stopped like she smells something and Allison tips over a bottle of ammonia masking her scent (just another reason that Allison Argent is better than you). Kali soon moves on.

Because she is not just a pretty face, Allison covers the spilt chemical with her jacket so that she doesn’t suffocate from the fumes and then uses the light on her phone to look around. That probably wasn’t a good idea because there’s a body in the corner that looks suspiciously like Erica (but I refuse to believe my eyes because denial is lovely this time of year).

Oh Erica it's nice to see you looking alive and well because that's why I see and I won't hear anything about it.
Back at Derek’s loft Stiles can’t take all this waiting around and Peter can’t take another minute of Stiles so he offers to beat him unconscious to help alleviate the anxiety. It’s win win. Stiles ignore him, he’s confused. He doesn’t understand why the Alpha’s are keeping them in a bank. Shouldn’t they have some kind of evil lair?

Peter: They’re werewolves not Bond villains.

Stiles are you sure you're not a Bond villain? It's either that or an impromptu performance of Rent.
Then Stiles suggests that it reminds them of their little werewolf dens and Peter looks like it’s taking all his strength not to give in to his homicidal tendencies. Also can we all agree that Peter and Stiles are the two most sarcastic assholes in the whole of Beacon Hills and they should hang out together for the rest of eternity verbally sparring about werewolf dens?

Stiles: Where do you live?
Peter: In an underground network of caves hidden deep in the woods.
Stiles: Woah really?
Peter: No you idiot. In an apartment downtown.

Stiles is disappointed by this but it also proves his point about the bank. It’s weird. And why did they wait around for the full moon? Peter suggests they think it’s poetic but Stiles reminds him that they’ve had 3 full moons to be poetic. Peter starts tells Stiles exactly what he thinks of him when something occurs to him. What was the vault made of?

You both deserve a lolly pop for using your words.
Derek and Scott are outside the bank. Scott is hesitant because he remembers Coach Cupcakes lesson of the week about risk and reward. He doesn’t think the reward is worth the risk. They don’t know enough and the whole thing doesn’t make sense. Why did they wait three months? Derek is aware of the risks but he also knows that if they don’t do anything Boyd and Erica are dead. He knows what he’s risking… his life for the lives of his pack.

This would be a massive sacrifice but since Derek doesn’t think much of his life it’s not really that big a deal. He’s pretty much accepted his inevitable failure so what’s the risk really? Scott on the other hand, is risking a lot but of course he’s going to follow him because he’s a big damn hero and that’s what big damn hero’s do.  

Peter has figured out what the walls of the vault are made of and it’s not good. He tells Stiles to call Scott because Boyd and whoever is trapped with him are not going to kill each other they’re going to kill Scott and Derek.

Scott you picked up your phone we should have a party to celebrate this momentous occasion... you know when you're done with the fighting werewolves thing.
A loud bang echoes through the bank vault as Derek punches his way through the wall (which is seriously fricking badass and incredibly hot btw) and Scott’s following close behind him. Boyd is standing at the far end of the vault and he does not looking pretty wild. Scott answers his phone and he really is the new and improved Scott (way to character development Scott).

This scene is cinematography porn... as apposed to the rest of the episode, which was just regular porn. 
Stiles and Peter explain about the walls. They reflect moonlight. It means that they haven’t felt moonlight in over 3 months. It has diminished their tolerance meaning that they will be totally controlled by the moon. Like the way that the Romans used to starve the lions. Well Boyd and Cora and the lions and Derek and Scott just walking into the Colosseum. Scott turns to Derek – they’ve got a really big problem but Derek’s distracted because Cora just walked out of the shadows.

Your face is giving me emotions that I don't want. Make it stop.
Derek says Cora’s name like she’s his last hope and worst nightmare all at once. His face betraying the conflicting emotions that are overtaking him and it’s probably one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever seen. (Seriously kudos to Hoechlin – that was pretty well done).

No. But at the same time. Yes.
Did someone say that things couldn’t get worse because that’s when Scott notices the ring of mountain ash surrounding them? The door opens the Ms Morrell closes the mountain ash circle locking them in as Cora and Boyd start shifting.

TELL ME YOUR SECRETS (but no spoilers).
As she walks away Deucalion tells her not to kid herself, this isn’t the first time she got her hands dirty. But before you start crucifying her, remember the instructions she gave to Allison earlier. On cue, Allison hears the fight begin and slips out of the closet following the noise.

Derek and Scott and holding off Boyd and Cora. Derek’s can’t really focus because he’s freaking out and we’re about to find out why. Cora is his younger sister. His younger sister that he thought was dead. Okay yeah that’s a pretty good reason to freak out like I am right now. I am freaking out. This is big and I don’t even know what to do with this information and the Alpha pack are around so I’m still not sure what to believe but Derek has family! Derek has a sister. They said it might hurt… well they were right.

Derek goes after Cora (she’s his sister can you blame him?) and Scott is left to fight Boyd… Boyd is winning. He had Scott pinned against the wall and it’s really not looking good when Allison turns up. Derek screams at her not to open the barrier but Scott’s dying so she does it anyone. The moment the barrier is open Cora and Boyd make a run for it and the look on Derek’s face as he watches Cora slip from his sight might haunt me until I die.

If you two ever want to work through your issues in the bedroom... naked. I could be okay with that.
Derek turns on Allison grabbing her. Scott yells at him not to hurt her because she just saved their lives. Yes but at what expense. Derek’s all and what do you think two out of control werewolves are going to do out there but what he’s really upset about is that Allison caused him to lose his sister… again. After he just got her back.

This is a very emotional scene and all but I just really like it when Derek is bloody and beaten.
Allison: You want to blame me, well I’m not the one turning teenagers into killers.
Derek: No, no that’s just the rest of your family.
Allison: I’ve made mistakes. Gerard is not my fault.

Forget the fantastic Sterek (most of which seem to be ripped directly from fan fiction) and the sassy Peter and Stiles, this was my favorite interaction of the episode. Derek is so angry and Allison is actually trying to forgive herself although she has a long way to go. This is just so perfect because like I said this is two people that hate each other because they remind each other of their mistakes. There is just so much angst between Derek and Allison it’s dramatic gold.

Then Derek has to go and take things to far by demanding Scott tell Allison the truth about what happened with her mother. Scott looks like he’d rather get back in the vault.

What the banshee bloody-hell are you?
Finally at Lydia’s house, Lydia wakes up and starts screaming. That’s it, she’s just screaming and we’ve been told that Lydia’s scream is significant but this doesn’t really do anything but remind me how confused I am… we still have no idea what Lydia is.

To be continued…