Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Great Jeff Davis Tumblr Ask-a-thon: Part 3

Okay so it’s official I am going to have to quit everything and become a full time fangirl because I left the house for a only about 2 hours (for purposes that are important because food and Internet) and when I got back I find out that Jeff Davis has taken over the Teen Wolf Tumblr again. In order to keep up my now full-time love of Teen Wolf I’m probably going to need you guys to send supplies because it’s clear I can’t leave the house ever again. Or sleep. Sleep is for people that don’t care about Teen Wolf.

All right so I am still in the middle of trying to finish all my recaps – which is probably not going to happen – so I don’t have a lot of time to write much. You can always read the whole adventure on the Teen Wolf Tumblr and Hypable has a much more eloquent recap but if you want what I can give you in the five minutes I have to spare then stick around.
  • Derek was definitely the one that bit Victoria.
  • Deucalion was really fun to write in the first ep.
  • His favourite ep. from Season 2 was “Raving”
  • We will find out if Scott and Allison will get back together
  • MTV doesn’t want him to stop either
  • He thinks the last ep of Season 2 was a clusterfuck (agreed)
  • There’s a beautiful Stiles moment in 203
  • Derek might get some happiness
  • They needed a break from the difficulties of shooting lacrosse it will return however
  • Season 3 will make us ugly cry: “That kind of ‘what’s happening to your face and eww wipe your nose’ crying”.
  • Danny gets a personal story from Ethan
  • He’s a fan of ramping (slow to fast) fight scenes (same).
  • Lydia becomes a hero this season – especially in her scenes in 306
  • Someone is shirtless in the first 10 mins
  • A brand new, non alpha, main character will be introduced tomorrow.
  • Quite a few people die
  • Scott might not be a real alpha
  • Questions about Peter’s family will be answered eventually
  • He doesn’t plan to return to twitter
  • We learn more about Scott’s mom and dad
  • Isaac and/or Boyd might get a love interest
  • Every villain is the hero if their own story!
  • Isaac is going to go through agony.
  • We find out if Stiles 15 year plan for Lydia is still in motion in 302)
  • Deaton is not married but he was in love with someone once, a character we will meet later in the season.
  • Fans can expect death this season. Except he wrote it like this: DEAAAATTTH
  • By the end of the season we will barely be able to form coherent sentences
  • There will be cliffhangers
  • There will be one Mama Stilinski flashback (OH GOD)
  • Favourite part of filming Season 3 was all the new characters
  • Jeff thinks Matt Smith’s shoes will be very hard to fill
  • The cliffhanger at the end of 312 is deliciously evil
  • They thought about a female lead when they were first talking about the pilot
  • It was challenging to add so many new characters.
  • He wants the show to last as long as he can come up with stories that excite him
  • They already have an idea about Season 4 – it would be jaw-dropping.
  • Dylan is such a talented actor he could make a good Lydia
  • Matt is freaking awesome.
  • Flawed characters are more interesting. Everyone will need redemption at some point
  • Peter and Lydia will have significant interaction this season
  • Music gets him in the writing mood (me too right now I am listening to MMM Bop on repeat)
  • He will crush your heart in his hand and laugh maniacally
  • We get insight into how Lydia feels about Stiles
  • There are plenty of laughs – most of them from Stiles of course
  • There is some great stuff with Melissa Ponzio who will face off with the Alphas herself at one point
  • Several characters cry
  • Our pain doesn’t give him pleasure, it’s just sustenance
  • Bad things happen to everyone.
  • The shirtlessness might have been stepped up this season (how is that possible).
  • Derek and Stiles become allies
  • We will find out what Lydia is. Also Holland is amazing (but we knew that).
  • Great stuff with Harris in ep. 204
  • Sterek is not a bad word.
  • We learn a lot about Deaton
  • No fairies
  • Much more of Scott’s relationship with Isaac.
  • There will be scenes with Allison and Derek
  • Possible queer female character in 303
  • There is awesome Peter/Stiles scenes in 302
  • A Guest Star would be great!
  • Some fans have guess about Lydia correctly.
  • Melissa Ponzio was worried for Mama McCall as well
  • Two new characters will definitely be staying
  • Derek does cry this season.
  • Scott and Stiles friendship will be deeply tested
  • Mama McCall and Stiles have a great scene in 303
  • 310 is called “The Overlooked”
  • There will be slightly new credits
  • No Drag Queens
  • Danny and Ethan are adorable together.

A typical Jeff Davis day ATM:

Well, at the moment it’s very heavy with writing and post production. 9am get to the office and work with the writing staff on plotting out the new episodes while doing an interview here or there, checking on music cues or VFX shots. Then break with writers at 6pm to go work on a cut with editors. Get home at 11pm and fall face first into my pillow.

Jeff Davis on fangirl tears:

I collect them in small jars and just when I’m about to write a moment where a character feels true happiness, I drink the tears and then write a scene where Derek gets the living crap beat out of him. Hahahahaha.

And that’s all I can handle at the moment because I have work to do… and also recapping needs to happen and OMG I am really not prepared for this someone send help.