Thursday, June 20, 2013

Talking Teen Wolf: Who put the stationary supplies in the frickin boiler room?

It pains me to say it but I didn’t love this episode. Maybe it was just that “Chaos Rising” raised the bar too high but this week just didn’t satisfy. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate it and there were some amazing moments but most of it felt drawn out and unnecessary. I know I am usually unashamedly positive about this show (and I will continue to do that don’t worry) but I know that they can do better than this and it makes me sad when Teen Wolf doesn’t reach it’s full potential.  I only say these things because I care.

I’m pretty sure Lucas Sussman is a new addition to the writing team so maybe that’s where the problem comes from but Tim Andrew (director) should have been better than the excessive amount of ridiculous slow motion he used. While personally I prefer Russell Mulcahy’s style, Tim Andrew has done amazingly well with most of the episodes he’s directed… until now. Don’t get me wrong, I love attractive men in slow motion (it’s my lady jam) but even I have a limit and this episode reached it about 10 minutes in.

The best bits: Detective Stiles is on a role (not to mention his beautifully heartbreaking meltdown). The classic horror homage’s like the body at the pool, the tent scene and especially the Sheriff finding the Emily’s body at the end of the episode (I'm actually intrigued by the sacrifice storyline). Scott and Derek working together! Scott being a legitimate superhero. Allison Argent being generally amazing while the boys spent the whole episode talking and growling. Mama McCall calling in Stiles for help because she noticed something he didn’t (also the casual way she talks about murder does things to me, sexy things). The interaction between Stiles and Mama McCall was perfect. Derek’s spiral into despair was beautifully subtle, I just wish it could have happened in a better written episode. And finally, Isaac being perfectly sassy in his perfectly sassy scarf. Also sweet lady kisses!

The worst bits: The entire search for Boyd and Cora storyline mainly because it interrupted the momentum of the season arc (there are more important things to focus on). It certainly wasn’t enough to sustain an entire episode – I’m pretty sure if she was allowed to Allison could have caught Boyd and Cora in about five minutes (that’s not just me loving Allison, the episode legitimately insinuates this… that’s just bad writing). Then there was the kids in the woods at night by themselves also werewolves are apparently afraid of fireflies. The dismissal of Erica’s death (I’m assuming we get more closure next week because that was the worst). The slow motion. The montages. The stupid amount of werewolf acrobatics. And of course the boiler room stationary supply aka the flimsiest excuse ever to turn Ms Blake into a damsel in distress. And finally the cheesy Harlequin meet-cute between Derek and Ms Blake (I really want to ship them but you are not making it easy). 

Basically I loved Stiles and Lydia’s storyline and hated everything else (except Allison, Allison was awesome). Petition for Stiles and Allison to lock everyone else in the cupboard so they can deal with shit without annoying distractions. Also someone needs to give Derek and hug (Stiles?). Honestly though, a lot of this episode was fantastic - it was just that the bad bits were really bad. 

As always you can read my review and recap (warning my recap basically consists of me getting increasingly distressed that no one is paying attention to Derek’s emotional breakdown). Otherwise there is Heather Hogan’s awesome recap over at The Backlot, Price Peterson’s hilarious photo recap for and Heath’s photo recap over on Tumblr. Go forth and enjoy because while this wasn’t the best episode, it was still Teen Wolf, which means it’s pretty awesome even when it sucks.


Bits and Pieces:
  • Someone dug up an old Tyler Hoechlin interview from his 7th Heaven days. Check it out here.
  • Tumblr user Rainy Day Dancer reminded us older folk that the characters on Teen Wolf are only sixteen… so cut them some slack.
  • Keahu Kahuanui caught up with AFTERBUZZ TV to talk about this week’s Teen Wolf ep. Which is odd because Danny wasn’t in it (#moredanny). Watch it here.
  • If you’re looking for something else to watch you can check out Crystal Reed on the FANtastic show. Watch it here.
  • Dying for something more! Well you can check out a sneak peek at next week’s episode over at
  • The wonderful WonderRobbie gave a shout out to little old me in his weekly youtube discussion of Teen Wolf. Go, watch, enjoy – here.
  • Tyler Hoechlin was at the MMVAs over the weekend (with his lady love Brittany Snow). He was looking particularly dashing (even my favourite sassy blogger over at Hoechlin, no. Take that off gave his outfit the thumbs up). If you want to see him in all his glory you can watch his appearance here.
  • The lovely (and completely gorgeous) Holland Roden was interviewed for Dolly – she’s perfect as always. Guess who else was interviewed for Dolly, Crystal Reed.
  • Get excited because Daniel Sharman who plays the most fashionable wolf in Beacon Hills (aka Isaac Lahey) will be taking over the Teen Wolf Twitter next Monday. Try to be less creepy than you usually are.
  • Curious about life on the Teen Wolf set well fangirl/actress/generally fabulous person Shantal Rhodes has you covered with a video tour. You can watch all the fun here.
  • I wrote a list of 10 reasons I think Sterek is so popular here. And when someone accused me of being hypocritical because of my objectification of Tyler Hoechlin’s magnificent abs I made a video to tell them how wrong they are.
  • Holland Roden is perfect – and you can experience it for yourself every Monday on Lydia After Dark. This week featured Max and Charlie Carver and we found out that Holland was set up on a date with Hoechlin… apparently it was terrible. She also revealed that her nickname for Hoechlin is Christian Abs and that is what he shall be called from now on. (insert Obama it’s a law gif here)
  • Jeff Davis had another Tumblr Q&A (where he unfortunately debunked the Derek was resurrected theory). You can read a full recap of the event here. If you just want the highlights check here or here.
  • Also there might be some episode synopsis floating around but I wouldn’t know anything about that.

All right so the biggest thing to happen to fandom this week (because we have all collective decided to ignore Erica’s death) is the loss of Derek’s beloved car. That’s right the Camaro is gone. Fandom went into meltdown when Jeff announced during his Tumblr takeover that Derek would be getting new wheels this season. But nothing could prepare us for the revelation that Derek would be driving a Toyota.


Look I realize that Teen Wolf is sponsored by Toyota (and I want Teen Wolf to have money so yay Toyota – BTW go watch this commercial) but the only person I have ever seen driving a Toyota that wasn’t an old lady is my brother… and he’s basically an old lady. Really though it’s just so Derek to buy this car (he’s a walking fail) and hey at least it’s less conspicuous than the Camaro. But it does mean the end of my favourite Teen Wolf ship Jeemaro (Jeep x Camaro). RIP Camaro, you will be missed.

An open letter to… Haley Webb

So far I have been rather scathing of Ms Blake in this episode, and that makes me feel bad because I have nothing against her as a character. In fact I really want to like her! And I would hate for anyone, but especially Haley Webb, to think that I am being needlessly mean. That’s why the incredible Ms Webb is the recipient of this week’s open letter.

Dear Haley,

I honestly feel terrible for being so negative because I know you are probably already receiving all kinds of hate because the character you play wants in Derek’s pants. That is not me – I want Derek to get laid and if Ms Blake is the girl to do it then awesome (and please describe in detail what it was like to get up close and personal with Hoechlin… for scientific reasons of course). That’s not the problem here. The problem is that that episode kind of sucked (although I do think you did the best you could with a shitty situation) and it didn’t really help a romance that was always going to be disliked.

I like you. Well I don’t know you but you seem pretty cool on twitter and you’re obviously talented (not to mention incredibly pretty) so that’s good enough for me. The reason I am being so critical is because I think you and your character deserve better. It’s not your fault that Jeff decided to go on vacation for a week and let the intern write an episode (I’m assuming that’s what happened here). And I’m hoping, for your sake as much as mine, that Ms Blake is more than just a ‘love interest’ because it’s going to be hard enough to sell her without the help of crappy clichés and sexist tropes.

Please believe me when I say that as soon as Ms Blake gets a little character development and an actual storyline then I will be her, and your, biggest fan.



P.S. I am really sorry for all the nastiness you are no doubt going to experience and I wish there was something I could do to shield you from it.

While we’re on the topic of Ms Blake, she is the subject of this week’s video. Well it was either that or 20mins of me crying about Derek Hale. Plus she was the most talked about part of the episode – probably because every was trying to ignore all the werewolf growling montages. Also, I received about 10 questions on Tumblr (double digits you guys) asking my thoughts on her character and the possible romance with Derek. Your wish is my command.

There you have it. Let’s not condemn her just yet okay? Also if you want to know more about why I hate the ‘love interest’ trope look here because I really hate the ‘love interest’.

Tweet of the Week:

My favourite tweet this week is from Keahu Kahuanui (because he is the best Teen Wolf cast member for live tweets – seriously go follow him). And it is my favourite tweet because I am still not over that this happened:


Nope I’m not going to let it go. It was a ridiculous and flimsy reason to force Ms Blake into the boiler room just so she could be rescued by Derek (not to mention kind of suspicious – why the fuck was she at the school that late?). It was even worse than those two demon children hanging out in the woods at night without any adult supervision and that’s saying something. Come on Teen Wolf, you’re better than this. I know that underneath the tacky prosthetics and shirtless men there is a decent writing team surely you could have come up with a better way to get Derek and Ms Blake into the same room.

Last week I made a video explaining my incredibly long and complicated list of people who should fuck on Teen Wolf. In response my very good friend and fellow fangirl Kalea (aka mightysonofcoul) made a colour coded gif for me! It is without a doubt the greatest thing I have ever inspired.


Finally I feel the need to remind you that, while this episode wasn’t great it did give us something truly amazing. That’s right people we now have a legitimate canon Fuck or Die situation on our hands. Someone’s killing virgins and Stiles could be next if someone doesn’t step up and take one for the team… I’m looking at you Derek, Ms Blake can wait this is life or death!