Thursday, June 13, 2013

Talking Teen Wolf: Don’t try to have sex or you will get attacked by evil wine bottles and DIE!

Now I don’t want to exaggerate but this week’s episode was so good I want to melt it down and inject it directly into my veins. I’ll admit, the premiere wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be but after “Chaos Rising” I am no longer worried about Season 3. In fact I am so on board with it that I am throwing away the lifeboat. THIS SHIP IS UNSINKABLE! Okay I think I might have finally broken but until the men in white coats turn up let’s talk about Teen Wolf.

They said it might hurt… and in “Chaos Rising” Season 3 is finally living up to its tagline. There are just no words to express how much I loved this episode, but I am going to try to talk about it anyway.

The best bits: Stiles getting some loving (and of course his crestfallen look when he saw the XXL condoms – dream big baby). Scott and Stiles awesome-BFF-hi-five! Peter Hale being both creepy and charming all at once. Deadpan Derek. Shirtless Isaac. Isaac grabbing Scott’s arm when he was freaking out in the ice bath (that’s love bitch). All the Scoobies in the room together (Derek, Scott, Lydia, Allison and Stiles). Every time Allison and Derek spoke to each other (perfect). Coach Cupcake’s life lessons. Danny being all nervously flirtly with Ethan. Research fever is a thing! Peter and Stiles. Morally ambiguous Ms Morrell. CORA IS DEREK’S LITTLE SISTER! And finally… fisting.

“Okay big guy let’s see it. Let’s see that fist. Big old fist. Make it. Come on. Get it out there. Don’t be scared. Big bad wolf, yeah. Look at that.”

That is actually something Stiles said. I don’t know what to say to this I just don’t know what Jeff is doing here. I should probably be angry because queerbaiting but I can’t even bring myself to care because I am just too excited about all the fisting fic that is about to happen.

There were not worst bits… no okay there were but I just wanted to express again how much I loved this episode.

The worst bits: Poor Heather she was cool until she became the generic blonde girl from ever horror movie ever (Jeff girls are not just there to give guys angst okay). Don’t try to have sex because you will get attacked by expensive wine and DIE (or at the very least go missing)! Allison hugging herself in the bank like the generic brunette girl from a horror movie. The fact that they were like we need a cliffhanger so let’s show Lydia having a bad dream again (I’m sure it will mean something later but it really wasn’t necessary).

If you want to relive the episode you can check out my recap (it’s called Fist and Reward I’d say I’m sorry but I’m really not) here. If you’re sick of me – which I would totally understand – then you should check out Price Peterson’s photo recap over at (it’s hilarious as always). If you’re looking for a photo recap with more of a fandom flavor then check out heathicorn on Tumblr.

Since the episode aired there has been some seriously awesome meta discussion happening and a bunch of really cool theories being thrown about (if you want to see what the fandom is talking about check out the Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast Tumblr). My favourite theory has to do with the eye colour – someone suggested that the reason some werewolves eyes are blue is because they have been resurrected (reminder Derek’s eyes were blue before he became the Alpha). We know werewolves can be resurrected because of Peter, and the idea that Derek actually died in the fire takes everything to a whole new level. Only time will tell but whatever happens this is a really intriguing theory. 

Bits and Pieces:
  • An new interview with Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, Daniel Sharman and Crystal Reed from MCM Expo here.
  • My fellow slash expert Hannah talked about Teen Wolf in this week’s The Shipping News. You should definitely read about all the slashy goodness here.
  • According to the Teen Wolf Tumblr we should be getting excited for a new Teen Wolf game. (x)
  • Did you love the soundtrack for last week’s ep? Well relive it here.
  • Actual sunshine and rainbows (aka Tyler Hoechlin) will be presenting at the MMVA’s on June 16th (coincidently so will his lady love Miss Brittany Snow). Anything that puts Hoechlin in front of a camera is okay by me.
  • The Internship came out… and I haven’t seen it yet so I can’t tell you what it’s like but here’s Dylan O’Brien being interviewed about the film.
  • Finally here’s a little Q&A with everyone’s favourite coach, Orny Adams.

An Open Letter To… Jeff Davis

Okay so I know I have that rule about open letters to Jeff Davis on account of I once wrote one and a week later he deleted his Twitter account (it was probably a coincidence) but I figured since it’s his birthday I could make an exception. Also so many of you requested it that I can’t really deny you any longer (when I say so many I mean like 5 but considering there are only like 10 of you all up it’s a pretty significant number).

Dear Jeff,

First of all, Happy Birthday! Congrats on another year of not being torn apart by rabid fangirls… although if you keep going with the fisting innuendos I can’t guarantee your future safety (slash fans have been burned too many times to take a joke dude). Don’t say I didn’t warn you, it’s not my fault you don’t read my blog.

Anyway, thanks for, you know, being you and for understanding that is incredibly important for Isaac to take his shirt off before taking an ice bath (even though he leaves his jeans on). I do miss having you in my Twitter feed because you are a fabulously snarky bastard but I get that Twitter can be kind of distracting with all the people threatening your life and what not. I’d apologize for those people but they’re not my responsibility. The only thing I am capable of doing is crying over teenage werewolves (thanks for that btw).

Keep up the good work dude (I mean it, please don’t let me down with crappy cliché storylines and for the love of god stop fridging all the women but no pressure) and here’s to another year of admiring Hoechlin’s abs together.

Infinite x’s and o’s,


P.S. How does one get a job at the Teen Wolf gym? Because I feel like that is my calling in life, I could be a towel.

While we’re on the topic of Jeff he did another Tumblr Q&A last week and I didn’t write a recap because despite my best efforts I do actually have a life outside Teen Wolf. But the lovely Karen at Hypable went to the trouble of picking the 10 best questions for you here. So you can check it out if you’re interested, but just so you can’t get say I’m neglecting you here’s a couple of things that stood out for me.
  • Erica will be back for more than one episode (but she is probably going to be fridged for Boyd and Derek manpain).
  • The Girl might not be dead because we didn’t see a body. And she is definitely NOT a witch.
  • And there’s a good chance of Ethan falling in love with Danny! (As if anyone could resist those dimples).

There was so much more but every time I try to think about anything I get hit with an overwhelming amount of emotions concerning the way Derek said Cora’s name.  Don’t look at me; I’ve got feelings leaking out of my eyes.

Because I am a lazy bitch I asked for your input on what I should talk about this week… I got a few interesting questions (which I promise to talk about eventually) but there was one thing that just kept popping up. Apparently you’re confused about which characters I think should hook up with each other. So I made a video about it…

Yeah that kind of got out of hand and since I finished that video I have already thought of like three other pairings. And that’s not even including Danny, Jackson or the Alpha Pack because then things start to get really complicated. Basically the lesson of the week is that everyone should sleep with everyone.

Tweet of the Week

There is not enough time (or money) for me to recap everything that happened on Twitter this week so I’m just going to leave you with one Tweet that rises above the rest and this week it comes from the Sheriff himself: Linden Ashby.

Linden, I love you. We should have a fake-imaginary-one-sided-slightly-creepy-friendship okay? Good. 

Oh and if you’re not already in enough pain check out this pick the Teen Wolf Tumblr gave us (if I have to suffer you are all suffering with me).

If you're wondering if I am okay... the answer is no. 

And that’s all lonely reader. Till next week keep howling.